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Cheese: I'll say. As for later challenges, what's been the most difficult part of being an adventurer in Morrowind to date?

Withershyn: Being sent on quests I'm not into doing, but I want to see what lies beyond. The goblin army quest, the sack of Odirniran, the Silent Pilgrimage... Thankfully I found shortcuts or outs for most of them.

Cheese: I've never been one for mute trudging myself. You say you live in Mournhold, yet you have the stronghold Tel Uvirith at your disposal. Do you rent it out as apartments, or is it a glorified storage locker for when you return to Vvardenfell?

Withershyn: I wish I could rent apartments. Tel Uvirith is too far from everything. I'd hire a slumlord, but my Bots are kinda union. Any advice?

Cheese: I know a knight in the Imperial Legion who's looking for a place to stay. Really timid fellow who's not too bright. Probably pay anything. I'll refer him on for 20% of the cut.

Withershyn: Deal.

Cheese: His name's Luther. I'll pass him on.

Withershyn: Thanks.

Cheese: What is the last entry in your Journal?

Withershyn: It reads: "Yagak gro-Gluk says he cannot enchant the blade, but he suggests I visit the ruins of Bamz-Amschend and seek the writings of the Dwemer mystic, Radac Stungnthumz. If I can return with some of the writings, gro-Gluk believes he may be able to enchant the blade for me."

Cheese: That is a very cool sword, and comes thoroughly recommended by myself. The Dwemer books down there aren't much of a read though "[This book appears to be written in an unknown Dwemer language. From the schematics, it appears to be a manual on pipe fitting.]"

Withershyn: Yeah, I collected them on a different trip, and threw them around a Dwemer corner of my place. Pretty geeky thing to do, but it makes a house a home.

*Cheese looks at her own book lined walls (floor) and shelves with with full suits of armour arranged with mathching weapons*

Cheese: Well it's getting late. Thanks for your time, it's been a wonderful chat. I'll get that Imperial Knight to give you a tingle if he's interested in Tel Urvith. Are you right to get home?

Withershyn: Sure.

Cheese: Until next time.

After they bid each other farewell, Cheese's guest rises from her chair and vanishes, leaving the fading lights of a Recall spell behind.

Withershyn's Details

Name: N/A
Age: N/A
Sex: Female
Location: America
Background: N/A
Platform: PC

Name: Withershyn
Sex: Female
Race: Dunmer
Class: Witch
Location Mournhold
Factions: House Telvanni, Mages Guild, Tribunal Temple, Morag Tong
Highest Faction Rank: Telvanni Archmagister
Favourite Weapon: Any staff with a nice magenta glow is all right
Favourite Spell: Triggerfingers
Favourite Book: Withershins
Favourite Item: My Shoes


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