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1] The Quantum Technology for water Conservation

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Ask Questions and Seek Answers

By John Paily

Our existence is a quest of the mind separate from consciousness. Mind in turn is molded by what it gets fed from the external senses. The external senses only sees the materialistic and our actions are molded by it and we are held in perpetual vortex of material quest and truth lies hidden and gets distanced in the process. With our approach of division and study, we have only amplified the questions. Our world has moved from simplicity to complexity from order to disorder

In contrast the author researched with a mind based on consciousness, freeing from the materialistic vortex, moved from the complexity to simplicity thus discovering the fundamental design and principle that binds the whole into one. The truth is crystal clear to the author and he sees how it is related to every single life that exists in every branch and twigs of the one tree called life.

A communication between two diverging fields becomes difficult.  Unless both turns his back and seeks the opposite. The fundamental design and principle  is relevant to every branch tip and the whole. I have traveled every branch of science, religion and culture repeatedly holding this seed sown in me and testing its validity and it has emerged true every where. All along this journey it also revealed simple conceptual alternative to problems that we humans try to tackle to keep life and its perpetuation. For two decades I have tried to call the attention of the world to this simple secret. I have kept the secret open on the net with little effect. The great scientist Max Planck once said “Fundamental Search is a burden ----”. Humankind is caught in a vortex of self. Only things which help enhance his self and further the vortex catches his attention. If the vortex is inching to disaster there is no way he can know it. Only those who dare to go beyond the boundary will ever see the truth to which it is leading. The fulfillment of the daring act exists in returning to the vortex and lead it out of danger.

Mind that merged to light never wishes to come back to the darkness. Yet  the expression of light takes in the field of darkness. Many of the articles of the author were generalized expression to some quarries and comments  the author received.

I am Now Changing the Approach from General  to Specific

I am sure each of you as an individual, group, community, organization ---, have many problems and questions, which it wishes to solve to make an advancement,  

  • It could be a research problems in any field of an individual, a company, an organization or country.

  • It could be problems with individual, family, group, community -- 

  • It could be a unanswered question that is troubling your mind -

Send me your questions. I wish to add my little mind wholeheartedly to further your research or alleviate the problem and misery and in the process call your attention to the simple foundation of life and its secret. Remember, mind is central channel of creation and holds abundant source of energy. Nothing is impossible to human mind. It can create or destroy. You are a participator of the world molding its destiny

Let the question be specific and basic, such that I can solve it quickly and propose the path to move on.

Key Question and Answers

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 Quantum Reality and the Biophysical foundation Life and the Living Universe


Ask questions and Seek Answers

2012 Prediction- Time to Awaken to Reality of Nature

2012 Vital Predictions. It is Time to Awaken and take control of our Abode. It is time for Unified Knowledge that gives Life and Order 
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