D'Night Fairy
This is my little fairy entity, which I change into whenever I need to go about my duties at the Site Fights, which are basically checking websites for links and good ole' family material. Plus we should never forget that us fairies do sprinkle guestbooks! *grin*

Night Quill
This is my quill entity. I help out with the guestbook parties they hold for the various members. It's a whole lot of fun signing all the guestbooks of these beautiful homepages.

Spirit Page
I made this page back in 1997 when I first joined the Site Fights with the Wombat Warriors, but it's been changed over the course of the years and now, have a look at it!

The Twilight Team Spirit Home
This is the spirit homepage Fairy Stargazer and I have come up with for the Fairy Buddy Program. You'll have to be a fairy to join & this program helps fairies get to know each other...all in the guise of a friendly contest. Last month, it was how many cheers a team could come up with. This month, it's designing a spirit page.

Special Thanks:
This goes to Lady DBlazin', who has taken my hand since day 1 of my joining the Site Fights and has inspired me to be a fairy. Thank you for all you've done & sharing your spirit with me!
Also to Lady Pen-y-cat, who has been such a source of determination & spirit to the team, a good friend with a listening ear & understanding heart to me.

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