The Blind Salesman
John Smith
This is the man who you go to if you need something old, obscure, or perhaps might not even exist except in legends.  If it is in this world, he can probably find it.  You’ll not find a more honest person about his goods.  He knows everything about what is in his shop.  This is made more extraordinary by the fact that he is blind.  Though, by watching him, one can tell his other senses are highly developed to the point that he sees in his own way.

He has opened up shop in the city, hiring a Sierra De’Medici to work for him.  They have grown to be good friends, though it may seem he’s more attached to her than a mere friend should be, even if he does try to hide the feelings.  He rents a first floor room in the club, though he is rarely there, due to his being a workaholic.  When he is there, he is more than willing to provide friendly conversation to anyone at all
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