Gareth Draken
Gareth Draken as he is known in this time and place was born in ancient Egypt, at the time of Akhenaten, Tutakamen's father's reign, the cub of a rare white tiger in the temple of Sekmet BastRa.  An odd creature, somehow the beast was able to find a human form, scaring and yet leaving an awe in the priests of the temple, lending to whispers that the child was part God.  It was said in these rumors that the God Ra had become enamoured of one of his creatures and created within her the child that would become thier leader, the spokesman of the Gods amongst thier faithful servants and so Rha`Aset`Amun as he was born was encouraged to his path as high Priest, at times usurping the Pharoah himself in the weight his words carried.  The young man found his place in the temple naturally, showing dedication to the faith even as the Pharoah abandoned all but his chosen God, taking the lead city miles away to live in heresy as others saw it. 

He stood at the temple gates as the city returned with the Pharoah's death and the child was brought to the throne, feeling the gathering violence to come and tired for it.  It was at this time, well into his twenties, when he found amongst the returning suplicants of the faith a woman of exotic paleness, hair spun silver and eyes dancing with moonlight paleness.  It was this, that drew him, the whisper of the mystic in her as she drew him into the shadows and left him that night, bleeding and returned of his death with new blood, clan and generation whispered to him though he knew nothing of what it meant.  The Gods had provided thier son, it seemed, with the means to speak thier purpose through the ages, whisking the pale woman from his life so as not to taint him with her opinions and foreign teachings, allowing her only the moment with him after his return to give him the information that would give him place in the society he had joined, warnings of what needs he would have to survive and a gentle kiss, tears dropping from her eyes to his cheek as she was forced from his side. 

The subsequent years would drive the priest from his temple when the country was forced to Christianity and he was pressed on with his constant youth.  Travelling far from his home, he found himself welcomed to England, becoming a manner of comfort and security for the noble houses, loyal to few but changed for his experience when he found himself in the house of Esiah Draken, 13th Lord of Kent Bromley, a man that gave him his name and called him brother.  From that Manor, Gareth took on the watch over the man's two children, one of which he would guard until present day after she was in turn embraced.  For now he resides with his neice, watching over the bar and over her and her adopted sisters as well as his chylde and grandchylder, though he seems to watch the horizen for someone to return, when caught without his guard.  A prayer for him, if you would be so kind?  He is a wounded soul, though he rarely lets it show, and wishes could be found that whomever he waits for...they would return quickly to heal the damage done long ago.
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Gareth and Kiara's Story - As Night Falls
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