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The projects proposed here, is related to the Grand Unified Knowledge or the Biophysical Reality of Life and Nature. The projects in many cases are generalized concepts that become applicable to various individuated system with some fine tuning. They are seeds formed over the two decades authors Journey to Biophysical Reality. Some of these projects were tested casually and some remained on board with sound logic and observations taken from drama enfolding in the greatest laboratory called nature.

A full fledged enquiry into these projects was beyond energy resources of the researcher. He had to conserve his energy to divert to the primary goal.

Now that the researcher feels that he has full filled the goal and the inner call, he hopes to spend rest of this life participating in the applied aspect.

Researcher believes, all light are supposed to be kept on the stand such that it spreads for all. I am doing it as I write these projects and keep it on the net. I love being a primary unit who creates. Yet a primary unit is incomplete unless it has the support of the middle that takes the creative product to the end user and returns with energy for further creativeness. Light is sustained in this basic reality.

With these words I am proposing my pleasure to participate in any of the project proposed to its ultimate goal, if any organization, company, country involved respects my freedom and creativeness and show the responsibility to sustain it. In the modern world of communication, I can participate actions taking place any where in the world.

[So far I was preoccupied directing my limited resources to the principle goal. I am yet to write much of the projects. The page contains few simple projects, which I put on the board and did some work. You can expect the author principally working on this site here onwards].


1] Eco-Culture - A New Simple, Practicable and Economical Concept of Clonal Multiplication of Plant System

2] Coconut Endosperm culture as a possible method for conversion of sugar into oil

3] A Quantum Technology for Water Conservation

On Board

Project plan Introduce Science of God into School such that Individuals minds are trained to carry Light and give life and order to society than darkness and disorder

Redefining health/medication

Redefining food/agriculture

Project for Energy Conservation

Exploring development of intelligent chips and intelligent computers





 Quantum Reality and the Biophysical foundation Life and the Living Universe


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2012 Prediction- Time to Awaken to Reality of Nature

2012 Vital Predictions. It is Time to Awaken and take control of our Abode. It is time for Unified Knowledge that gives Life and Order 
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