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The Quantum Conservation and


 Management of Water for Agriculture 


A New Simple, Practicable Concept that is Nature Compatible


  [The project was written and submitted to world Challenge project 2006 conducted  by BBC ]


Introduction and scope of the Project

Fresh water is the foundation on which much of life exists on land. Fresh water resource is finite and for many nations this resource is scarce in its availability. The demand for fresh water is growing in relation to growth of population, agriculture and industries. The ground and flowing water is dipping very fast due to reckless human intervention and exploitation.  The increasing demand depleting resource will soon create problems that can only be corrected by understanding the cyclic process of natural water and its conservation and management.

Irrigation accounts for about 70 % of the world's water use. A living plant is a very complex system with respect to water use. It has dynamic relationship with nature and its water cycle. Water stress affects the growth and productivity of plants. Irrigation of agricultural plants thus becomes a necessity. Water requirements of the crop system depend on the species, its growth and developmental stages as well as environmental demands. The water used by the plant in growth and development is usually small compared to the atmospheric demands. Therefore knowledge of the parameters involved with the water cycle, its relationship with the plant under cultivation and the whole will help make a better planning and development of techniques for irrigation  by conserving water without sacrificing the productivity.

Most irrigation systems deliver water to crops by flooding the land surface, diverting water to fields via open channels, or by sprinkler systems that mimic rain, cooling temporarily the atmosphere and apply water to the field surface. Huge energy is spent in pumping the water from the source to the field. In general, these methods are very inefficient as the plants absorb only a small percentage of the water applied. The rest is lost through evaporation to meet the demand of the atmosphere and percolation beyond the reach of the plant roots. Plants absorb most of its water requirements from its roots zone that exist near the surface of the soil. The percolated water therefore is useless to plants. The percolated water goes back to the water table, but the energy that is spent to irrigate is being lost in the process. The topsoil is the most exposed to sunlight and therefore is the most heated one and thus sprinklers and flood irrigation through canals leads to huge loss through evaporation. They also lead to leaching of nutrients beyond the root zone. Soil types, texture, organic matter content and climatic conditions also determine the loss through evaporation and percolation. Micro-irrigation techniques developed and adopted have considerably reduced the loss.

Proper knowledge of natural cycle of water, its relationship with plants surviving in it and any simple techniques developed to conserve water and increase the efficiency of water usage and its management in agriculture can have tremendous impact globally and help our survival. Most of the present knowledge and management practices of water adopted are built on our understanding of the parts. Here management practices are built around, the knowledge of Evopotranspiration [ET], the Field Capacity of Water [ FC], knowledge of practical lower limit of soil water determined by Permanent Wilting Point [ PWP]. They help us determine the Available Water Capacity [ AWC]. AWC is the water available to the plants from the field and is the difference FC and PWP. The proper management of water to agriculture aims to maintain the available water content of the field, by supplementing the water. Unfortunately agriculture with such scientific scrutiny of soil water and the requirement for plant species is only followed in few areas of the scientifically advanced countries. They are beyond 98 percent of the agriculturist in the world. A great loss of precious water, energy and human resources is occurring in our agricultural practice around the world.

Here I propose a simple technique to conserve water by increasing the water retention capacity in the root zone of plants, which reduces the water schedule, increases the efficiency of the irrigation, cuts the cost of irrigation, raises the productivity, by cutting the loss through evaporation and percolation. The concept is nature compatible, very importantly it is sensible and practicable to common man.  It is based on the understanding of the inter relationship and oneness of nature works naturally assisting the plant to survive and produce optimally with out interfering drastically into its inherent time cycle [biological time].

Back Ground of the Project

The concept of the above project is one of the many concepts that emerged on the way of the Unification Project. The Project Unification brings out the inter relationship and oneness of nature. Unification Project involved nearly two decades of study and observation of life in an environment not influenced by man and an environment where man and his “self” have intruded. Unification Project was directed at knowing the simplicity behind the complexity and has succeeded in unearthing the Quantum Fundamental Design and the Fundamental Principle that goes to form systems in nature and explains how these systems in nature are communicated and interrelated to form one. In short Unification Project gives a sensible platform to unify the objective knowledge [science] and finds a unified platform for subjective knowledge [spiritual ones] and makes a Grand Unified Knowledge of objective and subjective, which can save humanity from disorder and destruction. The project Grand Unified Knowledge can be read in the following address 

The Project Unification tells us that nature is constituted by systems and is enclosed in one whole system. The action and reaction between the system and flow within in it, is both qualitative and quantum and is dependent on properties related to system and the whole of which it is a part. It tells us that quantum qualitative change occurs within the system, before an observed quantum action and reaction takes place leading to cyclic existence. It notes that the quantum action and reaction and cyclic change have a definite universal pattern. It is a four-step process as shown in the figure -1. Each of these steps in turn possesses three more minor steps [that makes it 12 step].

All the system in nature including the whole is a pulsating system.  It pulsates around the second critical point or relative equilibrium point. Any attempt to push the system to the third or first critical point results in break down of the equilibrium, which results in a reaction such that the system reverts to the relative equilibrium point. The pulsation manifest as cycle of Time and Each cycle composes of two distinct and opposing phases.


The Foundation of the Project

Simple observation of nature tells us that it constitutes of many time cycles, one embedded in the other and is driven by two opposite forces that coexist, one giving way for the other. The prominent time cycle is the 24 hour day and night cycle. This is embedded in 15 days cycles, monthly cycles, yearly cycles, 12 year cycles and so on. The two opposing forces are earth forces [or particle force or the gravitational force] and light forces [or environmental force or the wave force or anti-gravitational force]. These two forces are opposing and exist in 3:4 ratio or 4:3. They cannot be equal because equal and opposite force cancels out. At any moment one of them is dominant the other is recessive. This means the cycle has a gravitational peak and anti-gravitational peak that gives way for the other. In a 24 hour cycle we see a anti-gravitational peak that manifest as period when the fire and air force is maximum and gives way for the gravitational force [earth and water force] that peaks only to give way for the other.  Two forces thus always coexist in nature acting in opposite direction and one giving way for the other.


This reality when extended to 12 months cycle it forms the climatic cycle of nature or water cycle. The earth forces when manifest it gives rain and when fire force manifest it gives warmth and life. The water that is principle to this project is an element caught in between these two forces and exists in them by transforming between two states [vapor and solid state]. It forms the foundation on which life exists.


Nature has four main seasons summer, autumn, rainy and winter. Two of them, summer and rainy are prominent and the other two form the transition state that leads to change in direction of the cycle. When you observe nature you note that there is condensing phase [rainy] and evaporation [summer] phase of water. In other words there is light/fire and expansion phase, which at its peak turns recessive and gives way to earth force and contraction/ condensation phase, which in turn gives way to expansion.  The condensation begins as the system tends to upper limit. Evaporation state begins when the system tends to lower limit. [See figure 2 - Quantum Water Cycle]. In expanding phase the earth force and light force are directed in opposite way and thus the wave associated with system maximizes. And when it gives way to earths force the wave is directed the opposite way and the wave minimizes. Both light/fire and earth/water force are directed in the same direction.  So the cycle has maximum and minimum. So the water cycle has a quantum nature that can be described by four steps. See figure


In such a cycle we have a phase in which the environment is saturated with water and the water table rises and it peaks only to give way to phase in which the water table goes down and the water content of the environment decreases.  [Rain and summer cycle]. The life which exist in the middle strata and is dependent on water is thus gets stressed. The concept of water conservation and management relates to expansive state where the water table goes down and the water content of the environment decreases under the quantum wave that is fluctuating and is peaking to the maximum under time cycle. It relates to summer when the available water within the system and its parts under time cycle that is maximizing vanishes into vapor state at a faster rate and moves to the upper strata of the environment and the water table under the influence of earth forces moves to lower strata of earth.


Any concept and ideas that can restrict this loss by opposing the force of natural time, acting away from the middle, can help water conservation and influence life positively.

Project and its Design

The concept I propose has its root in quantum reality of water cycle [discussed above], the observation of concepts of glass house and also a curious practice of our ancestors who used to keep a narrow mouthed earthen pot filled with water submerged under the earth near the base of the plants. This maintains moisture content in the soil and restricts evaporation and percolation reducing the water schedule.


The concept of glass house prevents water loss through evaporation and creates a microenvironment that contains ample water that prevents the wilting of the plant. The concept of glass house is not nature compatible in the sense that the plant is not exposed to an important phase of the natural cycle and therefore its biological time cycle developed and evolved with universal time is disrupted rendering its core genetic information weak and susceptible to stress and diseases. Further glass house technique is limited in its use [limited to small plants]. The present concept and the project are directed universally at preventing water loss through evaporation and percolation. It is nature compatible because it just works to conserve water by restricting the loss. The concept evolved in various steps. The following are various steps of evolution of the concept.

       First step

A plastic bag filled with mixture of sand and soil was kept under the soil in the root zone of garden plants. The idea was to stop the water loss through percolation.  This decreased the water schedule and the amount of water needed to maintain the plants when compared to control.

       Second Step

The polythene bags were filled with powdered coconut husk along with soil and sand that increases the water retention capacity. The resulted further positive results.

        Third Step

In the above two steps the area open for evaporation is constant. In the third step the area open for evaporation is further reduced by twisting the polythene bag with small pipe in the center, such that it forms a upper open and lower closed compartment linked by a small pipe. The concept now is that of an hourglass. The experiment can also be conducted by cutting a Pepsi or Coco-Cola bottle into two and inversing the top portion on to the lower portion. Here the area open to receive the water and percolation remains the same but the area open for evaporation is reduced. This further helped water conservation and decreased the water schedule to keep the plant healthy.


Note- these experiments were conducted in a small scale out of curiosity more than a decade back. Many possible advancement of concepts also emerged. But I decided not to release the information and or use it my self.  I have taken extreme care not to spill the idea. The world we live in, which exists and works with a conquering motive and corruption and exploits all partial knowledge recklessly without understanding the inter relationship and oneness has more problems at hand to solve than it can cope up with. The world we see today is already full of plastic garbage and any release of this simple concept that used plastic can lead to littering plastic beneath the earth. The world is already paying a huge price for the lack of knowledge of interrelationship and oneness of nature that can govern it. It is inching toward self-destruction through over exploitation of partial knowledge revealed to him.


This conceptual thinking has great potentials to conserve and manage the priceless resource on which life exists. Further developments of concept and the adoption of new material that is nature compatible [instead of plastic] can emerge from the attention of the intellectual world and the flow of resources that can lead to experiments in this area. Government and various organizations have a great role to play to control and advance the concepts such that it does not disrupt the system in time. The plastic material used here can be replaced with coated earthen materials that can hold water. As a small time farmer, it is beyond my reach to experiment and develop the concept. My interest still lies to bring out to the world the basic inter relationship and oneness of nature, without which we are doomed



1] The “hour glass concept” of control of water percolation and evaporation could be extended to include a possible third and fourth chambers in line with Quantum Pulse. [See figure 3 – hour-glass concept for water conservation]. Here the forth chamber is empty and stores water and divides the system into two halves with four parts in line with quantum reality.


2] The water retention capacity or available water capacity of the soil is drastically increased with organic components of the soil. The powdered coconut husk thus is a big contributor in the above concept. Since it is an organic component it is bound to break down and the water holding capacity is bound to decrease with time cycle. The problem can be solved from replacing non-degradable left and right twisted micro hourglasses. The idea comes from the basic quantum mechanical design of living universe. Their random orientation within the system will further help prevent water loss by creation of micro pockets that hold water.


3] Just as lack of water creates stress on the plant system; the water-logged conditions also create a stress on the plant system leading to deterioration of roots, induction of diseases affecting the health and productivity of plants. This means idea should give way to percolation of water in the rainy season to make it compatible to natural water cycle. The problem can be handled by

·                  By keeping the storage portion of the concept much below the root zone or


·                  By introducing a valve that releases the water. A valve can be installed into the design by including a spiral rod through center of the hour-glass or the storage tank, end of which holds a flap so that the vent can be closed or opened through a simple concept of screw. See figure.



The project can be extended and refined to save energy in many ways and to adapt to various geographical and climatic condition. For example in a plain area a centralized tank can store water and render into a wide area through small pipes.

How does the Project measure its Achievements?

The project measures its achievement in

1] The simplicity of the concept

2] Sensible appeal of the foundation of the concept

3] Its nature compatibility 

4] Its practicability

5] Its universality

6] Its huge potential for application to conserve most precious resource that is fundamental to life.

How does the project benefit community and or environment?

1] Large majority of the agriculturist in the world are small-scale agriculturist and largely are uneducated. They form the biggest community. The scientific knowledge, method and practices to conserve water are beyond the sensible grasp of this large majority. Water conservation in agriculture cannot be achieved unless, the knowledge and its significance percolates to Every One. Knowledge cannot percolate to the root unless it is simple, sensible, real, practicable and useful. In this respect the project provides a foundation knowledge that is sensible, simple, practicable and can easily percolate into the mind of even a common man. Only knowledge can initialize human kind into proper action and only when individuals makes proper action can energy and the resources be saved and order returns to disordered world. The effectiveness of implementation of knowledge by government and other agencies is also greatly enhanced when the knowledge behind the action is sensible and perceivable by the target area.  

How does it use environmental resources sensibly?

The concept proposed in additional its enormous potential to conserve water is the closest possible natural way to assist plant health, productivity and ensure qualitative products that does not posses high amount of negative energies.

Most of the irrigation practices do not take into consideration the knowledge of interrelationship and oneness of nature. They are measured simply by the quantum productivity scale and do not take into consideration the quality of the produce. The knowledge of interrelationship and oneness and our sense experiences, tell us that, that all-living system are dynamic. They are closely related to environment, and changes in it. All life is designed to survive and adapt to the fluctuating and directed time cycle of the environment through constant development of information. All plants have inherent mechanism to cope with climatic cycle and the aberrations in water cycle. The water cycle and the possible variations in it is a prominent factor affecting plant life and possibly determines Natural selection and qualitative and quantum evolution in plant species.  

When we irrigate plants through sprinkler irrigation and flooding or grow plants in glass house we are interfering into the built in information of the plants to survive in fluctuating climatic cycle and the universal time direction. For example when the environment is tending to summer the information of plant system makes physiological changes to adapt to the change and stress that is ahead. The action comes from the information and mechanism built over time. The artificial environment actually creates a conflict and disorder in the dynamic system by breaking the biological time evolved with universal time. The system thus is rendered week and susceptible to stress and diseases. Here we are not only interfering into natural selection in time but are ending up producing products that has negative energies. Plant system we know comes at the top of the food chain. This invariably means this negative energy percolates the food chain that involves humankind. [The explanation I put forth is simple. Its full implication can only emerge when one understand the fundamental design, principle and inter relationship that guide the living universe and all the system in it.]

It is important to note that by design the time cycles are fixed. Our act of pumping water and spreading it over large surface is increasing the water loss.  This evaporation is further influenced by our action of reckless exploitation of the fossil fuels that is raising environmental demands. The quantity of water evaporated to upper strata is bound to return as the cycle changes from evaporation to condensation. Since the evaporation [action] was accelerated, the reaction [the condensation] also becomes accelerated. What this directly means is a two-way destruction to earth and its inhabitants. The quick evaporation leads to dryness and destruction through fire and quick precipitation means destruction through flooding. The predictions of the Project Unification are coming true. The world is witnessing some of the worst climatic disasters involving fire/wind and earth/ water and it is bound to increase linearly causing greater and greater destruction unless humanity realizes the basic inter relationship and oneness of nature and act from its premises.

The above concept, which restricts evaporation and percolations loss works naturally assisting the plants in tune with the natural water cycle. It mimics the natural way by which water is held beneath the earth and becomes useful to life. The fact that the water schedule can be minimized invariably means its interference in the inherent biological time cycle of the plant system is minimal. The very thinking has potential to change the direction of our approach to agriculture from inorganic to organic.


      Project deserves to win the Challenge because

1] Because, it addresses a grave problem that relates to the whole of human community.

2] Because, It proposes simple sensible, practicable and nature compatible solution and addresses the problem from the root.

This project has great significance to human survival. It is released for the world challenge project. Hoping that by releasing some of the applied aspect I end up calling the attention of the world to the Unification Project that addresses the interrelationship and oneness, unearthing the fundamental design and fundamental principle on which nature functions and goes in cycles of time. The world today is with out a foundation to control and advance.  It exists in total chaos, disorder and human survival is endangered by his ignorant actions on nature. It is endangered by reckless exploitation of partial and conflicting knowledge unearthed by the scientific quest of humankind. It is also endangered by spiritual quest of humankind that has divided humanity into many religions and is creating friction more dangerous than human material quest. The physical powers that science has learned to exploit are poised to take negative direction to its own destruction under the ignorance of inter relationship and oneness of nature. 

 Quantum Reality and the Biophysical foundation Life and the Living Universe


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