These horses have been successfully placed from Mountain States Horse Rescue and Rehab.

Tanner's Luck, 9 year old Thoroughbred gelding, to Loveland, Colorado. UPDATE! Both Devon and Gypsy have gone to join Tanner in Loveland and you can see pictures of their success story by scrolling down to the bottom of this page!

Golden Luck Pep (Lucky), 25 year old AQHA gelding.

Cous Cous, 20+ year old bay tobiano Pintabian gelding.

Cherry Siri-Up, 13 year old POA mare, to Minnesota.

Wink Prince 4 year old AQHA gelding, to Loveland, Colorado.

No photo available

Ruby 7-8 year old bay molly mule, adopted to Wellington, Colorado.

Honey Gram was a surprise Christmas present for a 7 year old boy in Belleview, Colorado this year!

No photo available

Rosie 20+ year old gray donkey jennet (very cute, sorry about the "No photo...") found a loving home in January.

Starfire a 20 year old POA mare who once belonged to a riding school for disabled children was adopted to a home just down the road from MSHRR.


Stoney was our most well-known rescued horse. He appeared on several news shows, both local and national. His adoption story will touch your heart.

Smoke A 3-year old Mustang-cross gelding went to a new home in Wellington. His happy new owner informed us that he is very happy in his new home - getting daily groomings and lessons in ground work.

Will your new horse be next??

A very happy story....

Tanner's Luck found a new home in the summer of 1998 with a family in Loveland who had already adopted two horses from Mountain States Horse Rescue and Rehab. When one of the horses died, they knew they would find another lifelong friend here at MSHRR and that friend was Tanner, a beautiful bay thoroughbred gelding. Then, this summer, the family learned about Gypsy and Devon, two more horses that resided at the farm. Both Devon and Gypsy have gone to Loveland to spend their days romping in the pasture and, in Devon's case, going on trail rides with Tanner. Kathy (Devon's, Tanner's, Gypsy's and Penny's mom) sent us a letter and photos of her equine family in August 1999. She wanted to let us know how happy all the horses were -- Devon is putting on weight and building muscle tone and Gypsy is turning into a pretty little filly! Click on the thumbnails below for a larger version of the picture.

Devon and Tanner grazing the day away in the pasture Gypsy.... Gypsy....

Penny (once known as Annie - from MSHRR) and Gypsy have become fast friends Devon, Penny and Gypsy take a break in the shade

Tanner and Penny graze in the shade Tanner and Devon meet eachother over the fence. Tanner and Devon

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