The Outcast Dark One:
Aylan Sylvermyre
A being from a whole different world, this dark elf flees from his own kind.  A betrayer to the beliefs of his race, he turns his back on their evil brethren.  He values freedom….good…..kindness.  He abhors the slavery….the torture….the pure evil that his race represents.  Born with a good soul, he hid amongst his own people, learning the arts of natural magic on his own, training to fight on his own, waiting for the day when he was ready to escape the clutches of the Dark Elves.

Now, in a world that is completely strange to him, he seems to have found happiness.  He has found love, friendship, and the calmness that he never thought he would have.  He works behind a bar, a role he is used to, dispensing both normal drinks from this world, and drinks from his own.  Exotic wines, liquors, and mixtures of his own creations, this elf has found the place where he belongs, even if he is the only being like himself in this world.
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