bullet Flora W. Vandiver was born about 1874 in McLean Co., Kentucky. Parents: John Henry Vandiver and Mary Elizabeth Higley / Hiley.

She was married to Boyken . Children were: Everett Boyken, Hilsman Boyken.

bullet Floy M. Vandiver (Private). Parents: Owen Vandiver and Cordia E. Keown.

bullet Ganies Cecil Vandiver was born about 1903 in Kentucky. He died about 1925 in Ohio Co., Kentucky. He was buried in Ohio Co., Kentucky. @ Rosine Cemetary Parents: James Pendleton "Uncle Pen" Vandiver and Anna Belle Johnson.

bullet Geneva Vandiver was born on 28 Jul 1925 in Grayson Co., Kentucky. She died on 7 Jun 1996 in Ohio Co., Kentucky. She was buried on 9 Jun 1996 in Ohio Co., Kentucky. Antioch Cem. Parents: Bunyan Vandiver and Gladys Rogers.

Children were: Glenda Kay Decker , Linda Faye Decker.

bulletGeorge Vandiver(827) was born in 1774 in Virginia.(828) Based strictly on census data the birth date is bet 1780 and 1790. Durward Willoughby reconciles date as (bef 1778) ca 1774. And that George may have been born in N/S Carolina or states farther north. Durward felt that our Vandivers could probably be traced to New Jersey.

From 1870 Census records of their Grandson, Joseph (b. 1825, son of George H.) he states that his family was originally from Virginia. He Appeared in tax records between 1815 and 1816 in Muhlenberg Co., Kentucky. (829) He died after Jun 1816 in Muhlenberg Co., Kentucky. Death is based on his absence from tax records. The following profile of George Vandiver is provided by Durward Willoughby, Mar 1999.

Birth - est before 1778 ca 1774 (NC or SC possibly Va)
Married - est before 1799 ca 1797 (W. Tenn)
Died - ca 1816 Muhlenberg Co, Ky
Parents - William ? or George ? Parents: George (or possibly) William Vandiver.

He was married to Nancy before 1800. Nancy and George were probably married after 1798. This is assumed based on age of eldest child and wherein 1820 tax records there were 0 males > 21 as being in Nancy's family. George & Nancy came to Muhlenberg Co. Kentucky in 1815 from Tennessee. From the Birth date and place of their children we construct that they lived in Tennessee from 1810 - 1815. Their youngest daughter Gracy was born in Kentucky in 1816. Their other daughters Mahala (b. 1810), Lucinda (b. 1812), and Malinda (b. 1814) were born in Tennessee. We place George and Nancy in North/ South Carolina from at least 1799 to 1810, based on birth records of their sons. Their sons William (b. 1800), George H. (b. 1802), Charles (b. 1805), Henry (b. 1806) and Hiram (b. 1808) were all born in North/South Carolina.

George died in 1816 in Muhlenberg Co., Kentucky. Nancy died shortly before 1840 in Muhlenberg Co., Kentucky.

Vandiver, Nancy Muhl 138 No Twp L
0 2 1 3 0 0 || 3 1 0 1 1 = 12 persons = 2M[10-16] 1M[16-18] 3M[16-26] 3F[<10] 1F[10-16] 1F[26-45] 1F[>45]

Vandever, Nancy Muhl 104 No Twp L
0 0 0 0 1 0 .....|| 0 0 2 2 0 0 1 = 6 persons = 1M[20-30] 2F[10-15] 2F[15-20] 1F[40-50]

From Cristin Santago Vandiver:
1. 1857 Death Certificate for Hiram Vandiver identifies his mother and father as Nancy & George Vandiver who is the George and Nancy who appear on the 1816 - 1824 Tax records of Muhlenberg Co.
2. The brothers Daniel & Charles Vandiver each had a son named Joseph. Daniel lived until 1890.
Note: However, the brothers Daniel & Charles above are the sons of Hiram Vandiver. These records have that Daniel had a son Joseph and Charles had sons: Marion, James, John & George but no Joseph.

George Vandiver $100
George Vandiver $325 100ac Pond River 1 Male >21 1 horse
Nancy Vandiver $385 100ac Pond River 0 Male >21 2 horses
Nancy Vandiver $260 100ac Pond River 0 Male >21 2 horses
Nancy Vandiver $100 0 Male >21 2 horses
Nancy Vandiver $360 100ac Pond River 0 Male >21 2 horses

Children were: William Vandiver, George H. Vandiver, Charles Vandiver, Henry Vandiver, Hiram Vandiver, Mahala Vandiver, Lucinda Vandiver, Malinda Vandiver, Gracy or Grace Vandiver.

bullet George Vandiver(830) was born in 1868. Parents: Charles Vandiver and Elizabeth Staten or E. Crouch 8 Mar 1864.

bullet George Vandiver was born on 27 Dec 1764 in Loudon County, Virginia. In Cameron Parish He served in the military in 1780 in Virgina. Served in the Revolutionary War in Virginia. He was a Baptist Minister & Farmer after 1785. He immigrated in 1794 to Pendleton District, South Carolina. (298)(831) He died on 6 Jun 1833 in Pickens District, South Carolina.(831) George was born 2-3 months after his father died. He grew up in Loudoun Co., VA, where he resided after the Revolutionary War until 1783. In that year he followed his brother Edward to South Carolina. He was first mentioned as a "licentate" minister at Sandy Creek Baptist Church in Fairfield Co., SC in 1791.
About 1794, he moved his family to Pickens District. His property was on the SC side of the Tugaloo, across from Habersham Co., GA where his son Adam Poole Vandiver settled. He was an active minister, helping to establish several churches in Pendleton District, SC and Franklin Co., GA. His application for a Federal Pension was approved in 1833. He died in 1836.
Parents: George Vandiveer and Ann Harbin.

He was married to Mary Ann Poole in 1786 in Fairfield District, South Carolina. Children were: Phoebe Vandiver, Adam Poole Vandiver, Helena Vandiver, Mary Ann Vandiver, Enoch George Vandiver.

bullet George Vandiver was born in 1827 in Hampshire County, Virginia. He died on 11 Dec 1861 in Chillicothe, Missouri. Parents: Vincent Vandiver and Martha.

He was married to Mary Susan Grindstaff on 21 Dec 1851 in St. Charles County, Missouri.

bullet George Vandiver Parents: George Robert Vandiver and Sarah Jane Coy.

bullet George Vandiver I was born in 1700. He died in 1759 in Kent Co., Delaware.

He was married to Elinor Hollingsworth about 1725. Children were: George Vandiver II.

bullet George Vandiver II was born in 1727 in Maryland. He died in Oct 1764 in Loudon Co., Virginia. Parents: George Vandiver I and Elinor Hollingsworth.

He was married to Anna Frost before 1765 in Loudon Co., Virginia. Children were: George Vandiver III, Edward Vandiver.

bullet George Vandiver III was born in 1764 in Loudon Co., Virginia. He died on 6 Jun 1833 in Pickens District, South Carolina. Parents: George Vandiver II and Anna Frost.

He was married to Mary Ann Poole.

bullet George (or possibly) William Vandiver was born est 1750 in Virginia. He immigrated to Virgina. Name is assumed based on the Dutch naming system for children.

He was married est 1770. Children were: George Vandiver .

bullet George H. Vandiver(832) was born on 16 Feb 1802 in North Carolina.(833) (834)(835) He Appeared in tax records in 1827 in Muhlenberg Co., Kentucky. (836) He died about 1829 in Muhlenberg Co., Kentucky. (837)(838) (839) George must have died before 1840, because the 1840 Census listed Elizabeth as the head of house.
The last time George Vandiver appeared on the Muhlenberg Co Tax Records was 1829. In 1840 Elizabeth Vandiver started appearing on the Tax Records. George was the 2nd son of George and Nancy Vandiver. Having died at and early age of 27 his later identity become obscured. Tracing our lineage was stuck with his son Joseph as there were no Census Records bearing the names of Joseph with George. George never appeared on a Census Record as Head of Household. It wasn't until a Court record was discovered bearing his name and our Joseph that we were able to prove his lineage.

George's identity as Joseph's father comes from a entry in the Muhlenberg Co., KY Order Book #5, where it states "p65, 29 May 1843, Solomen Biole or Beala, app. guardian to Joseph Vandiver orphan of George Vandiver dec'd with Francis Kertley his security $20.00."
NOTE: Joseph's first wife was Martha Beales.

When Joseph E. Vandiver (b.1956) a banker in Calhoun, McLean Co. was asked the identity of Joseph's father, he replied that he thought that it was a Henry Vandiver, as determined by his wife's grandmother (Elizabeth Cox-a noted genealogist and charter member of Ky Family Records). She also had that Henry's wife was a "Dorcas".
However, this is contrary to the 1843 Muhlenberg Co Court order identifying Joseph as the orphaned son of a George Vandiver. The 1850 Census for Daviess Co shows there is a Joseph enumerated with his father, Henry but this is a different Joseph. Also this record shows a Dorcas as a wife of Henry. -- This is an case of mistaken identity of our Joseph. These two Josephs were in fact first cousins.
Parents: George Vandiver and Nancy.

He was married to Elizabeth Mishler - Miller on 12 Nov 1824 in Muhlenberg Co., Kentucky.(840) In Jan 1997 I sought the services of various persons in my quest for the identity of Joseph Vandever's father. One person was a Mr. Elwood Shirley a noted genealogist that I had also used, and who had remarkable results, in my Warren family quest. Mr. Shirley called me on 21 Mar to report that he has had no success. His standard research pattern turned up some material that he could not sufficiently justify to make a statement of fact. He did say that as such, he felt that it was possible that Joseph could have been an orphan.
Later, 22 Apr, I received a volume of material That had been Fed Exed from the Muhlenberg Co. Chief Genealogist, Ms. Carol Brown. From the hundreds of pages
of material regarding the Vandivers or originally "Vanderveers", the following caught my eye. This material was from "Abstracts Administrators and Guardian Settlements, Muhlenberg County 1834 - 1909" by Brenda Collier Doss. which states:
"p65, 29 May 1843, Solomen Biole or Beala, app. guardian to Joseph Vandiver orphan of George Vandiver dec'd with Francis Kertley his security $20.00."
NOTE: Joseph's first wife was Martha Beales. Conclusion: 1 legal document linking Joseph with a George.
Then from the files of Dixie Matheny Normandy, 2504 W. Cornwallis Dr., Greensboro, NC 27408, the following "speculation" (in part):
Thomas Vandaveer of Delaware
Charles Vandaveer to N.C. and a Tory or King Sympathizer
Charles, Jr. - Tory
John Vandefer - Tory - married 9 Jan 1773, Rowan Co., NC
> George Vandaver - b. ca 1762, reported to have served with Francis Marion
Mary "Joris"
Nancy "Pettijohn" - m 19 Jan 1789 in Surry Co., NC.
Ashberry Vandeveer - a twin to George

Larry A. Warren - 4-22-97

George and Elizabeth were married only about 5 years when he died. Elizabeth was widowed with her children Joseph and Nancy. I does not appear that Elizabeth ever remarried. Because George died at such a young age was but one sole document linking him with his son Joseph. That document was generated when Solomon Beals was appointed as Joseph's guardian. Joseph was identified as the orphaned son of George Vandiver. Because Joseph was underage orphan he needed a guardian's permission to marry Martha Beals.

According to 1840 census our Joseph is living with his mother, Elizabeth and his sister, Nancy.

See 1850 Census for William Miller. It is believed that the Elizabeth Miller b 1807 is our Elizabeth Mishler who married George Vandiver in 1824. It appears that after her children left home, Elizabeth went to live with her relatives. William must have been her younger brother or a cousin.
Children were: Joseph "Dutch" M. Vandiver , Nancy C. Vandiver.

bullet George H. Vandiver was born in 1779 in Fairfield District, South Carolina. He died in 1866 in Lawrence County, Tennessee. Parents: Edward Vandiver and Helena Turley.

He was married to Ascenith Welch in 1801 in Pendleton District, South Carolina.

bullet Rev. George M. Vandiver was born on 26 May 1882. He died on 14 Oct 1963. Burial was in Free Union Cemetery.

He was married to Murty .

bullet George Robert Vandiver was born about 1856 in Kentucky. He died after 1890. He was buried after 1890 in Butler Co., Kentucky. Buried in Shallow Ford's Cemetery. GEORGE R VANDIVER
Date: 771225
Age: 089
Place: HNDSN
Residence: HENDERSON
Volume: 061
Cert: 30039
Deathvol: 77 Parents: Joseph "Dutch" M. Vandiver and Munerba / Minirva Jane Pharris.

He was married to Sarah Jane Coy on 3 Jul 1884 in Butler Co., Kentucky. According to D. Wiloughby, either Owen died in a train accident and his brother Ellis died of alcohol abuse. Or vice versa Children were: George Vandiver, Ellis Vandiver, Owen Vandiver, Hardin Vandiver, Ellen Otha Vandiver.

bullet Gerriel Vandiver(841) was born on 29 Apr 1939. He died on 25 Jan 1996. Parents: Jessie Robert Vandiver and Justine Smith.

Children were: Jerry Vandiver, Sherry Vandiver .

bulletGertie Vandiver (Private). Parents: Edgar Vandiver and Jennie Francis Ruddell.

bullet Gildred Vandiver(842) Parents: James Owen Vandiver and Eura Dwyer.

bullet Gordon Reed Vandiver (Private). Parents: Hearl Vandiver and Ida Christine Embry.

bullet Grace Vandiver was born about 1841. She died in 1939. (843) Don Young had Grace b. 1845 Parents: William Vandiver and Celia Rickard.

bullet Gracy or Grace Vandiver(844) was born on 16 Aug 1816 in Muhlenberg Co., Kentucky.(845) She died after 1844 in Muhlenberg Co., Kentucky. GRACE (Gracey) born about 1816. Estimated years of death 1845. She was a invalid subject to "fits". She became a ward of Muhlenberg County after the death of her mother, Nancy, about 1840. She was placed in the household of Charles Vandiver in the early 1840s.

Single - invalid became a ward to the county (Muhlenberg Co) - D. Willoughby, 1999

This individual identified at this time by only an entry in Muhlenberg Co Court Order Book.

Gracy had "fits", never married and was kept by her brother Charles after her mother Nancy had died. Parents: George Vandiver and Nancy.

bullet Hardin Vandiver (Private). Parents: George Robert Vandiver and Sarah Jane Coy.

bullet Harold D. "Dewaine" Vandiver was born in 1948. He died in 1980. Parents: Hearl Vandiver and Ida Christine Embry.

bullet Harriet Williams Vandiver was born on 20 Mar 1826. She died on 10 Oct 1894. Parents: Manning Vandiver and Harriet Williams.

She was married to John Calhoun Horton in 1848 in South Carolina. Children were: James Edward Horton.

bullet Hearl Vandiver(846) was born in 1927. He died in 1970. Parents: Eugene Jackson Vandiver and Dezzie Elizabeth Bashan.

Children were: Harold D. "Dewaine" Vandiver, Robert E. Vandiver, Edward L. "Lawrence" Vandiver , William Neil Vandiver, Patricia Gail Vandiver, Gordon Reed Vandiver , Beverly Jane Vandiver, Dennis Hugh Vandiver, Donna Ruth Vandiver.

bulletHelen Vandiver died in 1837. Parents: Henry J. Vandiver .

bullet Helen May Vandiver was born on 8 Mar 1918 in Ohio Co., Kentucky. (157) She died on 18 Sep 1986 in Jefferson Co., Kentucky. (847) She was buried on 20 Sep 1986 in Ohio Co., Kentucky. @ Antioch Cem. Parents: Arthur McHenry Vandiver and Eunice Myrtle Craig.

She was married to Hewie Cook about Dec 1934. Children were: Jerrie Cook, Bobby Wilson Cook.

bullet Helena Vandiver was born on 17 Jan 1794. Parents: George Vandiver and Mary Ann Poole.

bullet Henry Vandiver was born in 1806 in North Carolina. (848)(849) Age derived from 1850 Census where Henry was 44 yrs old. However he was probably born in North Carolina.

And supported by:

1829 Muhlenberg Co Tax records list:
Henry Vandiver 4ac

1830 Muhlenberg Co Tax records list:
Henry Vandiver $50 1 M>21 1horse He died after 1860 in Daviess Co., Kentucky. Henry Vandiver was the 4th son of George & Nancy Vandiver. Henry was probably born ca 1806 in NC. His parents, George & Nancy Vandiver, came to Kentucky in 1815 and settled in Muhlenberg Co.

Henry Vandiver occurred only on the 1840 Census for Muhlenberg Co. However, he occurred on the 1829, 1830 as 1M > 21 yrs, ... 1840 Tax records for Muhlenberg Co.
He moved to Daviess Co. ca 1841. He appears on the 1850 & 1860 Census in Daviess Co. He does not appear on the 1870 Census. Parents: George Vandiver and Nancy.

He was married to Dorcas/Darkis in 1837 in Kentucky. (850) Could King Smith be a older brother or father to Dorcas?

In the 1860 Census, Joseph 22, Mary 21, and Miriam 19 are no longer listed with the family. Apparently they have started their own families. Children were: Joseph Vandiver, Mary Vandiver , Miriam Vandiver, Nancy Vandiver, James Vandiver, Sophronia Vandiver, Louisa Vandiver, Arttuissa Vandiver, Sarah Vandiver.

bullet Henry A. Vandiver was born in 1867.(851) He died on 17 Jun 1941 in Hopkins Co., Kentucky. (852)(853) HENRY VANDIVER
Date: 410617
Age: 074
Place: HPKNS
Residence: HOPKINS
Volume: 030
Cert: 14884
Deathvol: 41 Parents: Daniel Vandiver and Matilda Atherton.

bullet Henry J. Vandiver died in 1838. Burial was inFaith Cemetery on the Leamon Wick's farm, about 2 mi west of Faith (Poplar Grove).

Children were: Barbary Vandiver, Helen Vandiver, Infant Vandiver, "Twins" Vandiver.

bulletHilda Vandiver(854). Parents: Jessie Robert Vandiver and Justine Smith.

She was married to James Camplin. (855) Children were: James Lee Camplin , Tonda Camplin.

bullet Hiram Vandiver(856) was born on 28 Oct 1808 in North Carolina.(857) Durward Willoughby places birth date ca 28 Oct 1808. He died on 10 Mar 1857 in McLean Co., Kentucky.(858) Death Book for 1857 McLean Co., Ky lists:
Hiram Vandiver, 50yrs old, a farmer, died 10 Mar 1857, of Pneumonia, parents were George and Nancy Vandiver.
This places his birthdate closer in agreement with the date calculated by Durward Willoughby. Parents: George Vandiver and Nancy.

He was married to Elizabeth Davis on 22 Nov 1830 in Muhlenberg Co., Kentucky.(859) The 1850 Census record indicates that Hiram was born in 1815 in North Carolina. This would be unlikely. Tax records show that his parents arrived in KY in 1815.

Comparing the 1840 Census to the 1850 Census ( and assuming that Hiram Vandoor and Hiram Vandiver are the same person) there were 2 male children and 2 female children to die out of this family.

In 1841 there was a nation wide Yellow Fever epidemic that was especially severe in the South.
In 1847-8 there was a world wide influenza epidemic. Children were: Nancy "Elizabeth" Vandiver, Daniel Vandiver , Charles Vandiver.

bullet Hobart Vandiver was born on 3 Sep 1896. He died on 8 Oct 1950. Burial was in Free Union Cemetery. Parents: Claud C. Vandiver and Mattie.

He was married to Effie. Children were: William R. Vandiver.

bullet Hollis A. Vandiver was born in 1861. Parents: Daniel Vandiver and Matilda Atherton.

bullet Huston Vandiver(860) Parents: Jessie Robert Vandiver and Justine Smith.

He was married to Sue Pleasant on 28 Nov 1953. (861) Children were: Vickie Sue Vandiver, Tommy Dale Vandiver, Cindy Jan Vandiver, Randy Vandiver.

bullet Ibzan Vandiver was born on 15 May 1801. Parents: Edward Vandiver and Catherine Poole.

bullet Infant Vandiver died in 1837. Parents: Henry J. Vandiver .

bullet Irene Vandiver was born in 1820. Parents: Vincent Vandiver and Martha.

bullet Jackie Vandiver(862) Parents: Jessie Robert Vandiver and Justine Smith.

bullet Jacob Vandiver Parents: Lewis Vandiver and Martha James.

bullet James Vandiver (Private). Parents: L. V. Vandiver and Polly A. Cotton.

bullet James Vandiver was born after Jul 1845 in Kentucky. (863) Parents: Henry Vandiver and Dorcas/Darkis.

bullet James Vandiver(864) was born on 30 Sep 1870. He died on 28 Sep 1915 in Hopkins Co., Kentucky. (865) Parents: Charles Vandiver and Elizabeth Staten or E. Crouch 8 Mar 1864.

bullet James Vandiver was born about 1842 in Kentucky.

He was married to Sallie about 1858 in Kentucky. Marriage date based on eldest child. Children were: William H. Vandiver, Melissy Vandiver, Rebecca Vandiver, Amsetta Vandiver, John Vandiver, Mimmie Vandiver, Charlie Vandiver.

bullet James Audrey Vandiver was born on 11 Feb 1909 in Butler Co., Kentucky. He died on 10 Dec 1965 in Arkansas.(866) Deid in Helena Arkansas He was buried in Arkansas. Buried in Forest City Parents: James William Vandiver and Lizzie Daugherty.

He was married to Jessie Bell Britton on 31 Dec 1926. Children were: James William Vandiver, Wilma Jane Vandiver, Marcia Ann Vandiver.

bullet James Gregory Vandiver Parents: James William Vandiver and Patricia Perdzock.

bullet James H. Vandiver(867) was born about 1838 in Kentucky. Parents: Charles Vandiver and Rebecca Scott ?.

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