the rain here never ceases, and the coldness is a constant reminder of who i wish i was, but who i know i'll never be. the wind carries whispers through the curls of my blonde hair and places them gently onto my fingertips, but all i have to show for it are a few ugly hangnails and chipped nail polish. death is my only ally in a world where self-hatred is sold at the grocery store on the dented-can shelf marked "half off." i loaded up my cart until i couldn't push it anymore, and i left it in the aisle for someone to trip over, someone more deserving than i. little did i know, you left your cart there too, and now i'm stranded here.. alone. if only i knew that happiness was more than just a word, i might believe a word that you said. the air is cold and unforgiving as it blows through the greenish trees, reminding me that yesterday was just a memory of flowers growing up over my gravestone. and tomorrow, well, tomorrow is just truth.

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