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Foundation for New Conceptual Vision of Biological System

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New Conceptual Vision of Biological System


The knowledge that biological science has imparted has given extensive microscopic and macroscopic vision of various parts of living system. We have come to understand biology and life in terms of unfolding and enfolding of information. We have learnt to manipulate this information. Yet we fail to answer what is life, is it matter or something more, why birth and death, why I am here, why am I enquiring into nature, what is my role in it, why information is triplet code, why it exist in pairs, why dominant and recessive, why mitotic and meiotic division, why double helical, why 64 codons and so on. In fact our search has only multiplied the questions than answering it.

It is not only biologist but even physicist have confronted and multiplied the fundamental questions. Galileo showed that free fall acceleration in gravitational field is independent of weight, but failed to explain why. Newton failed to explain what property gives Gravity to matter. Einstein failed to explain why speed of light is the maximum speed possible. Heisenberg failed to explain why uncertainty exists. We still do not have explanation for wave particle duality and have not been able find the fundamental particle. The paradoxes of science have only multiplied with its advancement. With uncertainty discovered the foundation of science broke down... Today scientists are exploring nature with out a basal reality of nature. He is groping in darkness. Einstein struggled to find a base for scientific exploration but failed.

The parent site explores the fundamental design and principle on which nature is built. It explains the foundation of biological and material system and its unity. It explores the physical and spiritual aspect of nature and brings its oneness that shows deeper realms which answers all the above fundamental questions. It gives a new foundation to science by logically discovering Biophysical Reality of nature. Our existing knowledge both scientific and spiritual can be re-ordered on this foundation in a sensible manner and it can become the foundation future exploration of knowledge.

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           New Dimensions to Bio-information and Biotechnology

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2012 Prediction- Time to Awaken to Reality of Nature

2012 Vital Predictions. It is Time to Awaken and take control of our Abode. It is time for Unified Knowledge that gives Life and Order 
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