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Sevilla, like Granada is also a blend of cultures.  I had a terrific few days staying in the wonderfully dilapidated Jewish quarter with a bunch of other travellers, including an American guitarist.  We spent the whole time eating fresh food, drinking wine and sitting around in parks listening to Mike play flamenco.  We must  have looked Spanish, because Americans kept stopping and asking us for directions!

Sevillas bull ring, la Maestranza, from the top of the worlds tallest bell tower!

Windy street in the jewish quarter


the sevilla crew...mike's in the middle.


A somewhat morally controversial decision was made to attend a bull fight.


Imagine footballers wearing this getup!


Ole!  Things degenerated for the poor bull after this point.


Last photo prior to things getting really cruel. We left with a bit of a sour taste in our mouths.



Mahani came over in June for a month, so we decided to head off to the playground of the rich and famous.  Despite its bad rap, Mallorca had stunning scenery, and if you drove far enough, villages and beaches which were nearly untouched by the horrendous mass market tourism set up for British and German package holidays. So for five days we drove around in our dodgy fiat panda, studiously avoiding any "hot english breakfast" signs, and having a great time in the process.

Sunbaking the English way...bloody 'orrible if you ask me


Now thats more like it. Formentor peninsula at the North end.


How the panda made it up roads like this I'll never know..cop the twists in the background!


Sporting a ubeaut english "tan"


You reached this bay by walking through a tunnel carved into the cliff face.


Part of Deia village - a steep coastal village known for its olives.



the wonderful little beach at Deia


I wish I had a front door like this one from Valdemossa

Moonrise, flying out of Palma de Mallorca

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