Regular Me in Geneva
In Geneva, Switzerland

Name: Melissa aka ~NightChild~
Nicknames: Mel/Meow Meow/Kit/Nyte (among the many)

Current Occupation: Undergrad at Queensland University of Technology
Previous Occupation: Project assistant for SnowRiver Tours Ltd (Finland)
Previous Occupation: Admin assistant for AMK Hospital
Previous Occupation: Clerk/receptionist for The Fantastic Corporation (Asia Pacific)

Gender: Female (DUH!!!)
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Dark brown in sunlight/black in artificial light

Nationality: Singaporean
Race: Chinese (Teochew)
Birthday: 8th May 1980 [hint hint]

Favorite sport: Scuba-diving, Swimming, Wakeboarding, & Horse-riding
Favorite indoor activity: Reading, drawing, RPing & surfing the Net

Kindergarten: Catholic Kindergarten
Primary school: Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (Toa Payoh)
Secondary school: Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (Toa Payoh)
Junior college: Catholic Junior College (see testimonial here)
Polytechnic: Temasek Polytechnic
University: Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane, Australia)

Activities (Primary): Librarian & Choir member
Activities (Secondary): Badminton club pres. & SAMS
Activities (College): School chess team, Student editor & class IT rep
Activities (Poly): Archery & Technopreneur Club

Miscellaneous stuff
Favorite movies: Interview with the Vampire, Matrix & Seven
Favorite actor/actress: Anthony Hopkins & Julia Stiles
Favorite songs: #1 Crush [Garbage], Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby [Dinah Washington] & Outside [Staind]
Favorite singers: Staind, Garbage & Linkin Park
Favorite perfume: White Musk by Body Shop & TommyGirl by Polo Ralph
Favorite sneakers: Nikes!!!
Usual dress code: Spagetti tops, boot-cut blue jeans & sneaks
Places travelled to: Malaysia, Jakarta [Indonesia], Perth [Australia], Paris/Nice/Cannes [France], Geneva [Switzerland], San Remo [Italy], Stratsbourg [Germany], Helsinki/Oulu [Finland]

Exclusive Interview
My catch phrase is...'Whatever!' or 'Power!'
You can bribe me with...chupa chups lollies.
To relax, I...breathe or talk to my pigs!
The weirdest thing I've done was...puppy hunting among wild dog packs with my dad.
You'll never catch me...wearing capris/pedal-pushers. My ass is too big.
You'll always find me...looking out a window. I'm a cat by nature.
I do not get along with...people who find it funny to torture other people/animals.
I am looking for...a cocker spaniel? A wonderful life.

Click here for my uncompleted furvey

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