our sunset

i watched your eyes catch the glimmer
of the setting sun in the background
as we sat together on the prickly grass.
your skin had that beautiful glow to it,
the glow that sweeps in from the breeze
and whispers "i'm yours.. forever."
and your whole smile lit up
in the sparkle of the sunset.

we were both truly happy for once.
no pretending,
just pure, honest happiness.

i laid on my back and watched you;
watched the warm breeze mess your hair
and the colors slip slowly down
into what seemed like foreverness behind you.

even in the darkness of nightfall,
your eyes had a beautiful shimmer to them,
like melting ice on a comfortably warm day.
and as the park around us grew dimmer and dimmer
we found each other's arms
and the blackness seemed a little less black.
crickets serenaded us as i love you's were exchanged,
and for a brief moment,
the world seemed to completely freeze that memory;
to keep a record of it in time, so we'd never, ever forget.

and i fell asleep in your arms
on the prickly grass with the spectacular view..
amidst the serenading of crickets,
and the steady metronome of your heartbeat.

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