from up here,
everything looks the same,
and it all looks so bleak.
an artist's canvas
painted in two ugly colors
that span out into foreverness,
until a foggy haze suffocates everything
into  a single blinding line.
above that, a blue blur
shoots out at every angle,
until i find myself lost
among the sea-shades
and engine exhaust.
and before long,
the land changes to ocean,
and i honestly can't tell
if i'm really flying,
or if someone just taped a piece
of blue construction paper
over my tiny plastic window.

every now and then,
the sun catches
a glimmer from below.
it's mostly sand down there,
but sometimes a bit of
angel dust falls through.
(incidentally, you fell through.)
and i'm just sitting here
in this scratchy red seat,
staring blankly out into
nothingness . . .
another grain of sand in the sky.

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