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 Biotechnology and Bio-Information

 New Dimensions

 by John Paily


Modern biotechnology is built on the knowledge of gene pair as the foundation of information in life and an assumption that genes are stable. The technology developed for creating, splicing genes and introducing bits of information has led to visions of manipulating genetic information to human advantage. However, expected progress failed to emerge because lack of proper understanding of biological information and control. The author worked intensively in this field for a decade, to experience the fact that there is something more to biological information than what we understand from mechanistic approach. Observing more than 450000 tissue cultured tubes revealed that life is sensitive to time of the day, seasons, in addition multitude other factors involved in tissue culture technology. The observed result of dedifferentiation and differentiation of information is more a product of stress and the instinct of the system to survive at near critical state and showed innumerable qualitative differences. It is associated with information break down and construction. The concept of cloning based information stability appeared meaningless. This reality though not spoken openly by the scientists, is well perceived by everyone in the field. However, it gets hidden in their instinct to survive with the occupation called science.  A review of the foundation of biology showed too many holes in it for the author to spend a life time working against consciousness and lying to the world. This prompted author for the fundamental search and it resulted is the discovery of Quantum Biophysical Reality that exist behind the information

The New Dimension to Biological Information

Biological information is understood to exist in paired manner, one being dominant the other being recessive. Except for its role in heredity we are not aware of the reason and advantage of such design. To understand this basic design it is important that we must review the foundation of nature. This aspect is discussed in the "Foundation of Future Technologies" and I am pasting core of this thought for quick reading such that one can understand the different dimension we discuss here.

The Fundamental Design and Communication in Nature and Life

The fundamental design is non-equilibrium. With out this no flow and motion can occur. The fundamental principle is the instinct to seek equilibrium.  The site presents this design in the form of number 8 with one arm being dominant the other recessive by a ratio 4:3 and this non-equilibrium manifest as strain or energy. We note that force exist here as pair. A quantum spirit now flows from the dominant to recessive powered by the instinct to seek equilibrium. A form of equilibrium is reached when the flow is half way through and the system. The system wishes to stay in this equilibrium or around this equilibrium state, but it cannot because energy is fired in a quantum manner. This leads to a quantum dance between two states 4:3 and 3:4 between the left and right. This process is visualized as a winding process that leads to collapse, turning inside out leading to unwinding and initialization with change in direction of the flow. Because of the non equilibrium design, it manifest as spinning and displacement of the system in space. Thus, it accounts for two fundamental characteristics of motion. If this particle exists in another system or medium, it creates a wave in the medium. The whole process manifest as quantum winding and unwinding and the author notes that it goes in 8 steps, four forming winding, the other four forming unwinding. See figure




Each of these steps is a three step spiral winding from one dimension to another with a unit displacement to the center or outside. Think of winding a ball out of a twine. This type of motion accounts for uncertainty. The system wishes to exist oscillating between the first and third critical point. However when it is pushed to the third critical point, The system collapses and turns inside out changing the direction of the flow.  The ratio changes 3:4 to 2:5 to 1:6 to 0:7 to 6:1 to 5:2 to 4:3. The whole process is dissolution and recreation.


The reality of this quantum flow is reflected in day and night cycle of 12 units each. This cycle consists of 4 units of 3. The unit three is the fundamental unit of energy transfer known to mechanics; it is reflected in biological information as triplet code and manifest as the key number in almost all field known to humanity. This is the critical point at which left changes into right and vice-versa with unit movement to the center or away form the center.  It is important to note that as the west awakes to light and expansion, the east sleeps to darkness and acts as a sink for the energy and vice-versa. When the light peaks in the west the seed of darkness is sowed in it and simultaneously the darkness peaks in east and seed of light is placed in it. The nature we live in is instantaneously communicated, aware and an ordering process exists in it. However, the execution of order manifest in time. This design and quantum cyclic function of earth is comparable to heart or the double pump.


Two understand it just imagine two ponds connected by a small link. Think of a person throwing stone in to it. It causes depressive disturbance in it and this manifest as wave spreading the whole pond. By virtue of first law of thermodynamics of Mayer, it should cause an expulsive disturbance in the opposite pond. The wave has a definite pattern and is predictable. The predictable aspect is disturbed when a second person throws another stone. This is further aggravated when a third person throws a stone in the opposite pond. This would cause negation in the first pond which is beyond the perception of the persons in the first pond. The design of earth, tells us it consist 8 ponds, [4 pairs]. See the Figure- 5 below that represents the clock. It represents a filing of space. Space we know has 8 equal components. To know it take an apple and cut it vertically twice at right tangles through the center and once horizontally at right angles through the center


Energy flow in day and night cycle speaks a fundamental design in communication. This means information is not created in pairs but in 4 pairs. A disturbance in one component creates simultaneous disturbance in 7 other components. These 8 units exist as 4 pairs of components in space with in a ratio relationship such that they can communicate within the left and right and act and react to the external communication. Here R1/L1 has 4:3 relationships; R2/L2 has 4:3 relationships. [R1/L1]: [R2/L2] also has 4:3 relationships. Here L1=R2, similarly a relationship exist in the components of the left and the right and left exist in 4:3 ratio, here L2=R3. [See fig -5 the clock] This creates a winding and unwinding path for communication.

The communication manifest as waves going in clock wise or anti-clock wise direction from out side to inside and emerges from inside to outside. In the above spatial picture the Quantum Dance manifests as 8 waves [4pairs]. 4 of these waves are clockwise the other four anti clock wise. The overall nature of the direction is determined by the dominant.

These waves manifest in a characteristic 3 fold enfolding and unfolding with an intermediate phase of transition

Suppose one component in the above clock, say R1 winds clock wise its pair L1 will have anti-clockwise wave, together they will have clockwise direction. Its pair R2 and L2 will have overall anti-clockwise wave. R1/L1 and R2/L2 together will have over all clock wise direction and the opposite takes place in the left cycle. The waves enfold and unfold in a three step process with a transition state bringing balance to the system. This tells us how resistance manifests in nature and how it gives way to communication and motion.


1] 8 waves collapse and enfolds into 4 waves

2] 4 waves collapse and enfolds into 2 waves

3] 2 waves collapse and enfolds into 1 wave

4] 1 wave collapses and passes the zero point



5] From zero it unfold to 1 wave

6] I wave unfolds to 2 wave

7] 2 waves unfold into 4 waves

8] 4 waves unfold into 8 waves.

At the point of transition state, the left and right exchange energy neutralizing and gaining balance. As long as there is no time direction the system is stable between two limits. The oscillation can increase to certain limit and decrease to certain limit. This means the system favors the direction of time when the wave collapses, but opposes the direction when it is around the equilibrium state

The biological system we observe in nature is also associated with such a Quantum Wave Collapse. In the mitotic process the biological information is constantly renewed. The mitotic process is a reorganization process in which the energy balance in left and right is achieved from time to time. [Read article E=m=I to understand the concept of information and its relation of energy] This involves a creative process breaking the old information and building new information. Read also article Logic of Information.  All biological system is known to create new cells in order to survive against daily changes. 


All biological system in addition to this conquering of time and energy change is also capable conquering universal time, by creating new body out of the old. In this process, the essence of the Father, reduces it self and enters womb of the mother, unites with one reduced cell to create new body out of the old. In this process conception, creation of a new body and its deliverance takes place. 


The First Dimension

The Quantum knowledge of quantum action and reaction discussed in the article Foundation of Future Technologies and also above tells that quantum system exist in 4:3 ratio on the left and right and a energy flows from the dominant to the recessive in 4 step winding process leading to a collapse inversion and expansion into a new plane leading to initialization with a change in direction of the flow [3:4]. This results in a quantum dance. The quantum dance tells us that that the system moves in 8 paths. 4 related to winding and 4 unwinding. The four unwinding path exist hidden as recessive. They become dominant as the system collapses and changes direction











Our present vision of biological information as paired  could be related to this. The system can manage stress between two limits. As the system reaches a third critical point it begins to collapse. Energy flows from the dominant gene to the recessive. The collapse manifest into creative action leading to mitotic division where the stress is neutralized and the information is evolved and initialized. The inherent resistance of the system and its creative potential near the critical state means the recessive gene can grow in qualitative manner and can turn more powerful in emerging situations to survive in the environment and thus become dominant.

The Second Dimension

We also noted in the article “Foundation for Future Technologies” and also the above pasted content, that a dynamic system is formed when 4 such particle [having left and right ratio 4:3 with in the particle join in space.  Space we saw has eight equal components in space with three left and right frames as figured by cutting an apple. We can also do away with space and in its place imagine space containing matter formed by the union 4 quantum particles. These 4 particles have specific ratio relationship that helps in communicating within the left and right and produce the quantum dance as a whole. The later vision is more appropriate, because we deal with system inside system and everything being enclosed in one whole system. This system is instantaneously communicated between its left and right and also is communicated in time. We can imagine here a flow that leads to transitory equilibrium state, where all the components, thought stain within are not equal. This was discussed above article " Divine Secret"

[Note- In contrasts to this an isolated particle the left and right is only instantaneously communicated. it has no time bound communication. The site notes that former is light particle and the latter is matter particle or helium atom formed from the collision of 2 pairs of light particle. Hydrogen atom here could be visualized as product of one pair of light particle or two folded structure. It brings a vision of matter particle and periodic table being explained from the collision light particles. Read article E=mc^2 and E=m=I]











Note- The structural disposition gives  double helical structure with 5 and 3 end. It could be understood as three folded nature of one single particle that fills the 8 components of space and gives dynamic stability.

This organization of space with matter gives any quantum particle in space effectively 64 paths for it to move. 32 of them form the winding path the other 32 forming the unwinding path. This is a vital conclusion.

Just as the earth system, a living system is dynamic in space and contains a minimum of eight waves. All system existing in the universal system exist in pulsating, In relation to earth that goes in cyclic manner where in the wave collapses and re-originates in 24 hour cycle. This means wave within all the system enclosed in the one universal system should follow the cyclic collapse and re-origin such that readjust to the to the change in the environment.  

The idea that living system is dynamic invariably means the unit of biological information should be 8 forming 4pairs filling the 8 components of space. This information collapses to create new order when stressed to the critical limit.  Six of these genes form the core and the remaining two forms outer and the inner link to the next unit. These links are formed when the system is disturbed by a directed force. In 8 component space a directed disturbance can come from any of the 8 direction. Technically this means all the genes can function as core as well as the linking gene.

The above dynamic system when it comes to critical point of collapse it is left only with 8 paths, 4 in winding plane and the other 4 in unwinding plane.

Assume we are imagining the first inert elements of the periodic table.

The Third Dimension

Now imagine a system of the above type which is dynamic by it self in space covered by four more similar system. Now such system becomes two layered. We can assume it as body and soul. The outer system and its motion now blocks 4 paths leaving only 4 paths free, four in the winding direction and the other four in the unwinding direction. The system can collapse turn inside out freely because of the 4 free paths. The lack of complete freedom in space leads to a rolling effect and thus forms the primitive motorized intelligence.   See article “Secret of Consciousness and Intelligence” Assume we are visualizing a higher level of inert system – Neon.

The Fourth Dimension

In the fourth dimension we will imagine the inner dynamic system is covered by 8 outer dynamic systems. It has no free paths in its structure. The outer body comprising of 8 systems similar to the inner one fills all the 64 paths.  Now the characteristic of this system becomes special when compared to the systems with second and third dimensions.

Compared with systems with three dimensional communications, this system also has outer body and inner soul, but their communication structure differs. Since this system has no free paths in space, the inner soul though perceives outer forces cannot control it instantaneously. In a three dimensional system the inner soul because of the 8 open paths is instantaneously communicated with external world from where force is acting. It perceives every small force acting on it and acts simultaneously and this action is communicated to the external world.  However in the four dimensional information systems, the role is taken up by the 8 components of the outer body which together mimics the structure and function of the inner soul but is limited in space and time when compared to the central soul.

Whenever an external force acts, the body perceives and reacts it is communicated through the seven components parts of the body together they mimic the function of the soul. But this functioning is inferior to the functioning of the internal soul that is placed in the center. In short there is lack of proper communication with inner soul. The inner soul which perceives the disturbance cannot act to balance the system. Thus this system creates a time direction by stressing the internal soul either by winding or unwinding. The site notes humans have origin in this design and he is cause for the direction of time. However, nature is designed with night cycle when most life including humans sleep. It is when the mind sleeps that soul works to dispel the energy accumulated inside the soul.

The site thus concludes that much of the diseases, disorder; instabilities have its direct root in disturbing the natural time cycle or day and night cycle. This conclusion has great significance to human survival on this planet.

The 8 components of the outer body collapse and turn around independently of the internal soul. A communication only develops when the system makes the quantum dance that is when it collapses and turns inside out changing the direction. The point into which the external body collapses and emerges becomes the point of the development of mind/brain and the point into which the inner soul collapses and emerges becomes the Mind of Soul and the seat of development of heart. For more information read article “Secret of Consciousness and Intelligence”. This basic realization probably was known to the ancient as they spoke of the spiritual secret and developed not physical knowledge based life but spiritual wisdom based life

It is important that we make a small review quantum dance and how it helps the system to neutralize the disturbance in the system. This is vital to dynamic systems. The dynamic system we noted has eight waves, which collapses into two waves and goes through a transition phase turning inside out, where the system opens and collapses changing the direction of the flow. This is discussed in various context in all the major articles [Divine Secret, Secret of Consciousness and Intelligence, E=mc^2 a review, E=m=I - Unity of energy, mass and information and its conservation ---]

The research tells us that quantum dynamic system comprises of minimum of eight waves. When it collapses it collapses in three steps to become two wave structure and in the fourth it breaks and reunites changing the direction of the flow and initializes it self. The quantum dance is shown in the following figure-1 in a simplified manner.


Now any disturbance acting on it, from any of the components of space creates an aberration in the flow. With in some limit the system is designed to handle this aberration with spontaneous reaction from other seven components such that the system balances it self. If it is beyond limit, then it adds as negative energies. However these negative energies are created in pairs and held in balance See figure-2. It should be noted the negative energies are twitched from the flow and thus shrinks the system unless it is neutralized. Much of the human diseases and natural catastrophes are the manifestation of these negative energies. When the system collapses and initializes the energies are neutralized. This neutralization is complete only if no hindrance occurs in the process. This repairing process always occurs when the system is sleeping. This lack of knowledge of energy cycle in nature, its importance and extensive disturbing intervention into energy cycle of nature of the system is the primary cause of all diseases and natural catastrophes. It is common sense that the global warming, instability of various ecosystems, individuals, community, and nations are related to this. The whole scenario destruction through, war, terrorism, natural catastrophes, through the four forces of nature fire, wind, earth and water was perceived when the seed of this thought was placed in me. We are heading to disastrous period, before humankind awakens to the simple truth behind the complex world and takes control of his deteriorating abode.


The site notes that these three different dynamic systems and information flow is foundation of three basic types of life, plant, animal and human respectively. Read article “Beyond Genes”, it also notes that the universe has design similar human system [Read article “Physics of Soul” and “Secret of Consciousness”    

The whole thinking opens up immense academic research work to reorganize our understanding of nature, all which will bring forth the beauty of ancient spiritual knowledge. It also would open flood gates to development technologies that are nature compatible. These technologies would help gaining order than disorder, gaining strength than de-strengthening the system. The immediate conclusion one takes is that

1] Units of genetic information are not paired but 4 paired and exist as a dynamic unit.

2] 4 such units to go form secondary level of stability to the system.

3] 8 such units go to form a tertiary level of stability to the system.

The plants belong to the first category, animals belong to second category and humans belong to third category. This means organization and functioning of information is different in plant animal and human systems. The diversity and complexity of information and immense qualitative differences human system can be explained from this foundation.

This basic realization of biological information and its functioning has immense potential handling biological information to out advantage though simple manipulation of the system at various key levels of its quantum existence, to

1] Increase productivity,

2] Improving health, resistance,

3] Creating information that can handle new and emerging situations.  

4] To make biological system adapt to new conditions

The scope in fact is unlimited and can have fast linear growth when intelligent mind focus their attention to it

I am sure my readers will find it difficult to understand such drastic change from the platform on which our thinking rests. But little effort from the intellectuals could reveal that it has potentials to answer  every paradoxes of science and answers various Why’s, How’s, What’s that we have left behind creating complexity out of the simplicity that is functioning behind nature. In the parent site I have made a humble effort within my limits and stressing situations to address these paradoxes, the Why’s and How’s that we are left behind. Your participation can bring clarity, a clarity which can help people existing in various branches of knowledge system, to come to the seed level and go beyond to see the unity of the opposite

Help Spread the Thought for Evaluation. There is more to this research than the technological doors it opens. It has the potential knowledge that gives light and help humanity Transform into to New Time Cycle.


 Quantum Reality and the Biophysical foundation Life and the Living Universe


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