*Important Note*: These are all my cyber-pets and will stay rightfully mine. Please do not steal them or their names from my site. I have observed proper cybernettique by providing links to the places where I got my cyberpets, so go to those sites to adopt your own, ok? Thank you so very much!
You walk up the cobblestone path towards the cottage, admiring the dew-covered rose bushes along the picket fence and the creeping purple morning glory growing over the doorway. Golden light splashes out from the windows, leaving the print of a bright shield over the lush grass in the garden. The soft melody of a sonata drifts like a breeze and caresses you. You can't help but smile as you reach for the doorknob and enter the cottage.

This is Cloud, my mascot kitten. Being a mascot is a tough job, so she takes lots of frequent naps and that is her favorite pillow. She won't sleep without it, so I have to pick a really warm day to wash that pillow. And this is her official certificate of adoption.

Sneezims Sneezims is a fluff and he absolutely loves turning on the fan in the room, so he can fly around. That's the only way he can get around. See that cap he's wearing? He'll never take it off! You can get one too from...

Angelica Duck! Oh, it's just Angelica and she's my own little cupid. She's the reason why everyone gets along so well together (not that everyone doesn't get along) and the job keeps her too busy to be mischievous. When she's not flying around from the barn to the pool to the caves and back, she'll be taking a nap in her hammock (she begged to have one). Wanna adopt a cupid just like her? Click here!
Smoke*something soft & furry rubs against your legs...you look down to see a tabby cat with wings, purring & looking up at you with large emerald green eyes* Oh, this is Smoke. *you see me pick him up & stroke him lovingly before putting him back down on the couch nearby* He's my favorite cat and he absolutely loves tuna with milk. His favorite playmates are Angelica, Cocoa Butter and Cloud. He tries to stay at home most of the time, but Angelica will bring him along on her daily trips to give him some good wing exercise. I got him from Downloadable Dragons.
Natsumi Natsumi's cert This is Natsumi, my geisha from Japan. She has taken up residence in this cottage, because she finds the surroundings inspiring to her work as a poet and singer. Besides, she also loves the cats in the cottage and takes care of everyone and everything in the house at the same time. Natsumi has been trained at her motherhouse in Japan in the arts of poetry and song, although she plays the kyoto once in awhile when she starts feeling a little under the weather. Look, she's writing some poetry right now. Her singing is even sweeter than her poetry though....just like an enchanting nightingale. She has been officially adopted from The Geisha Adoption Agency and I have her certificate right here.
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