Johnnyjosh's fics index

A few notes about the fic categories, mainly that most of my fics contain a little of everything, so you may find some yuri references in a yaoi fic, or some yaoi references in a het fic.  I've sorted the fics by the MAIN themes, or couples.  For example, if a fic centers around Goku/Vegeta, that fic will be under YAOI.  But you may find a Bulma/ChiChi couple happening as a side story.  Get the picture?  *grins*  Also, there will be no more seperate pages for different series, I'll just have them clearly marked as to which show and couple(s).  (Also note that the yuri fics button is not working, as no yuri fics have been completed at this time.)

Also, as promised, here's the all new link to JJ's Fabulously Fractured Fairy Tales, now finally given their own section! ^_^

Special thanks to Seth C. for help with the buttons on this page and the

custom creation of the FFFT book image