JJ's Yaoi fics, page 1

I need brave soul to help me polish up some of the older DBZ stuff on pages 2 and 3.  As they're touched up, they'll be reloaded in alphabetical order.

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The Winchesters vs Gremlins; Supernatural, complete crack!fic.  AU.  Exactly what it sounds like the Winchester brothers stumble onto a town threatened by an infestation of our favorite nasty little green guys XD.  This was written for the LJ community spnflashfic's weekly prompt, Creature Feature. Warnings; Violence, mild slash, Wincest.  Rating, NC-21.  COMPLETE

Link will be up when challenge closes, for now it's on the LJ community spnflashfic

Fallen.  Fandom; Supernatural.  Post-apocalyptic, AU.  After Dean's death, Sam's powers come to bear.  Is it possible to fall from grace, and still find the one thing left that can keep you from caring?  Warnings; Angst, Character death, violence, slash, Wincest. Rating, NC-21. COMPLETE.


Deal Breaker. Fandom; Supernatural. AU, a retelling of season 3 and beyond, from a rather interesting point of view.  Sometimes to beat one kind of evil, you have to team up with another... Warnings; OOC, violence, Wincest, angst, m/m. Rating; NC-21. WIP 


Style. Fandom; Supernatural.  AU, featuring one of my fav MOW's.  Sometimes the right words, at the right time, can do more than you ever thought possible. Warnings; OOC, violence, angst, m/m, Wincest. Rating; NC-21. COMPLETE.