~WARNING~: My writing skills are hardly 'publishing' standard & the topics are usually school events. All articles belong to me and are not to be reproduced/reprinted in any way.

In 1998, I was given the honour to become the student editor of the Flame, the school quarterly newsletter published for & by the student body. This is the highest ranking post any reporter in the team could ever have & I greatly appreciate the opporunity of being given the post (It makes my resume look a lot better =^_^=). It's a lot of hard work and you get a lot of shit from teachers, who want and expect only the best from you, but it's a great job and you get so many privilages along the way. I thank the team for all their support (especially to Fann, Bryan Tang & Kelvin King) and the teachers for teaching me what makes a good writer.

The Flame: 3rd term (1997)
Here are my first 2 published articles.
Click the titles to view.
23rd Student Council Elections
Has The 'TamaGot' You Yet?

The Flame: 4th term (1997)
I actually wrote 3 more, but they didn't get published.
Click the titles to view.
From Japan

The Flame: 1st term (1998)
I have received a lot of compliments for these from both
students and teachers alike, and I'm very proud of them.
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Orientation of the Sentinels
Creative with a Capital C - Pg 1
Creative with a Capital C - Pg 2
Looking Back at 1997 - 1998

This is a page from the local pet magazine 'Paw Pals'.
I wrote a letter to them, with regards to 2 articles they had published in
their Issue No.5 (March_April 1999).
I never thought they'd actually publish mine. *grin*
Click the titles to view.
Doing A Part For The Animals

I was interviewed about my religion : paganism.
It was published in the local paper: The New Paper on Monday 20th September 1999.
I'm glad to say that my peers in the local pagan community were very supportive
Thanks go to Sheila & Sylvarra for making me feel like I did the right thing.
Singapore's Teen Witch - Headline
Singapore's Teen Witch - The Article

During my term of internship in Finland,
I managed to use my contacts in Singapore Press Holdings to get some publicity
for the agency in the Straits Times, 22nd December 2001 in Life! section.
SnowRiver Tours Ltd in Straits Times

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