*Important Note*: These are all my cyber-pets and will stay rightfully mine. Please do not steal them or their names from my site. I have observed proper cybernettique by providing links to the places where I got my cyberpets, so go to those sites to adopt your own, ok? Thank you so very much!

As you push open the large doors of the red barn, a rush of warm air rushes at your face and stray wisps of hay sting your cheek as they rush out at you. The air is filled with the sounds of all sorts of furry animals and the thick smells of oats and hay...

Strace Junior

This is my first cyber-pet, Strace Junior. He's been named after my real guinea pig, Strace who has the exactly same colouring. Ain't he cute?
Seymore Oh, here's Seymore and look! He's brought some flowers to meet you. Isn't that sweet? Although he's a patchwork turtle, he likes to walk a lot and meet any new pets I adopt, and tries to make them feel a lot more welcomed and get adjusted more easily to their new environment. He's the sweetest (not to mention oldest, but I love him) pet in my corner. *whispers* He's looking for a girlfriend too.
And this is the place where I adopted him.

*a white form streaks in front of you & lands on the arm of a chair beside you...you squint to look at it more closely, only to have the pair of wide gold eyes of an owl stare back at you* This is Silver and he's a snow owl. He usually stays on the rafters (or in his nest) and watches all the activities below him with a careful eye, but usually does not get involved with the activities. Although he's an owl, he gets along surprisingly well with Strace Junior. Perhaps Angelica is doing a really good job. *smile*
You can adopt one from here.
Steel Steel's Certificate
My favorite of all the canine family, the wolf (actually the wolf is a lot of people's favorite *smiles*). This is Steel, my animal totem from the Site Fights and he symbolises Guardianship, Ritual, Loyalty and Spirit. He is named so, because of his grey coat and that I want to be like steel in the aspects he symbolises. Click his certificate or Steel himself to adopt other animal totems for your own homepage.
Royce's Cert Royce And meet Royce!!! He is a lively magical unicorn from the stables of the Unicorn Friendship Center. He is really cute stamping his hoof, isn't he?
Get your Unicorn here

Lyric, my custom MLP This is Lyric, my very own custom 'My Little Pony'. You can get one or ask for a custom one right here. What you will have to do to get a custom pony is email a description of what you want your pony to look like. This is how I described mine.
Description: A sky-blue pony with streaks of yellow in her mane and tail. The symbol on her rump would be a pencil or fountain pen...(in honour of what I do: editing & writing *grin*)
Would you like to make your way to
The Pool or The Cottage or The Caves?

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