Lyrics and Music by Jaime Macadangdang
Composed September 12, 1953
Solano, Nueva Vizcaya

In a valley where there's peace and happiness
Where people praise the country's noble sires
Lies the the rolling plains and hills so blest
There, everyone enjoys the toiler's share

Behold the fields with all the golden grains
The teeming trees crowning the Sierra Madre range
Winding Magat and Salinas Spring
That is our Vizcaya home.

We sons and daughters of Vizcaya
Shall forever be noble and free
Dedicate our lives for Vizcaya
Loyal we shall ever be.

We love thy banner O Vizcaya
We give thee all our heart and hands
All together we sing the splendor of our land
Of our beloved Vizcaya.

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