Updated August 29, 2007

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and for more information. A * by a horse's name means that it has been updated recently.

* Palomino Filly 1-1/2 years Mare ADOPTED!
Mini Mare and Filly Miniature Mare and filly Call Kate
*Brown-Black Mare unknown Mare ADOPTED!
* Sweetie Arabian 28 y Mare WILL STAY IN SANCTUARY!(Call Kate to sponsor Sweetie)
Miniature Mare and colt Miniature Call Kate
Miniature Mare and baby Miniature Call Kate
Five 2-year old horses 2 y Call Kate
Yearling Filly Yearling Filly Call Kate
Appaloosa Mare Appaloosa Mare Call Kate
AQHA Registered Mare AQHA Registered Mare Call Kate
Arab Gelding Arab Gelding Call Kate
Strawberry Roan - Pony Mare Pony Mare Call Kate


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