Lady Kiara Draken Roshenko
The beautiful woman behind the haven without true title.  Kiara Draken is an elder of the Brujah clan lending her prescence and protection to the small grounds surrounding her property and the city beyond.  Though she takes no claim to the Princeship, she fights hard with anyone that would try to claim the place, knowing that with it comes the power over her home
and her patrons.  Reunited with her sisters, Jaran and Sierra, and her Uncle Gareth Draken, she is more determined than ever to return even just this small part of her world to the utopia that the elders of her clan long ago envisioned.

Recent events:  It seems that a ghost of the past has claimed the present.  From the darkness of the long lost nights, from medieval times and old memories a man has arisen from centuries of sleep to reclaim what once was.  Vladimir Roshenko, once a priest of Tzimisce blood, a sorcerer and fleshcrafter who now runs independant of the Sabbat his clan fell to, has awakened to find the world much different and his dear wife a stranger to him.  Should he choose to remain and pull together the tattered remnants of his marriage, one long in neglect, or shall he forget the sweet nights he spent with a woman he loved so dearly for so long and venture forth on his own to explore the possibilities of this present.  We will see.   
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Kiara's Husband Vladamir Roshenko
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