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  Authors work in Plant Biotechnology
The Seed that Changed My Life -The beginning of Biophysical Reality

The Truth of Worlds First Tissue Cultured Cashew Plant

Coconut Cloning an Introduction

Coconut Embryo Culture

Coconut Cloning

Leaf Tissue Culture and production of Clonal Plantlets of Coconut

Endosperm Culture of coconut as a means of converting sugar in to oil

Cloning Mature woody Tree- Lagerstroemia Indica

Callus Culture of Lagerstroemia Indica.

Eco-Culture a new Concept to Clonal multiplication




The author after his Masters took to work on cloning some of the most sought after yet very difficult economically important plants like coconut, cashew and other woody trees. The work spanned nearly 8 years from 1981 to 88. It was  funded by Indian Agricultural Research and Department of Science and Technology. Though not funded directly to him, Author had put full heart to initiate many of these works and get the funds. The innovative approach of Author led to remarkable success, which fetched him jobs in multinational companies and offers to lead biotechnological works for reputed private companies.

But the fate and call had something different for the Author, that he had to leave the mad competitive world of science than sacrificing his consciousness in order to  find a place in academic world. Most of the research work presented here were very much promising and leading work of that time that called national and international attention through many public media. Unfortunately it had to be curtailed. The author has no regret about it. Yet today when the world is open I place it before you such that it adds some information for people struggling in this field.

From 1988 author settled down as small agriculturist and began to his journey into fundamental questions of nature. This eventually led him quantum reality and the biophysical reality of nature



 Quantum Reality and the Biophysical foundation Life and the Living Universe


Ask questions and Seek Answers

2012 Prediction- Time to Awaken to Reality of Nature

2012 Vital Predictions. It is Time to Awaken and take control of our Abode. It is time for Unified Knowledge that gives Life and Order 
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