Hi there!
My name is D'Night Fairy & I'm with DTigers' Fairy Team. I joined the DFamily as a trainee fairy on 15th April 1999 & I've been loving every minute of it. True, it's a little tiring to do all the work involved with being a fairy, but hey! Why not? *grin* It's fun to go around websites and dust them with my Tiger spirit, getting them to CHEER IT OUT at the Site Fights, plus I have made so many fairy friends since I joined the team. Why am I blue & have feathered wings? Well, I spent a lot of time in the dark night & being a tiger, I guess my coat decided to adopt a better hue for camoflauge when I'm checking websites. As for the feathered wings, I grew them! *L* Actually, they fly a lot better than butterfly ones and they are so much softer...*rubs her cheek in her feathered wings*
Feel free to have a look at the various awards & stuff I've collected as a DTiger fairy!

Spirit Fairy Training Wings
These are my training wings from DFairy Star! Awarded to me 15th of April 1999
D'Night Fairy's Official Fairy Wings
I finally earned my Official Fairy Wings on 31st May '99!
Thanks to Fairy Star & Lady DBlazin'!
D'Night Fairy's Quilt Piece
This is my quilt piece for TSF Friendship Quilt.
Click on the pic to find mine among everyone else's.
D'Night Fairy Doll D'Night Fairy Doll Certificate
Like my doll? I got her custom-made to look like me at Magical Kismet's Adopt-A-Fairy
October Fairy Buddy Participation
Presented for participation in
the October Fairy Buddy Program.
Spirit For 6 Months
Presented by DFairy Star on 10th Nov '99
Third Place For May Fairy Buddy Program
I teamed up with Fairy Stargazer for this little fairy contest & we got 3rd place!!! In this contest, we had to come up with a Spirit Page and boy! Did we work on it! Go and take a peek!
Summer Spirit Seeker Award
I got this award for submitting 1 entry a week for the Spirit Cheer Award, Spirit Page Award and Spirit Award for a whole month.
Autumn Spirit Seeker Award
Yah! I got the Autumn Spirit Seeker Award too!
Winter Spirit Seeker Award
Can you believe I got the Winter Spirit Seeker Award too!
My own Snow Globe
This snow globe is courtesy of D'Magical Cats Fairyon 27th Jan '00. Every fairy in DTiger team got one & they are all so beautiful!!!

Click here to see my Spirit Page
Click here to see my Night Quill Page

**Important Note**
D'Night Fairy is my Site Fights registered fairy name & the picture of her was solely created by me. Under NO circumstances will either the two be saved/displayed/mutilated/copied in any form. Thanks!

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