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Cheese: I've had to do the same thing before. It makes me wish I had less integrity. I'd do just about anyhing to get those clothes back. A friend of mine had garments of the same make, and he was able to put multiple constant effect enchantments on them that I wouldn't be able to dream of putting on even the biggest Daedric Tower Shield. Do you have any words of advice for fellow adventurererers?

Vash: Words of advice? Hmm... don't be careless? From the answers given one can point out that I'm a bit hack and slash. That's no good... For example: Don't go and kill Vivec and then leave with a mild "Oops...". People WILL hate you.

Cheese: Well, my friend, it is getting late, and I'm sure you'll be wanting something to eat before long. It has been a pleasure, and I hope that we can do this again sometime. Let me walk you out. You know, for the entire time I was a vampire, I never bit anyone. If you're interested, I can show you how I did it.

Cheese and her companion rise and walk out into the night air. Vash departs, promising to return again for a more social visit, leaving Cheese looking up at the moons, contemplating her own life and decisions regarding vampirism.

"What're you looking at, Boss?" Asks Fjorgeir around an armload of foodstuffs and equipment.

Cheese looks down at Fjorgeir and smiles. "My reflection," she says turning and entering the Mannor.

"I can't see any reflections," says Fjorgeir to nobody in particular as he squints at the night sky.

Vash's Details

Name: Natalie
Age: Any predators around??? *whispers* 16...
Sex: I... am.... WOMAN!!!!!
Location: America
Background: Well, my city has no industry whatsoever, we've got a stupid mayor, and to top things off we're sweaty. But, we'll feed you some damn good Mexican food!
Platform: XBox

Name: Vash
Sex: Female
Race: Dunmer
Class: Assassin
Factions: Blades, Great House Telvanni, Ashlanders, Berne Clan
Highest Faction Rank: Archmagistrate of the Telvanni
Favourite Weapon: My Daedric claymore
Favourite Spell: Calm Humanoid
Favourite Book: The Ax Man
Favourite Item: GAMBOLPUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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