Adopting a horse or other animal from MSHRR involves the following:

Disclaimer: Though we have done so in the past, we do not generally adopt our horses out of state. We will consider applicaitons if you live in a neighboring state (Wyoming, Kansas, Nebraska, Arizona, New Mexico, etc). Another thing to consider if you are from out-of-state is the oftentimes high cost of transporting a horse across the country.

  1. Fill out an online adoption application or fill out and mail the snail-mail version.
  2. We will call you if and when a horse comes in that meets the criteria provided on your adoption application (Please be patient, we get in a LOT of applications).
    If there was a particular horse that you were interested in, don't hesitate to call the office --
    (970) 358-4548 -- to check on the status of your application.
  3. We may call your references and/or visit the facility where the horse would be staying.
  4. Make an appointment to visit the horse at our farm so that both MSHRR and you can make sure that the horse is right for you (feel free to bring trainers or friends).
  5. Pay the specified adoption fee (varies depending on the horse).
  6. Take your new horse home!
  7. We may make an appointment at any time after the horse's adoption to make sure both you and the horse are happy and doing well.

    ** Please note ** MSHRR retains ownership throughout the horse's life; you will be provided with a copy of the brand certificate which states that the horse is in your care. If at any time you wish to return the horse, you may do so, but you cannot sell it to another party!

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