*Important Note*: These are all my cyber-pets and will stay rightfully mine. Please do not steal them or their names from my site. I have observed proper cybernettique by providing links to the places where I got my cyberpets, so go to those sites to adopt your own, ok? Thank you so very much!

Adoption Certificate
Moondance was adopted by
Lady Kitty
March. 7, 1998
Dolphins World on the Web Adoption Agency
Watch it! Moondance loves making a splash whenever someone walks by. I'm going to build a bigger tank to house him and the other fish I've got as well, but for now, he loves it here with everyone else, especially Justy. They can spend hours together in the water.

Cascade the sprite Sprite Cert Meet Cascade, my very own water sprite. She is real pretty, isn't she? I didn't just adopt this lovely winged water fairy. I WON her!!! (so hands off) If you wanna get a sprite just like her, click on her birth cert and go straight to ~Angel~'s homepage. Don't forget that you have to have a homepage in order to win a Sea sprite or Water sprite. Good luck!
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