poetry by suzy (me)

*** writings from this crazy mind that i call my own ***


pristine slut ������� so much of you ��������� what you deserve ������� the perfect war

shine ������� i would've asked ������� dream or reality? ������� your arms ������� just don't care anymore

the roses i never wanted ������� tonight ������� conversation with my psyche ������� not-so-familiar time zone

chariot of lies ������� airplane ������� born to die ������� solace bottle ������� stolen words ������� crimson dreams

stronger without you ������� all we really have ������� darkness ������� my possessions ������� passing of time

bath of glitter ������� magnetic poetry ������� so much beauty ������� welcomed willingly ������� our sunset

he said he looked like hitler ������� one tear less ������� dragon breath ������� quietly into the night ������� truth

fingerprint-stained photos ������� black lingerie ������� kids with butter knives ������� tuna salad on rye


i'd love to hear what you think of my poetry! i will also publish any of your poems (unless i think they suck) on my other poetry page. send any poems, suggestions, or inquiries to: [email protected]

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