Ah, the Lady Moiraine," says Cheese, opening the Rethan Mannor's front door. "I apologise for the events which have delayed our meeting. Unfortunately, I had some business up in Solstheim to attend to that just couldn't wait. Please, come in."
"Not at all," says Moiraine, entering the Mannor.
"Take a seat," says Cheese, motioning towards a chair. "I'll just grab a drink and we'll get to it."

Cheese: After being released from the Imperial Prison, what was your first memory/impression of Vvardenfell?

Moiraine: I wanted to walk around before I went into the Census Office. Once I got out of the census office I was in awe of the scenery, especially the way it was so unfamiliar yet beautiful. I never missed the roses!

Cheese: Vvardenfell really is a beautiful place. Can you name your most challenging moment after leaving the Prison Ship?

Moiraine: Ha, trying to go from one building to the other. I did not know to go through the door to talk to Gravis. I kept trying to jump over the wall. Then I figured it out. Then once I got out of the office, I did not know how to equip weapons. So I kept getting killed at the first crossroad sign by a rat, nix hound and kwama forger. The nix hounds, kagotis and alits gave me nightmares. As a matter of fact for almost 3 months I had Morrowind nightmares... with the Morrowind music playing in the dreams!

Cheese: I had similar problems, although mine were mostly related to not knowing exactly what a silt strider looked like. I eventually found one in Suran after I'd passed through Hla Oad, Plegilad and the Dren Plantation. I was a relatively green thief with no combat skills when I started out, so every kagouti I passed was a death sentence. I learned how to run pretty early on. Are there any creatures in Morrowind that you still find challenging?

Moiraine: No, not really. I have been journeying arround Morrowind for a long time. I do think the Kaguotis are really cute!

Cheese: In your travels, who would you say was the most interesting person you have met in Morrowind Province?

Moiraine: Divath Fyr and Baladas. I like anything Telvanni. I also like their attitudes about stealing and murder: if you can get away with it, fine.

Cheese: Fyr is a great guy. He and I get along well. Although he did summon some very nasty stuff when I filched one of his books while he was watching. What are your views on slavery in and the abolitionist movement?

Moiraine: I always free the slaves but I have never done the twin lamps quest. Also when I kill everyone at Drenís plantation I help the Argonian get to the twin lamps guy.

Cheese: I had to do some snooping around the Caldera mine once to find some incriminating evidence on some official, but I had already gone on a freeing spree and so all of my Khajjitti witnesses had apparently returned to Elsweyr. I didn't mind though. It was a small price to pay for the freedom of some slaves. How do you feel about Morrowind's Tribunal of Living Gods? Have they been doing a good job so far?

Moiraine: I believe Vivec himself admits to a "flaw" in their use of Kagrenacís tools. Almalexia is only out for herself and not for the Dunmers and Sotha Sill is dead, he was a tinkering maniac. I think had he been alive, he would have been the coolest god. I must say I do enjoy talking to Vivec. When ever I am going to beat the game, I still click on all his dialogue.

Cheese: Yes, I was a little disappointed that I couldn't have a chat with Sotha. I'm sure he and I would have gotten along famously. As you say, though, Vivec is always up for a good chin-wag, although he remains vague and never quite wants to talk specifics with me. What do you think happened to the Dwemer Race after/during the Battle of Red Mountain?

Moiraine: Well from all the little ash piles in Tribunal it looks like they just blew up, spontaneous combustion. As to why? Perhaps they had a suicide pack or something like a collective destruct gene in their makeup so when their leader went down, the rest followed suit.

Cheese: Perhaps. Have you spoken to Yagrum? He lives in Fyr's Corprusarium. What are your opinions on the actions of Nerevar and his companions on Red Mountain after/during the battle?

Moiraine: I think there was way too much deceit. I think Lord Nerevar was a very trusting guy with the wrong people, especially his wife.

Cheese: I'll second that. Where do you normally go when you're looking for a place to relax in the sun with a good book?

Moiraine: I have several homes arround Vvardenfell. Being a vampire, I don't relax in the sun but my homes. I have My Home in Balmora, the Redoran Condo in Vivec, the Foreign Manor in Vivec, Wolfen Castle south of Ebonheart, My Private Island by Holamayan, a room in the tavern in Solstheim and Velas Manor in Mournhold.

Cheese: Sounds like you'll never be short of a bed to rest your head on. You've expressed an admiration for the Telvanni way of life. Are there any other factions that you have an interest in?

Moiraine: I have considered the Redoran and Hlaalu factions but never could get into their quests like I can the Telvanni's. I just have a natural affinity to the Telvanni way of life.

Cheese: What's your impression of the Daedra Azura?

Moiraine: Azura is an elegant and beautiful Daedra. I look forward to any encounters with her and I think she is awesome. I only wish more of the Daedra had interactions with us! Azura is my favorite (obviously) but I am also a Sheogorath fan too.

"Sheogorath and I have a bit in common. I have to say that I was very sad to lose my Fork of Horripulation," says Cheese whistfully.

"Anyway, I am afraid that I have to return to Ebonheart," says Moiraine. "Wolfen Castle needs a bit of a tidy and it's not going to clean itself."

Moiraine's Details

Name: NA
Age: NA
Sex: NA
Location: NA
Background: NA
Platform: PC

Name: Moiraine
Sex: Female
Race: Dunmer
Class: NA
Location NA
Factions: Telvanni
Highest Faction Rank: NA
Favourite Weapon: NA
Favourite Spell: NA
Favourite Book: NA
Favourite Item: NA


20 books
Beast Of Burden
Cloak Collection v1.4
Gem Seller
Gladiator 5
Glass Longbow
Lilarcor v2
Jandus' Transport
Mana Regen v1.3 (warning: earlier versions will corrupt your game file)
Plain Paper Fix
Real Armor Chest
Real Signposts
Samurai Pack
Soul Reaver
Titanium Armorer's Hammer
Zed The Merchant
Foreign Quarter Manor v1.0
My House v1.1
Private Island
Redoran Condo In Vivec
Wolfen Castle
Private Mobile Base v111


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