Project Theraponies is a program that was born in 1996 out of an idea that being in a health care facility doesn't mean life as you know it is over. MSHRR Director, Kate Sinke founded the program after she nearly needed to be in a nursing facility herself for an extended period and realized she couldn't face life without horses.

Our Mission:

To provide a unique visitation program using miniature horses that improves quality of life and raises awareness for people with special needs through shared experiences, a mutual love of horses, reminiscence and a loving touch of days past.

Cinnamon and Rootbeer are brothers and travel together to meet nursing and retirement home residents. Though we have only pictures of the ponies outside these facilities, they are allowed inside (they are very well-behaved). Our program is a great success; Cinnamon and Rootbeer bring much joy to the people they visit.

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