Johnnyjosh's Het Fics.

*looks around, grins sheepishly* I realize there's not much here, but give me time. I am not ready to try and come up with something to rival the many Bulma/Vegeta, Inu Yasha/Kagome or other het couple fics already out there! When I think of some unusual het couples, I'll throw em on up here, kay? *grins*

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Aftermath.  DBZ.  Vegeta and 18 must move on after Krillin and Bulma's deaths. NC-21. Warnings; Character Death, het lemon, yaoi references, some yaoi lime. Language. Angst.  OOC, and, as always, AU. Pairing; V/18, Y/17 references.
COMPLETE (but I'd consider a sequel if emailed about it.)

No Regrets. DBZ. Warnings; Het lemon, language, angst. OOC, and AU. Rating; NC-21.  Piccolo has something to tell Goku before the androids show up. WIP