black lingerie

black lingerie brought out the milky color of her porcelain skin, and her eyes glistened behind vibrant green contacts as she ran her painted fingers through the even-greener grass. memories sparkled on the glassy water and she could almost see his face� his beautiful blonde hair� his indiglo expressions� and the card he sent her last year for valentine's day. but soon her misery was even blacker than the black lingerie as she thought of the worlds that separated them. the light from the water reflected onto the silvry knife blade and sliced the earth in two clean-cut pieces where the horizon peacefully laid. as she pressed the blade gently to her paper-white skin, blood erupted from her veins and sent red streams down, polluting the once-clear water. as the sun set over the rusty river she rested her head on a pillow of dandelions and slept forever.

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