pristine slut

pristine slut
and your dirt-stained body.
even anti-bacterial soap can't clean you now..
even perfume can't mask the scent of his hands all over your skin.
your bedroom eyes never shone so dimly, little whore.
what's the matter?
got something to say?
hallucination child
with your suicide eyes
and your crazy mind
and your tortured soul..
press down a little harder this time-
leak out the impurities,
cleanse the blade in your crimson holy water.

suicide fairy
with your useless not-so-golden halo..
fly away from this place
on your cubic zirconium-studded wings
and cry away all your saline
'cause you know those wings
could never pass for diamonds out there.

heroin goddess
with your frail bones
and your aching skin..
how you gonna hide the needle holes, pretty girl?
how you gonna cover the blade lines this time?

conformity is a sin,
and i,
just another sinner
like the next, and the next, and the ones after that.

and even time won't tell
what will become of me.

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