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Future Technologies -The Conceptual Foundation 


·       Introduction

·      What is Quantum Biophysical Reality

·       Foundation of Future Technologies



The Future Technologies are built on Quantum Reality, the knowledge of qualitative states in the quantum world and the knowledge of inter relationship and oneness. I call it now the Biophysical Reality on which future explorations of nature needs to be built. It is built on some fine observation of nature and logical thinking  that led to fundamental conceptual vision of motion and flow that can answer the paradoxes of science and help us figure the Reality of Nature and its functioning in perpetual cycles. It is based on concept of ratio that guides the foundation of biological system that Mendel showed to the world and which Einstein proposed in his autobiography as his mind was struggling give a new reality for nature and its exploration.


As a biologist, I have done my best to call your attention to it by various means of expression of thought.


The knowledge of inter relationship and oneness that the author gained from nature showed a clear cut tendency of the world tending to some disasters through our ignorance of inter relationship and oneness. The author realized that only this knowledge of inter relationship and oneness can help humanity to take control of the deteriorating world. In the circumstance where the author failed to get an opening to discuss the matter, the author chose to write the fundamental aspect, repeatedly in various contexts and began to post it on the internet, hoping some one some where rediscovers it, in a manner similar to rediscovery of Dr. Mayer’s work. Dr. Mayer’s work was rediscovered nearly two decades later after he first published it and today forms the foundation of all science. The world of science ruled by physicist failed to comprehend his work. He pursued it relentlessly; eventually he found a peaceful place in a lunatic asylum before he was rediscovered


It is two decades since this concept took shape in me and I began communicating. I realize that in spite of all the advancement, human mind has remained the same. Though not in a mental asylum, I know I am dubbed as one by the world around me. It does not matter to me till I stay with my conviction and connected to my consciousness.


My styles of writing, the grammatical drawbacks have been pinpointed by the intellectual world. But it has failed to comprehend the deep and yet simple secret, to which I am pointing. We humans are basically materialistic and it leads to our down fall. I am sure, the word “Future Technologies” will make ears stand up. I wish to give a caution that any one who attempts to exploit any technology without understanding the interrelationship and oneness could lead to disaster. We are witnessing this reality in the form of instability. The instability is not only seen in climate change, natural catastrophes but is reflecting in the individual and collective mind of humans, manifesting as self destructive trend. Knowledge out to have brought order, in contrast modern knowledge is bringing disorder very clearly suggesting that it is time to review the foundation.


Before I go to technological concepts, let me write the foundation of Quantum or Biophysical Reality to make even this introduction to technologies self-consistent. It is advised that reader should read this before moving forward.


What is Quantum Biophysical Reality


Nature is characterized by motion and flow. Every system is known to resist motion [inertia]. This means there are two opposing force in nature. The science has understood nature from one force Gravity. The opposition to this is anti-gravity, this means inertia is anti-gravity and it accompanies all matter.  Gravity is centripetal. The second law of thermodynamics applied to gravity shows that everything should collapse to a point and emerge in a big bang causing an expansion. All the theory of science fails at this point. The great scientist, Einstein, was aware of this dead end, thus he contemplated on introducing a second force Anti-gravity. He introduced and retreated it, probably failing comprehend a source for it. We are going to comprehend this reality at the fundamental level as a factor related to Fundamental Design and Principle of Nature.


The fundamental design is non-equilibrium. With out this no flow and motion can occur. The fundamental principle is the instinct to seek equilibrium.  The site presents this design in the form of number 8 with one arm being dominant the other recessive by a ratio 4:3 and this non-equilibrium manifest as strain or energy. We note that force exist here as pair. A quantum spirit now flows from the dominant to recessive powered by the instinct to seek equilibrium. A form of equilibrium is reached when the flow is half way through and the system. The system wishes to stay in this equilibrium or around this equilibrium state, but it cannot because energy is fired in a quantum manner. This leads to a quantum dance between two states 4:3 and 3:4 between the left and right. This process is visualized as a winding process that leads to collapse,  turning inside out leading to unwinding and initialization with change in direction of the flow. Because of the non equilibrium design, it manifest as spinning and displacement in space Thus, it accounts for two fundamental characteristics of motion. If this particle exists in another system or medium, it creates a wave in the medium. Now in a simple vision of design of a particle we discovered two forces and cause that is aware [conscious] intelligent, that both resists and manifest  in to action and reaction. The system resist between first and third critical point, and beyond it, it collapses into action and reaction initializing the whole system


The whole process manifest as quantum winding and unwinding and the author notes that it goes in 8 steps, four forming winding, the other four forming unwinding. See figure





Each of these steps, is a three step spiral winding form one dimension to another with a unit displacement to the center or outside. Think of winding a ball out of a twine. This type of motion accounts for uncertainty. The system wishes to exist oscillating between the first and third critical point. However when it is pushed to the third critical point, The system collapses and turns inside out changing the direction of the flow.  The ratio changes 3:4 to 2:5 to 1:6 to 0:7 to 6:1 to 5:2 to 4:3. The whole process is dissolution and recreation.


The reality of this quantum flow is reflected in day and night cycle each consisting of 12 units each. Each cycle consists of 4 units of 3. The unit three is the fundamental unit of energy transfer known to mechanics, it is reflected in biological information and manifest as the key number in almost all field known to humanity. This is the critical point at which left changes into right and vice-versa.  It is important to note that as the west awakes to light and expansion, the east sleeps to darkness and acts as a sink for the energy and vice-versa. When the light peaks in the west the seed of darkness is sowed init and simultaneously the darkness peaks in east and seed of light is placed in it. The nature we live in is instantaneously communicated, aware and an ordering process exists in it. However, the execution of order manifest in time. This design and quantum cyclic function of earth is comparable to heart or the double pump.


Two understand it just imagine two ponds connected by a small link. Think of a person throwing stone in to it. It causes depressive disturbance in it and this manifest as wave spreading the whole pond. By virtue of first law of thermodynamic of Mayer, it should cause an expulsive disturbance in the opposite pond. The wave has a definite pattern and is predictable. The predictable aspect is disturbed when a second person throws another stone. This is further aggravated when a third person throws a stone in the opposite pond. This would cause negation in the first pond which is beyond the perception of the persons in the first pond.


Extending the above vision into space gives us eight pond structure. Space we know has 8 equal components. To know it take an apple and cut it vertically twice at right tangles through the center and once horizontally at right angles through the center. The design of clock and energy flow on earth helps us visualize this. See the Figure- 5 below that represents the clock. It represents a completeness of representation in space.


Energy flow in day and night cycle speak a fundamental design in communication. This means information is not created in pairs but in 4 pairs. A disturbance in one component creates simultaneous disturbance in 7 other components. These 8 units exist as 4 pairs of components in space with in a ratio relationship such that they can communicate within the left and right and act and react to the external communication. Here R1/L1 has 4:3 relationships; R2/L2 has 4:3 relationships. [R1/L1]:[R2/L2]  also has 4:3 relationship. Here L1=R2, similarly a relationship exist in the components of the left and the right and left exist in 4:3 ratio, here L2=R3. [See fig -5 the clock] This creates a winding and unwinding path for communication.

The communication manifest as waves going in clock wise or anti-clock wise direction from out side to inside and emerges from inside to outside. In the above spatial picture the Quantum Dance manifests as 8 waves [4pairs]. 4 of these waves are clockwise the other four anti clock wise. The overall nature of the direction is determined by the dominant.

These waves manifest in a characteristic 3 fold enfolding and unfolding with an intermediate phase of transition. If suppose one component in the above clock, say R1 winds clock wise its pair L1 will have anti-clockwise wave, together they will have clockwise direction. Its pair R2 and L2 will have overall anti-clockwise wave. R1/L1 and R2/L2 together will have over all clock wise direction and the opposite takes place in the left cycle. The waves enfold and unfold in a three step process with a transition state bringing balance to the system. This tells us how resistance manifests in nature and how it gives way to communication and motion.


1] 8 waves collapse and enfolds into 4 waves

2] 4 waves collapse and enfolds into 2 waves

3] 2 waves collapse and enfolds into 1 wave

4] 1 wave collapses and passes the zero point



5] From zero it unfold to 1 wave

6] I wave unfolds to 2 wave

7] 2 waves unfold into 4 waves

8] 4 waves unfold into 8 waves.

At the point of transition state, the left and right exchange energy neutralizing and gaining balance. As long as there is no time direction the system is stable between two limits. The oscillation can increase to certain limit and decrease to certain limit. This means the system favors the direction of time when the wave collapses, but opposes the direction when it is around the equilibrium state

The biological system we observe in nature is also associated with such a Quantum Wave Collapse. In the mitotic process the biological information is constantly renewed. The mitotic process is a reorganization process in which the energy balance in left and right is achieved from time to time. [Read article E=m=I to understand the concept of information and its relation of energy] This involves a creative process breaking the old information and building new information. Read also article Logic of Information.  All biological system is known to create new cells in order to survive against daily changes. 


All biological system in addition to this conquering of time and energy change is also capable conquering universal time, by creating new body out of the old. In this process, the essence of the Father, reduces it self and enters womb of the mother, unites with one reduced cell to create new body out of the old. In this process conception, creation of a new body and its deliverance takes place. 


Now we must note that the instinct of the system resist motion or disturbance of equilibrium or disturbance away from 1:1 state.  This instinct or resistance manifest as creativity and survival of the system. The creativity is the cause for the division of one embryonic cell into two and formation of the whole system. Extending our concept back, Creativity is the cause for the development of DNA and information. The information is related change in energy or the waves in the system and the waves in a system exist in minimum of 8waves. The rule applies to the smallest particle to the whole universe.


The foundation for Future Technologies

The foundation of future technologies is built on qualitative change within the quantum change. It is built on  

1] The knowledge of the wave with in a system and its functioning to oppose the external force and survive, which manifests as creativeness and information building, complexity formation and its evolution.


2] The knowledge of the wave of the whole and its relationship with systems which exists within it.


The first point has extensive applied potential that can influence every field of human interest, form health/medicine, food/agriculture, energy utilization, information development and its manipulation, which includes possible development of intelligent computers.


But the second point brings up a vital conclusion of immense importance to human survival. The parent site has struggled to call your attention to it. This extension brings the unity of ancient spiritual and modern scientific knowledge and points to the fact how important Universal Time change for humanity and his survival.


We noted energy flow in the earth system is comparable to mitotic division that leads to  time or energy balancing. We noted all living system does survive universal directed time through a process of meiotic division, where male leaves its body and enters the body of the female to create new body out of the old. 


The quantum reality is a reality applicable to all system. This means

·         It should be applicable to individuates system that exists in the whole and also to the universe as a whole.

·         Behind every life there should be a quantum particle and a communication as above. [ Read article Beyond Genes]

·         Behind the whole there should be a particle and a communication as above. [ read article  Physics of Soul]

This universe should have beginning in time, end and a new beginning. This is a reality known to science through their conceptual visions and mathematical calculation. Einstein theory of gravity extended in time suggest that the universe originated from a point in a big bang and its expanding since than and some time in future it would again collapse to a point. But their conceptual visions and mathematics fail beyond a limit. Thus we exist in the ignorance of interrelationship and oneness of nature. Einstein was probably aware of this reality even before the big bang theory was discovered. Thus he tried to introduce concepts like Anti-gravity, universal constant and so on. 


One of the problem Biophysical Reality points out is that science has failed to comprehend comprehend a light particle and material particle. Material particle it notes is formed from the collision of light particle, creating neutralized and stable particle in space. Read article E=mc2


The Biophysical Theory invents life as Anti-Gravitational and is support of the living universe an notes that all life is built on a particle that has asymmetry in space and thus has some form of equilibrium. Read article Beyond Genes.


Biophysical reality concludes that universe is designed like a living system. Its living charectaristic  is reflected the process of day and night cycle and energy flow.  As the west awakes to light, and expands the life in it contracts taking in the energy and as the dark cycle comes it works the opposite way, thus sustaining the universal system. The whole system is self balanced by the quantum design and randomness.


The living system is anti-gravitational becomes evident when we apply the second law of thermodynamics to living and material system. The proof is evident if you awaken to observe a seed growing!!!!!!! 


The question remains what is the cause of the directed time and evolution. There should be an element in the whole system that creates imbalance and creates a time direction. Discovering this element formed the beginning of my research, rest was only a struggle to reach out to the world. You too can discover this element. Just stand aside and observe your self and your action. Humankind is special.  By his action he is gravitational. He lives by his so called superior mind and this superior mind manifest as conquering motive and corruption, breaking the law getting caught in a vortex and slowly destroying his own abode. The time and destruction comes from the mind of humanity that manifest as self and distances from Nature. Human beings are the cause for the gravitational collapse and death, that is otherwise designed to self-sustain.


The question now how does the universe survive this death and perpetuates the time cycle. This is the Divine Secret, a secret that gives back life to nature and take us to new cycle. Let me explain this secret in simple figurative manner. The pulsating existence of earth described in figure: 5 –Clock, could be expressed in the following figure -9.





The directed time in variably means one of the cycles of the clock shrinks and the other expands.  Think that the light cycle in fig -5, shrinks and dark cycle expands. Beyond the critical point of 3:1 the dark cycle sucks the light cycle into it. As the system tends to zero, the light cycle flips changing its direction. Now the direction of the flow is changed. The dark cycle begins to collapse and the light begins to grow within the dark. As the ratio reaches the 1:3 the light cycle sucks the darkness. When it reaches critical point of collapse, the dark cycle flips changing the direction and perpetual existence takes place. This is shown in the figure below. Also recall the Chinese representation of Yin and yang



Since mind of humanity is the cause for the time direction, collapse and death, it means the survival of the Universe and its perpetuation relates to initializing the mind of humanity. Here it is important to answer why human being become mind centered and gravitational and calling upon death. It should be related to some design flaw, which was compensated, by a law from the Creator - Not Conquer the Opposite, but Love it. This is discussed at the design level in article Secret of Consciousness 1 and 2


The whole thinking and fundamental realization has immense importance to human survival than all the technologies. The technological aspect thus remained secondary to me when compared to the vital implication of the whole thinking to human survival. The technologies proposed in this site, when explored, I hope will lead to the attention of the world to fundamentals of relationship and oneness.  


The light cycle here should be interpreted as knowledge of the Spirit or the Divine that emerges from the dark cycle and deteriorates giving way to dark cycle only to emerge again in perpetual cycles. We are in the critical state of phase transition from darkness to light era. The Universal Quantum Wave is already collapsing to to initialize. Our survival exist in knowing it and yielding to it.   

 Quantum Reality and the Biophysical foundation Life and the Living Universe


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