The sun's early rays touch the tops of the Rethan Mannor's towers and the morning birds' song reaches a crescendo while Cheese lays dozing in her upstairs bedroom.


Cheese's brow furrows and she quickly throws on a cloak and runs downstairs, muttering to herself. "When I get my hands on Fjorgeir, he'll know it. I said NO interruptions BEFORE lunch."

"Is anybody ho-ome?"

"Coming," says Cheese politely, bounding down the stairs.

Exiting the stairway, Cheese finds the door half ajar and a young female Cyrodil's head poking into the living area.

"Oh, you ARE home," says the visitor. "My friend Mather said I should pay you a visit first thing in the morning so I didn't miss you before you went out. I'm not too early, I hope."

"He DID, did he?" Inquired Cheese, making a mental note to repay her friend at a later date. "No, no, you're not too early. Come in, sit down. Would you like some roasted marshmerrow?"

Cheese: So what is your first memory of Vvardenfell?

Xu: Jiub's raspy voice, and worse than that, Fargoth's. And his face. I soon put a stop to that ugly sight.

Cheese: As have many before you, or so I have heard. What the first big challenge you came up against?

Xu: One word. Addamasartus.

Cheese: So far, who has been the most interesting person you have met in or around Vvardenfell?

Xu: The Dreamers. All of them. They're so funny. They're totally gone.

Cheese: If you ask me, they've always sounded like they're selling something. What do you think of the slavery situation that exists in Morrowind?

Xu: I've always been partial to a near naked slave warrior or two.

Cheese: Fair enough. What do you reckon is up with Morrowind's Tribunal of Living Gods?

Xu: I can't say I've met any of them, but it sounds like Vivec's gone through a lot of trial, what with catching meteors, ploughing fields and moving moons.

Cheese: He's certainly got a lot of stories to tell. What's you opinion of the Dwemer race?

Xu: I'm sure they were great craftsmen in their time. In fact, I know they were, hence my Dwemer armour.

Cheese: What do you think happened to them at the climax of the Battle of Red Mountain?

Xu: I have no idea.

Cheese: Okeydokey. What's your favourite holiday spot?

Xu: Balmora, because it's a normal town and it's comparatively easy to find the local amenities. Besides, who wouldn't want a small river winding through their town?

Cheese: I'm aware of your connections in the Thieves Guild already, what other factions have you taken a liking to?

Xu: I've got a small fascination with the Imperial Cult, but I'm sure it's more to do with the name than anything else.

Cheese: Name one thing that you would most like to see in Morrowind.

Xu: Well, I've been trying to learn a polymorph spell for a long time, and I'm sad to say that I haven't found anything yet.

Cheese: I've been hearing of warewolf sightings in Solstheim lately, but that's the closest thing I've heard of myself. By the way what was your last journal entry?

Xu: 24 Heartfire (Day 40) Aengoth the Jeweler told me that Eindel, a Bosmer archer in the Llethri Manor, has four Darts of Judgement. I can use them myself, or get a good price for them from the Guild.

Cheese: Are there any other words of advice that you have for fellow adventurers?

Xu: Don't let yourself get so fatigued that you fall down anywhere. If you lie next to a handful of mudcrabs, the dying will seem a bliss compared to the humiliation.

"Well," says Cheese, stifling a yawn. "I'm sure you've got much adventuring to get up to, and I myself have some things I must attend to."

"Yeah, I must be off. I've got to try to get to Solstheim as soon as I can. Mather says he has a job there that he needs a hand with."

"Yes, Mather," says Cheese with a frown. "At any rate, it was nice to meet you. Drop round again sometime and let me know how things are going. Say hi to Mather and thank him very kindly for everything."

Cheese shows Xu to the door and trudges back upstairs. As her eyes finally close in preparation for sleep, a nearby Bull netch starts calling to its mate.

"Damn Mather," mutters Cheese to herself.

Xu's Details

Name: Waide
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Location: Australia
Background: I follow the teachings of the Lord Frej (The God Of Cold Air).
Platform: PC

Name: Xu
Sex: Female
Race: Cyrodil
Class: Agent
Location NA
Factions: Blades, Thieves Guild, Fighters Guild, Mages Guild
Highest Faction Rank: Master Thief
Favourite Weapon: Imperial Broadsword
Favourite Spell: Ondusis Unhinging
Favourite Book: Dance Of The Three Legged Guar
Favourite Item: Dwemer Cube


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