Jaran Romanoff Stephan
Jaran Romanoff Stephan was born of a fiercely pressured couple of Romani Gypsy, forced as too many of thier blood to have a child of pure Phuri Dae line.  Jaran's father deserted her mother in the first half of her pregnancy, never to be heard from again though her paternal Grandmere stayed on to be a constant prescence in her life.  Her mother married before her birth to a half Apache man named Alex Stephan who gave the young woman both his name and his spirit, something that she has not forgotten to this day.  Young Jaran lost her parents very early in her life, reaching only eight years old before they were stolen in a car accident, leaving her to the powers of the state foster care system.  After two years of abuse and mistreatment in a series of home placements, she ran away for the last time to hit the streets a jaded and angry ten year old.  But she was not on the streets long.  Three nights into her tenure, the young lady was wooed away from her place in an alley by a man in a Catholic collar with the promise of a warm place and food, only to be pulled from the world as she knew it down into a underground cavern that was like the gate into hell.  Singled out for her gypsy blood, as any of the Mistress's prized captives was, she was dragged into this world for the woman's own design.  The pit, as it appeared to those that were new to the sight, was a bisected world of the Mistress on her terrace above and the slaves below, a world of torture and blood, forcing the human body to the extreme of pain and torture to test how far it could be extended before it expired.  To the young gypsy, gifted, or perhaps tortured with empathy, she was dropped into thousands of bodies in pain, scared, praying for death, praying for salvation, hope, desperation, loss, death...this was the world she was to be trapped in for ten years.  Around her neck a thick leather collar was placed tight, not to be removed until years later after her embrace, her escape and a man that could give her the confidence to live without the crutch it became.  Jaran has lost a son, dying under circumstances that were too monsterous to reveal here, a daughter raised as the next Mistress of the pit, and a man that was both lover and savior to her, keeping her sane in the oppressive torture of her environment. 

Following her sister Kiara, a woman that had taken her under protection upon finding her after her escape, she settled in the old barn in San Antonio.  To most she was untouchable, someone that lived in the shadows and edges of life, giving her hosting duties as her sister tended matters elsewhere a disconnected grace, others held at a distance by her clothes built for someone many times her size, hiding her body in thier folds.  Is was when one as scarred as she, lost, hungry and dying happened into the old barn that the quiet young woman started to effort herself to emerge from her shadows and extend a bit of lost humane kindness to one in pain.  She gained in that night a ghoul of the old Revenant breed, Tzimisce ghouls that were all but a lost race in these nights.  Not one particularly happy with the idea of being Mistress to another, she circles this situation with curiousity and without the usual command of domitor and bonded.  This Bratovich, kind to her as he has been since she aided him, has removed her collar and healed her so she has regained her voice and a bit of her confidence to stand taller in the world.  What will happen from here...anyone's guess.  But one cannot help but to see the small, slight woman and her hulking ghoul as a bit of a child with a bull mastiff on a leash, and the entertainment is sure to follow.
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