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 Biophysical Reality - The Reality of Quantum World

The Biophysical Reality gives you Living Reality of Nature, its Relationship and Oneness such that we awaken to Truth of Nature and take Control of the Deteriorating World. It tells there is a Quantum Physical Reality behind life, which also becomes applicable to the universe as whole. It brings out

  •      The qualitative aspect of quantum world and its  interrelationship to form the oneness

  •      The creativity and information development in quantum world.

  •      The origin of time direction in the quantum world

  •      The survival of the quantum world against time and death

The Qualitative Reality of the Quantum World

The quantum world is built on certain fundamental design and principle on which every thing is constructed and related to form one.  It tells that

  •   Every quantum consists of two forces, which are opposing and form one.

  •   Every quantum has a ratio relationship within it self and with the out side world. This relationship helps in communication and flow. This means the forces are unequal internally though they present equilibrium externally. This leads to pulsating or oscillating existence. For further details See article Divine Secret, E=mc2

  •   The communication takes place through quantum exchange and this exchange follows a typical process and manifests as action and reaction

  •   The action and reaction has 8 quantum qualitative steps, four leading to action and the other four leading to reaction and restoration. See figure -5

  •   Every quantum system wishes to exist near the relative equilibrium state of 1:1. This means every system is designed to resist external disturbance and has instinct to reach higher equilibrium state but absolute equilibrium or “0” is forbidden. In short the system resists both action and reaction and works to maintain in a relative equilibrium around 1/1



  •   The system is designed to maintain non-equilibrium and ensure a perpetual flowing state.

  •   The system wishes to exist oscillating between two states with a lower minimum [third critical point] and upper maximum [first critical point]. It resists any attempt to push it third and first critical point. Beyond this point the resistance is broken and the system favors action and reaction that put it back to new equilibrium state where the direction of the flow is changed.

  •   The minimum and maximum are quantum critical states, at which the system collapses and reaction occurs. The third critical point is the minimum state reached by winding of system. This leads to collapse and action, which manifest as reaction and turnaround and propelling an expansion and collapse back into new state of oscillation around the middle point. This is explored in the site.

  •   The near maximum and minimum are also points where the creativity and information development occurs such that the system evolves and survive against the external forces pushing it to the limit For more information  read article E=mc2 and E=m=I

  •   Each of these 8 steps in turn consist 3 minor units. Number 3 is the basal unit of energy transfer known to science and is reflected biological information management. Creativity at every transition of minor units gives qualitative differences to the system. These 3 units form spiral curvature in space with a unit movement to the center causing winding or unwinding unit movement to the center or away from the center depending on the direction of the force. [Think of a spatial vision]. This motion explains why uncertainty exists.

  •   What we are visualizing here is energy flow in a system and its balancing process. This is the quantum wave associated with quantum system. This is best reflected in the 24 unit day and night cycle in which we all exist and perpetuate taking energy and giving out energy to it. This 24-quantum unit is designed into two cycles of 12 each consisting 4 units of three. Watch the clock in your hand and experience the change in temperature.

  •   As the west awakes to light and unwinds the east sleeps to darkness, winds and acts as a sink for the energy and vice-versa. As the west peaks in light, the seed of darkness is laid in it. Simultaneously the east peaks in darkness and seed of light is laid in it. The system is communicated instantaneously and in time. There exist a perceiver and controller for the system.

  •   Now the system called earth is a system in space comprising of 4 quantum particle filling the space and attaining a form of symmetry in space. Space, we know consist of 8 equal components. To know it take an apple cut it vertically at right angles twice through the center and once horizontally at right angles through the center. It gives three possible left and right frames that are inseparable. Following picture gives the day and night cycle.




Energy flow in day and night cycle speaks a fundamental design in communication. This means information is not created in pairs but in 4 pairs. A disturbance in one component creates simultaneous disturbance in 7 other components. These 8 units exist as 4 pairs of components in space with in a ratio relationship such that they can communicate within the left and right and act and react to the external communication. Here R1/L1 has 4:3 relationships; R2/L2 has 4:3 relationships. [R1/L1]:[R2/L2]  also has 4:3 relationship. Here L1=R2, similarly a relationship exist in the components of the left and the right and left exist in 4:3 ratio, here L2=R3. [See fig -5 the clock] This creates a winding and unwinding path for communication. This ratio relationship exists in the spiritual world and is not evident to the external world. The external world only witnesses the existence around 1:1 state. Since all system exist encloses in this oscillation ever changing in relation to it. It small changes and movement away from equilibrium becomes not measurable

The communication manifest as waves going in clock wise or anti-clock wise direction from out side to inside and emerges from inside to outside. In the above spatial picture the Quantum Dance manifests as 8 waves [4pairs]. 4 of these waves are clockwise the other four anti clock wise. The overall nature of the direction is determined by the dominant.

These waves manifest in a characteristic 3 fold enfolding and unfolding with an intermediate phase of transition

If suppose one component in the above clock, say R1 winds clock wise its pair L1 will have anti-clockwise wave, together they will have clockwise direction. Its pair R2 and L2 will have overall anti-clockwise wave. R1/L1 and R2/L2 together will have over all clock wise direction and the opposite takes place in the left cycle. The waves enfold and unfold in a three step process with a transition state bringing balance to the system. This tells us how resistance manifests in nature and how it gives way to communication and motion.



1] 8 waves collapse and enfolds into 4 waves

2] 4 waves collapse and enfolds into 2 waves

3] 2 waves collapse and enfolds into 1 wave

4] 1 wave collapses and passes the zero point



5] From zero it unfold to 1 wave

6] I wave unfolds to 2 wave

7] 2 waves unfold into 4 waves

8] 4 waves unfold into 8 waves.

At the point of transition state, the left and right exchange energy neutralizing and gaining balance. As long as there is no time direction the system is stable between two limits. The oscillation can increase to certain limit and decrease to certain limit. This means the system favors the direction of time when the wave collapses, but opposes the direction when it is around the equilibrium state

The biological system we observe in nature is also associated with such a Quantum Wave Collapse. In the mitotic process the biological information is constantly renewed. The mitotic process is a reorganization process in which the energy balance in left and right is achieved from time to time. [Read article E=m=I to understand the concept of information and its relation of energy] This involves a creative process breaking the old information and building new information. Read also article Logic of Information.  All biological system is known to create new cells in order to survive against daily changes. 


All biological system in addition to this conquering of time and energy change is also capable conquering universal time, by creating new body out of the old. In this process, the essence of the Father, reduces it self and enters womb of the mother, unites with one reduced cell to create new body out of the old. In this process conception, creation of a new body and its deliverance takes place. 


Now we must note that the instinct of the system resist motion or disturbance of equilibrium or disturbance away from 1:1 state.  This instinct or resistance manifest as creativity and survival of the system. The creativity is the cause for the division of one embryonic cell into two and formation of the whole system. Extending our concept back, Creativity is the cause for the development of DNA and information. The information is related change in energy or the waves in the system and the waves in a system exist in minimum of 8waves. The rule applies to the smallest particle to the whole universe.



  •   Every particle, material and living system in nature is influenced by this cyclic energy flow and the aberration and over all directional, evolutional changes in it. We need to understand nature by this Quantum Reality in which we exist

  •   What we are visualizing above as the energy flow in the system or the Quantum wave associated with a Quantum System. The quantum system exists as enfolded system forming matter and concealing energy in the system. Every system is forced to exist pulsating in relation to the system in which it is enclosed. Every thing in this earth and the Universe is subjected to 24 unit cyclic changes in energy. I have tried to explain the enfoldment and energy flow in the material system in the following figure-9. For further explanation read article E=mc^2 and E=m=I



  • A time direction is a reality of the system we live in. How the system survives the time, direction is explained in the following figure-10. Here just imagine the light cycle in figure -5 contracts as shown below and by the same proportion the dark cycle grows[ not shown in figure]. When ratio 3:1 is reached the dark sucks or engulfs the light cycle. Before the critical “0” of the quantum action an reaction [See fig -3], is reaches the light cycles turns inside out changing the direction. The dark cycle now starts collapsing and the light cycle grows in the womb of the dark cycle and when it reaches 3:1 ration. The light cycle engulfs the dark cycle and the process is repeated. Whole thing is a gradual process and is comparable to life cycle  of a living system




  •   Science is aware of the fact that the universe exist in two phases, a contracting phase leading to “Zero Point” and collapse resulting in big bang and expansion phase. However, their mathematical equations fail at this Zero Point. They have not been able picture change in phase and figure the cause driving time and death.

  •   The foundation of science collapsed with discovery of uncertainty. Einstein was aware of the Zero Point dead end at which his theory collapses. He tried to introduce concept like anti-gravity and cosmological constant in order to restore a foundation to science.

  •   The site discovers biological system as instinctively anti-gravitational and forms the support of the cosmos. This opens the gateway to Biophysical Reality

  •   This opposition is well recorded by science by applying second law of thermodynamics to material and living system. But this basic reality has caught little attention of intellectual community that is bent on exploiting nature than understanding it.

  •   It is time we review our knowledge system and re-establish a foundation for our intellectual quest 

  •   Since gravity is built on non-equilibrium, the anti-gravity should be based on opposite principle. Thus the site discovers a particle behind life that has a form of concealed equilibrium in space and works against time directed to death and gravitational collapse. Refer article Beyond Genes

  •   The creativity, information development, various processes we observe and deal with in biological system is the product of struggle of the particle to maintain the equilibrium. This manifest as micro and macro evolution against time. 

  •   The most important revelation of the site is that the micro and macro evolution is both random and is directed.

  •   An important conclusion drawn by the research is that humankind and his mind is the cause for directed time and death. Unlike the most of us think, humankind is the least conscious animal on this planet. Refer article Secret of Consciousness

  •   This truth reveals it self and the proof emerges, if we care to stand aside and observe one cycle of day and night

  •   The one Creator has designed the world by dividing himself in two such that it perpetuates. As the west awakes to primal force of light, the east sleeps to darkness and act as a sink and vice-versa. As the west peaks in light the seed of darkness is sown in it and simultaneously east peaks in darkness and the seed of light is sown in it.

  •   Every living creature on earth supports this law of light cycle and instinctively knows His master. The only exception is human being, who is supposed be made in the image of the Creator. He lives by his mind and struggles to breaks the Law. The creation thus was associated with one law - not to seek from the tree at the center. Mankind has created thousands of laws, yet it has not been able to attain order and peace because he constantly breaks it.

  •   The cause exists in forgetting the basic relationship that binds the whole into one. Conversely it means the order and peace relates to perceiving the relationship and oneness.

  •   It also means the modern world that is powered by science, that exist in the ignorance of inter relationship is the cause for much of the instabilities disorder, destruction of the world. The doomsday is our own Creation

  •     The supreme point of understanding is the discovery of Supreme Human Being, who evolved beyond His “self and body" to be supremely aware of time and became Sacrificial Lamb to cause the Phase Change and take control and lead the whole back from death to life or Universal Time Initialization. See article Divine Secret

  •    We are very near this time initialization, and the time necessitates that we become aware of the reality of nature to survive it. The quantum wave associated with the quantum world is already collapsing!!!

  •    The Negative energy accumulated through negative actions, is creating instabilities in earth’s core, its atmosphere and is rearing to go as the quantum wave collapses. Since 2001 we are witnessing increase in natural catastrophes. This is bound to increase as we tend to time change or time initialization.

  •    The mind of individual, community and nations are unstable and appears to function as the needle of doomsday clock inching to disaster

  •   Knowledge is supposed to give us peace order happiness, security, immortality and so on. Modern knowledge that is divisive has given the opposite results

  •   The Human survival now exist in perceiving the truth and become aware of the Biophysical Reality, react quickly to alleviate and facilitate time change by converting the negative energy into positive energy, infusing life energy into the world. The first step in this process is to understand basic interrelationship and oneness of nature

  •   The site brings forth fundamental design and principle by which nature is interrelated to form one System. The site hopes that when the truth strikes, the individuals will initialize into truth and thereby various hierarchies, our society and the whole world will return to order.

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The Universal Quantum Wave is Collapsing

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