Victims of Crime in South Africa


For many years in South Africa, people have been torn between leaving the country that they love or continue to live with diminishing security and prosperity. A terrible state of affairs pervades the life of everyone living here. This site is dedicated to all people who have suffered from the terrible and vicious crime that dictates the destinies and choices of all South Africans. All who have suffered, are remembered by family, friends and visitors with enduring love and respect. Please encourage and email your family and friends to visit it, thank you. You might still save a life. Please email me the story of victims you know about. Our sincerest condolences and sympathies are extended to those who suffer crime while in South Africa as tourists or on business. We express our hearfelt sorrow for the murder of David Rattray who did so much to promote South Africa internationally and tourism to the country

 Victims of Crime in South Africa and their Case Histories:

  Zoe Zorab

Rochelle Allan and Geejee

Hi-Jacking Made Easy

Nonceba Mzondo

Neil Hewitt

Steven Conradie, our brother and son

Leigh Mathews 23/July/2004

Yolanda's story - family shooting in police station

Stabbed for bicycle and clothes - Johan Jacobs

Richard Van Der Wel's father murdered at home

Avril and Family robbed at gunpoint

Noelene and Graham robbed at gunpoint

Attempted Murder by stabbing in Natal

5 Petrol Attendants shot dead

Stefan Brodie and Anthony Ollson

New - Newspaper articles from South Africa

Rape of daughter and family ordeal in Cape Town

8 Farmers and families executed in one week

Rape and Murder of Polish Honeymoon Couple

Murder of pregnant young woman

Murder of blind farmer

   Gang rape of 14 year old girl

   Martie Vos

  Johanna Van Der Bijl

 Attack on Belgian immigrant's family

Maternity Ward in South African hospital

  Ardu Wessels

  Gangrape of foreign tourist

Lawrence and Monica Mustoe

Last Updated : Thursday 10th. March 2005

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Welcome to Zoe's Rose Garden of Remembrance, for all Victims of Crime in South Africa.

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