This is my art cove: a collection of small galleries for my art pieces. I have removed most of my art pieces, as I already have archives with galleries like Side7 & VCL. Putting up my work here will just be duplicates & a waste of energy.

Have a look at:
My art @ Vixen Controlled Library.
My art @ Side7.
Miscellaneous art here.

If you're interested in commissions & art trades, you might like to have a look at my Furnation site or send an email to [email protected].

If you wish to copy/alter/distribute my art in any way (this includes posting them in newsgroups, putting them on your homepage/desktop, etc.), do send an email to [email protected] to seek permission BEFORE you do so. At least do me that little courtesy, ok?

Kindly be reminded that these pieces are copyrighted to me.
Click the banner below for more details on copyrighting.

Creative Designz Guild
I am also a part of the Creative Designz Guild & I've finally gotten my profile up for viewing.
Have a click to view my profile & those of the other members of CDG.

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