Style, Part 4.

Author: Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Fandom: Supernatural

Rating: 18+

Pairing: Dean/Sam

Beta: Reiver Vicious, BehrBeMine

Spoilers: Season 2

Disclaimer: I don’t own Supernatural or its characters, and am making no money from this.

Warnings and Notes: Yaoi, lemon, lime, language.  OOC, TWT, AU, General Weirdness.  This was just a little something that tickled my funny bone after watching a rerun of ‘Tall Tales’. 

Summary: Time’s almost up, and Dean’s deal comes due.  But it seems that sometimes the right words spoken at the right time can mean more than you ever thought possible. 

“ ” Speaking

* * Thoughts

~~oOo~~ Change of scene or POV   




Green eyes narrowed as Dean observed a figure skulking around the parking lot, slowly making his way toward their door.  He shut the curtains and walked over to their bags, retrieving a gun and checking it quickly.  “Sam, I think we’ve got company…”


          “What?  Who?” Sam rose quickly to his feet and got his own gun, moving to the window and peering out.  “Oh crap, it’s those guys from the bar.  What are they doing here?” he asked quietly, frowning as he watched a familiar tall blond exiting a dark colored pickup truck and creeping toward the Impala.  “Dean, the car…” Sam said apprehensively. 


          Dean didn’t let him finish.  “Son of a bitch,” he hissed, throwing on his shirt and jacket in record time, before flinging the door open and striding out, gun raised.  “Get the hell away from my car, you bastard!” 


          The brunette with Judd flung the bottle he’d been holding, then took a step back, eyeing Dean nervously.  “I didn’t think they’d be packin’,” he muttered.  Both men put their hands up a bit, eyeing the gun, then glaring at Dean.  It was plain from their expressions they hadn’t expected the two brothers to be armed, and possibly more dangerous than they were.


          “Dean, wait!” Sam ran out after him, his own gun in hand, but jumped back as something landed at his feet with a crash.  He looked down and gasped as he realized it was a Molotov cocktail, and now fire was spreading across the doorway in front of him.  “Dean!” he called, moving back into the room and snatching up his laptop from the table. 


          “Sam!  Oh…you son of a bitch!”  Dean snarled, leveling his gun at the man that had just thrown the bottle.  He bared his teeth, unable to bring himself to murder the two troublemakers in cold blood.  He knew they weren’t possessed, just idiotic humans; as such it would be murder.  He lowered his gun and sprinted back to the room, jumping over the flames.  “Get the gear,” he yelled, grabbing one duffel bag and tossing Sam a blanket to wrap around himself, as the flames were now halfway up the doorframe, “and get to the car!” 


          Sam nodded, catching the bag with his free hand as he tucked his laptop under his arm.  He awkwardly wrapped the blanket around himself but hesitated beside the sofa, waiting a moment for Dean.  As he stood there, another flaming bottle was hurled through the window, setting the carpet on fire.  “Dean, come on!”


“I said go!” Dean growled, before he ran for the door, latching onto Sam’s arm and pulling him along.  Both of them sprinted through the flames, leaving the blankets behind as they ran for the Impala.  Green eyes narrowed dangerously as Dean saw the blond preparing to hurl another bottle at the car and he raised his gun, firing a warning shot.  “Do it, and it’ll be the last thing you do,” he muttered, teeth bared.  He wrenched open the door and practically flung himself into the driver’s seat, and a moment later Sam was beside him, both doors slamming at the same time before the car’s engine roared to life, the tires kicking up loose stones as Dean sped out of the lot, turning left on the highway and racing away. 


Sam tossed his bag into the back seat, setting the laptop back there a little more gently.  He glanced out the rear window as he did so, inhaling sharply when he saw headlights cut through the gloom behind them.  “Dean, they’re coming after us…” 


“Dammit,” Dean glanced up at the rearview mirror and pushed harder on the accelerator, before smacking the steering wheel angrily.  “This is just not our night,” he looked over at Sam quickly. “Got any ideas?”   


Sam frowned, glancing at his brother.  “No,” the younger man shook his head.  “This is probably the worst place to get into a car chase, it’s all flat here, with no bends in the road, no cover for a couple of miles,” he looked out the rear window. “We can’t even get to the shotguns, otherwise we could disable the truck.” 


“Not to mention they know the area, we could turn down a side road and not even realize it’s a dead end until it’s too late,” Dean growled, staring out the windshield.  “We’re gonna end up in some lame shootout scene with these idiots, aren’t we?” 


“Unless they make us crash first,” Sam said anxiously, turned around in his seat to watch the truck, which was coming up fast behind them.  “Dean, they’re gaining on us!” 


Dean bared his teeth, pushing the pedal down as far is it would go.  The car lurched forward, and the pickup fell behind slightly. “I’m doin’ everything I can, as soon as you get a good idea, Sammy, you let me know!"


Sam huffed and pulled out his gun, glancing at it.  “Not sure how much damage I can do, but if they get close enough, maybe I can take out a tire or something.  Christ, I feel like I’m in an action movie,” he shook his head and smiled as he heard his older brother chuckle softly.  The brunette rolled down his window, turning around in his seat and watching the pickup.  “Or not…” He smirked as he noticed the truck trying valiantly to keep up with them, but lacking the speed to overtake them.  “I think we can lose them in a couple of minutes Dean, once we get to those side roads.  They can’t keep up with us, shouldn’t take much to shake them.”  


“Sam, turn around and strap in,” Dean said suddenly, one hand reaching for his own seatbelt. 


“What, why?”  Sam asked, twisting around until he was sitting down again.  He glanced out the windshield and suddenly understood, seeing the thick fog that lay across the road ahead. It stretched out to either side as far as he could see, and was high enough to lose a double decker bus in.  Sam knew his brother wasn’t even going to slow down when they hit that.  They’d have to rely on dumb luck to get through the fog without hitting anything, and just hope the two men in the truck weren’t as lucky.  


The brothers unconsciously held their breath as the Impala sped into the thick gloom, the road suddenly vanishing around them, leaving both men with an eerie sense that the rest of the world had disappeared along with it.  Even the pickup truck’s lights faded to almost nothing behind them, the fog was so dense.  Dean’s knuckles were white as he gripped the steering wheel, and Sam’s too, his fingers grasping the edges of his seat. 


“Dean!” Sam exclaimed suddenly after several seconds of tense silence.  “Turn here,” he pointed right, where a small side road was barely visible in the fog. 


Dean jumped at the sound of Sam’s voice, eyes widening.  He shot a glare at the other man for startling him, then jerked the wheel, the car skidding and fishtailing as he barely slowed down to take the corner, knowing the truck was still right behind them. “Think they caught that?” he asked, as he floored the accelerator once more, the fog clearing up a bit and enabling him to finally see the road again. 


Sam shook his head as the faint glow that was the truck’s headlights drew up to the road, but kept on going.  “No, I think we lost them.”  He breathed a sigh of relief, leaning back in his seat and closing his eyes.  “Jesus, Dean,” he chuckled, dragging a hand down his face. 


“What?”  Dean glanced over at Sam, quirking a brow before he turned his attention back to the road. 


“I just wanted a nice, quiet, normal night together, and it’s been anything but.”  He shook his head and narrowed his eyes, wondering if the trickster had a part to play in that chase as well.  “Instead it’s been total…chaos.” 


“I know what you’re thinkin’,” Dean smirked, nodding slowly.  “I was kinda thinkin’ the same thing, actually.  The trickster’s played us once already, why not again, right?  No, I have a hunch those guys didn’t need the trickster to push them into something like gay bashing.”  He pursed his lips, the remark reminding him that he was still feeling confused and more than a little guilty about what had happened between himself and Sam earlier.


“Well, I’m still feeling the urge to go after it,” Sam said almost petulantly, leaning back in his seat, a scowl on his face.  “I mean, it’s not like we have anything else to do tonight, we no longer have a place to stay, and it’ll keep…” he trailed off, closing his mouth quickly trying not to complete that thought aloud.


“Keep our minds off what’s coming tomorrow night,” Dean finished, looking somber as he slowed down, glancing around.  Visible in the darkness, despite the lingering fog, was another road that intersected the one they were on.  “Well, not much chance of that,” he murmured, driving through the crossroads. “Especially not now.”


Sam flinched as he noticed the crossroads as well, eyes closing, his hands clenching into fists.  “Let’s just find another place to stay,” he murmured, glancing over at his brother.  He saw the set of Dean’s jaw, the narrowed eyes, and knew that his brother was internalizing everything again.  Sam had the urge to tell him to pull over, and do something, anything, to get that look off Dean’s face, even if it meant kissing him senseless again. 


“Sam, that motel was the only one around.  We’d be pretty much driving all night just to get to another one,” Dean sighed, suddenly feeling weary, “which would kind of defeat the purpose, wouldn’t you say?”  He shook his head and frowned. “But, after what happened back there, that doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.  We should move on, right now.  You get some sleep, I’ll take first shift.” 


“I’m not tired,” Sam said quietly, looking down as he folded his arms.  He still had questions, mixed feelings about so many things, but the expression on Dean’s face told him that deep conversation would not be welcomed right now.  Dean needed time to examine the no doubt tumultuous thoughts and feelings he was having, and only when they became too much for him to bear alone would he share them with Sam.  The younger man sighed, looking out the window and wishing he’d had a chance to talk to Dean about what happened between them earlier.  He knew that by the time they got to another motel, Dean would have his defenses back in place, and getting the older man to talk about it would be like pulling teeth.   


“What the hell…” Dean said, a disgusted expression on his face as the Impala’s engine began to stutter, the car losing speed quickly.  He saw a small, overgrown driveway of sorts to their left and pulled into it, and just as he did, the engine gave a final cough and died.  “Dammit, I’m getting really fed up with this!” He snarled, smacking the steering wheel again.  “What else could possibly-mmph!” The words were cut off as a hand clapped over his mouth. 


“Don’t even think it,” Sam murmured, eyes wide as he leaned over and kept his hand over his brother’s mouth.  “I really, really don’t want to see what kind of answer we’d get.”


Dean nodded slowly, green eyes flashing with amusement at the fearful expression on Sam’s face.  “You’re right,” he chuckled softly after Sam lowered his hand.  “I really don’t want to know.”  He sighed heavily, dragging a hand down his face, staring out the window into the darkness.  “Looks like we’re sleeping in the car tonight,” he winced, knowing how both of their bodies would feel about that in the morning.  Although a small part of him was grateful, knowing it meant he and Sam would be stretched out in separate seats.


He knew Sam might have been distracted from their previous intimacy by thoughts of the trickster, but that wouldn’t last long.  Soon his little brother would want to talk about things again, and Dean was too confused by his own feelings to even try to talk about what they’d done earlier.


“Sam…” he spoke softly, suddenly aware that he could feel his brother’s body pressing lightly against his side still.  Dean’s eyes closed as he registered the other man’s body heat seeping through their clothing, images of Sam’s bare chest pressed to his forcing him to bite back a groan as he felt his own body reacting to the brunette’s proximity. His lips parted, tongue darting out to moisten them as Dean tried to push away the thoughts racing through his mind, mainly the ones that started off with him dragging Sam over into his lap. 


Sam stayed where he was a moment, watching Dean’s reactions.  When he saw the look of frustrated desire on his brother’s face he backed off a bit, no longer pressing against the other, instead just sliding an arm around Dean’s shoulders.  “What?” he asked quietly, tilting his head forward a bit, trying to see more of Dean’s face.  He knew he was walking a fine line here, attempting to show enough affection to keep Dean from closing himself off, but not so much that Dean pulled away fearing a repeat of earlier. 


Sam was so intently focused on his brother that he didn’t notice the fog around them clearing up in a way that was just a little too fast, too contrived, moonlight illuminating what looked like a small cabin to their left.     


Dean, however, did notice.  He tensed as he watched the fog rolling back quickly like some special effect in a horror movie, taking a deep breath, knowing something had to be out there, watching them.  Green eyes narrowed as the older man noticed the cabin, and he reached into his jacket, hand resting on his gun.  “Sam,” he said, more sharply this time, jerking his head a bit, indicating the cabin. 


Sam gave a start and glanced out the window, then frowned, brows drawn together.  “That wasn’t there before, was it?” he asked quietly, drawing his own gun as he moved over in his seat, hand on the door handle. 


“Not to mention the fog cleared up just a little too quick, don’t you think?”  Dean murmured, glancing at Sam as they both gripped the door handles then opened the doors quietly, moving toward the trunk of the car.  “I think it’s chosen here for a little showdown.”


 While Sam stood guard Dean opened the trunk, pulling out two stakes, which, as they’d used for the previous trickster, had been dipped in the blood of one of its victims.  He silently handed one to Sam, gesturing for his brother to check around the front of the cabin, while Dean went around the back. 


          “Dean, we shouldn’t split up,” Sam whispered, shaking his head and following as Dean started to walk toward the back of the cabin. 


          “Don’t worry,” the older man whispered back.  “Just one quick pass, we’ll meet around the other side, and check out the inside, alright?  If you run into anything,” he tapped the side of Sam’s gun, “Let me know.”  With that, he walked away quickly, but quietly. 


          Sam sighed and watched him a moment, a faint scowl on his face.  Then his eyes widened, a startled gasp escaping as a hand came down on his shoulder.  He spun around, gun raised in his left hand, stake in his right.  Sam stared at the vision that stood before him, a statuesque brunette with thick, wavy hair down past her shoulders, and piercing blue eyes.  She wore nothing more than high heel pumps and a red and black lace teddy, a naughty smile on her lips. 


          “Hi Sam,” she smirked, giving him a little wave with long, tapered fingers tipped with long, well-manicured, blood red nails. She gave a melodramatic gasp and put a hand over her chest, looking at the stake and gun pointed at her.  “Well now, is that any way to thank me after all the help I just gave you?” 


          Sam frowned and brandished the stake, tilting his head. “Help?  You call everything you’ve done to us so far help?”  He stared at her incredulously, then raised his gun as if to fire it into the air and alert his brother.


          “Don’t bother, Dean’s…on pause for the moment, if you will.  I wanted to talk with you a minute,” she said, folding her arms and chuckling. 


          “Fine, talk,” Sam glared at her, now feeling a twinge of worry for his brother.   


          “That’s better.  As for what help, I did make that fog to help you two get away from those bozos,” she shrugged nonchalantly and studied her nails a moment.  “They’ll get their just desserts very soon, don’t you worry about that.  Not to mention,” she waved a hand toward the cabin. “Giving you two a place to stay for the night.” 


          Sam narrowed his eyes at her, turning his head to one side slightly as if he hadn’t quite heard her properly.  “You did that for us?  And I’m supposed to believe it, after the yaoi fangirl thing?”


          She burst out laughing at that, hands on her hips as she grinned cheekily at Sam.  “That was good, wasn’t it?  Took you two awhile to catch on though, I’m surprised.  Mind you I’m still a little intrigued by that whole kiss thing out in the parking lot.  I guess you had good reason to be too distracted to figure it out,” she snickered as Sam blushed deeply. 


          “Why would you help us?” he asked, looking at her now with frank curiosity.  “Your kind play pranks that are usually deadly, instead it was just a minor annoyance for us, and now you’re doing something to help?  I don’t get it.” 


          “Why?  Because I like you two, simple as that.  I don’t want to kill you, mind you I don’t want to be killed by you either,” she sighed, shaking her head.  “Besides, I know it’s the last night Dean has before his little…deal comes due, isn’t it?”  Her eyes softened a bit as she saw Sam flinch.  “Too bad, that.” 


          Sam looked down, hands clenched around his weapons, shoulders hunched.  He seemed to be having some sort of internal debate, and after a moment he looked up at her.  “If you’re willing to help us this much, is there any way…anything I could offer to get you to help Dean out of it?” he asked quietly. 


          The woman tilted her head, eyeing him speculatively.  “Hm, now you’re trying to make a deal with me?  That’s funny,” she broke out in a grin.  “Well, I do like you boys, but I’m not sure I like you that much.” 


          Sam tightened his hand around the stake, taking a step forward. “Can you help, or not?” he demanded, eyes flashing with anger. 


          “Easy there, Sam,” she chided, holding her hands up.  “I don’t go around doing Good Samaritan work like you two.  I play a different game altogether, as you well know,” she narrowed her eyes, placing her hands back on her hips.  “But maybe if there’s a bit of fun in it for me… Well, we’ll see what happens.  In the meantime,” she looked toward the cabin, quirking a brow.  “Your brother will be finishing up there any second.  So I’ll leave you with a little friendly advice.” She turned and started walking toward the forest that surrounded the cabin.  “I’m the one that stalled your brother’s car.  You two need your beauty sleep, not to spend the entire night on the road, especially this night.  So enjoy the cabin, it’s a freebie, on me.  Oh, and do everyone, including yourself, a favor,” the woman turned back and glanced at Sam over her shoulder, leering at him.  “Seduce your brother, will you?  That guy seriously needs to unwind. Why don't you show him a good time on his last night?”


          Sam gaped at her, face red as he watched her walk into the trees, seeming to melt into the darkness.  He stood there a few moments; unable to do anything but stare and try to force down the rather interesting images those last comments had brought to mind. 


          “Sam!”  Dean’s voice was like the crack of a whip, snapping Sam out of his stupor.  “You find anything?” the older man called, appearing around the corner of the cabin and striding over to him. 


          Sam looked over at his brother, willing away the heat he still felt in his cheeks, silently praying that the darkness of the night hid the color there.  “Uh, no,” he shook his head, unwilling to tell Dean just yet what had happened.  He was still turning it over in his own mind, some part of him hoping against hope that maybe the trickster had meant what she’d said about helping them if there was fun to be had in the process.  The other reason he remained silent was because the woman had been right, he didn’t want to spend their last night on the road, alternating between driving and sleeping.  If Dean knew the car stalling at the cabin’s appearance were the trickster’s work, he’d never consent to stay there.  “Let’s check out the inside,” he said quietly, trying to keep himself from blushing as he realized he was also seriously considering taking her advice.  


          Dean nodded slowly, studying Sam intently for a moment, before he turned and started up the front steps.  He knew something was bothering Sam, but he didn’t question it, deciding that distracted, uneasy expression on his younger brother’s face was just due to stress and a little confusion, much like Dean himself was feeling. 




          As the Winchester brothers opened the front door and crept into the cabin, the woman slunk out of the shadows once again just at the edge of the clearing.  She stood there a moment, lips split into a wide grin, hands on her hips as she watched them go inside.  Once the two were out of sight, the woman’s form seemed to shimmer, and she slowly transformed back into the now familiar cop, ever-present candy bar in hand.  “He bought it.”


He was joined a moment later by a dark-haired, brown-eyed woman in a black negligee with red trim, and a blond wearing a black corset and high cut briefs.  Both women smirked as they began to press themselves against him.


“You really think so?” the dark-haired woman asked, one arm sliding around the cop’s shoulders as the blond pressed against his side. 


          “Oh yeah,” the trickster answered, chuckling as he finished the candy bar, tossing aside the wrapper and putting an arm around each of them.  “This is so much fun,” he grinned, shaking his head. “I still can’t believe that neither of them managed to figure it out yet.  Dean at least should have recognized my style by now.  I might have to give him something a little more obvious.”  He pondered that a minute, then snickered, a thought striking him.  “That’s perfect…” 


          “Why did you disguise yourself when you were talking to Sam?” the blond asked, chuckling, as she looked him up and down.  “Although I have to say, you can make yourself into a very pretty girl.”


          The trickster grinned again, nodding. “Yeah, that was a good disguise, wasn’t it?  I had to, Sam would remember me right away, and I didn’t want the game to be over just yet.” 


          “What are you planning for them now?” the brunette asked with an evil grin, running her hand down his thigh. 


          “Oh, I just want Sam to angst a little over whether or not to tell Dean, he’s good with that whole angst thing.  I know he’ll cling to that little shred of hope that someone might come charging to the rescue at the last second and help him save his precious big brother.  He’ll brood, which will lead to him seeking comfort and affection from his brother, which, given what happened before, will probably lead to some hot brotherly love,” he waggled his eyebrows and laughed, the two women chiming in. 


          “But you said you wanted Dean to know it was you, won’t he tell Sam once he realizes that?” the blond asked, as her hand trailed down the trickster’s chest.           


          “Nah, with Dean it’ll be a whole different kind of angst,” he smirked, eyes narrowing as he gazed at the cabin, knowing by now the boys must have found his other little ‘gift’ for them.  “He’ll know I’m still kicking, and it’ll put a little fear into him to think he can’t beat me.  He won’t tell Sam, because he knows his brother’s ready to give up hunting for me anyway, and that’ll suit Dean just fine.” 


          “So this…brotherly love,” the brunette licked her lips and gave a soft, sultry laugh. “You going to stay and watch the show?” 


          “Nah, I’ll let them have some time alone,” he murmured, giving both women a little squeeze.  “I have some plans to make before tomorrow night.  This little trick is definitely going to be one of my best yet, it’ll have to be, I don’t get a chance to trick one of her kind very often.” With that, the three figures vanished, fog rolling into the clearing to conceal the cabin from view once more.


To Be Continued

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