Aftermath, a love story Part 5.

By Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh.

Warnings; Hentai (het), lemon.

Notes; AU, TWT, weirdness, OOC, just strange. This takes place I guess just before Bra would have been born, but in my universe, the Buu thing is over, and there are currently no more threats to the safety of the world, just need to clear that up.

Pairings; Krillin/Juuhachigou, Vegeta/Bulma, Vegeta/18.

Disclaimer; Don't own 'em, not making any money.

"Denotes speaking"

*Denotes thoughts*

This part is short, sweet and to the point *grins* I couldn't leave this without a lemon for closure *LOL*


"So the dominatrix look turns you on does it?" She asked, snapping the riding crop in her palm.

"Oh shit..." Vegeta rasped, swallowing audibly.

"What...what are you up to onna?" Vegeta stared at the advancing cyborg nervously as he backed away.


The riding crop whacked Juuhachigou's palm. "I'm seducing you Vegeta."


"Whether you like it..."


"Or not." She smirked and lunged at him, knocking him onto the bed.

Vegeta gasped as the blonde jinzoningen rolled him onto his back and pinned his wrists above his head. "" He rasped, his body instantly responding when she settled between his legs and rubbed her hips against him, chuckling as she felt his erection.

"Ah ah ah.." She chided, leaning down and nipping lightly at his chin. "You can't lie to me Vegeta. You say no, but you're body is telling me something quite different." She reached down and rubbed his erection through his spandex pants, eliciting a moan from the Saiyan. "You want me don't you Vegeta?" She whispered, running her tongue along his jaw.

The Saiyan squirmed beneath her, growling as the cyborg scraped her teeth down the side of his throat. "Why...what made you.." He rasped, rocking his hips against her.

Juuhachigou pulled back, cocking her head to the side and seeming to consider his question. "I think it was the way you blushed in the sex shop, you were so cute when I told you what those dolls were for." She giggled, causing the Saiyan below to gape at her. "And then the way you stared at that mannequin, you looked like you were going to just jump it right there." She laughed at the shocked look on Vegeta's face. "I figured I'd better do something before you started going back there every day just to look at a mannequin."

" I wouldn't....I was just.." Vegeta stammered, his face red as a beet. "Onna..." He growled at the blonde jinzoningen's snickering, flipping them over and using his knee to pry apart the cyborg's long legs. "Don't tease." He whispered, lowering his head and nuzzling her breasts through the teddy.

"Vegeta.." She moaned softly, burying her hands in the Saiyan's upswept locks and gripping gently. She arched her body and raised her hips, rubbing against him, smirking at the low growl she wrung from him. "Hmm....looks like this outfit has done it's job." Juuhachigou snickered as she reached up and undid the snaps at the back of her neck, pulling the teddy down to the tops of her breasts.

Vegeta looked up and scowled, grabbing the neck strap and re-fastening it. "No leave it on." He said, dark eyes flashing.

"What? But why?" Juuhachi asked raising an eyebrow at him quizzically. The startled jinziningen yelped in surprise as she was hoisted off the bed and pinned to the wall. "Vege....ahhnn...." Her cry tapered off to a soft moan as the Saiyan buried his face in her neck, wrapping her legs around his waist and grinding against her.

"Why..?" Vegeta rasped, hips rolling against hers. "Because the thought of fucking you like this, standing up, fully clothed, is such a Kami-damned turn on." He growled, reaching down and finding the snaps in the crotch of the leather body suit.

Juuhachigou gasped, squirming in his grasp as Vegeta thrust two fingers into her, growling softly as he found her already slick and ready for him. "Vegeta...please.." She groaned as the Saiyan slid his fingers in and out, teasing her. She cried out sharply and gripped his shoulders as his thumb grazed her clit, then started rubbing it in slow circles. "Nn....ahhh...K..Kami!" She cried as pleasure coiled within her. "Ve..geta..." She moaned, starting to tremble as she neared climax.

Vegeta snarled as he felt Juuhachigou starting to shake, and quickly used his other hand to push his spandex pants down. He groaned as the head of his cock touched her hot, slick flesh. *Wait...wait for it..* He thought. Vegeta smirked as he felt her shudder violently, her muscles tensing. *Right there.*

Juuhachigou threw her head back and screamed as Vegeta buried himself inside her, the Saiyan moaning loudly as he began to move hard and fast inside her. She went limp in his arms as her orgasm finished, breath coming in shuddering gasps as she felt pleasure building inside her once more.

Vegeta panted harshly, energy crackling in the air as his hair flashed from black to gold and back again. With a harsh cry he pulled her away from the wall, gently lowering them both to the floor before driving into her harder than ever.

Juuhachigou whimpered, legs squeezing her lover tightly as she raised her hips to meet his thrusts. "I...please.." She whispered, nails digging into his back.

Vegeta growled and raised himself to his knees, pulling her hips off the floor. His hair flashed gold once more, and stayed that way as the Super Saiyan pounded into the jinzoningen with everything he had, both of them crying out with each thrust.

Juuhachigou writhed and thrashed beneath Vegeta, head tossing from side to side as she scraped her nails across the floor above her head. Suddenly she arched almost painfully, a high keening cry escaping her as she came, shuddering and gasping for breath.

Vegeta followed immediately, throwing his head back and letting out a hoarse shout as his seed filled her. He collapsed on top of the blonde cyborg, panting and shivering. "Kami..." He rasped, his hands resting on her sides.

Juuhachigou wrapped her arms around Vegeta's shoulders, breathing heavily.

Both of them jumped as someone rapped on the door. "I'm going out you two..Oh!" Mrs. Briefs giggled as she took in the sight of the two lovers. "Well, I was going to say don't wait up, but I see you two will be keeping yourselves occupied pretty well while I'm gone." She grinned and waved at them. "Ta ta!" She slammed the door and quickly made her way to the stairs, giggling all the way.

Vegeta and Juuhachigou looked at each other for a moment, then burst out laughing. "Oh my Kami..." Juuhachigou said, a wide grin on her face. "Is she always such a snoop?"

"Tch! You should have seen all the times she tried to peek before!" Vegeta scowled at the door.

"Sounds like Master Roshi." The cyborg said, before staring up at Vegeta. "You don't think....." They stared at each other for several moments, before bursting out laughing again.

"No way!" Vegeta cackled. "Even she doesn't have taste that bad."

"I should hope not." Juuhachigou snickered, before flipping them both over and straddling Vegeta's waist. "Now..." She chuckled. "Why don't we start round two? With me on top this time." She tapped Vegeta's side with the riding crop, smirking at the glare Vegeta gave her. "You know..." She smiled as she leaned down for a kiss, "I'm really happy you wandered into that shop earlier, I'm gonna have fun experimenting on you.." She purred, running the crop up the Saiyan's thigh, making him shiver.

The end.

*LOL* I know I know, it was just getting to the good part right? So how'd you like it?