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Hi everyone!!

Thanks for having a look at my photos and sharing some of my recent overseas adventures. I'd seen so many of you head off and have such a great time away, I finally decided I couldn't wait any longer. 

After taking about 1500 pics in the UK and Europe I decided the only way to avoid annoying you all with big emails was to bung some of the best ones on a web site. It's pretty basic at the moment but hopefully things will improve as I learn what the hell I'm doing!

Currently I'm working in Canberra in the Emergency Dept and have decided to stay on next year as a paediatrics registrar. Mahani is going to continue in her dream Environment job.  As we are both heavily infected with travelococcus, we're going to learn Spanish next year as a prelude to a big South American hiking trip. We're also going to explore potential remote and exotic  locations for hopefully a year volunteering overseas.

So I hope you enjoy the piccies, and please feel free to drop in if you need a Canberra base (close to skiing!!!). I look forward to hearing of your adventures.

Nick Taylor


venice black and white

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more italy photos  

spain photos

more spain photos

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europe trip 1

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