Aftermath, a love story Part 4.

By Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh.

Warnings; Hentai (het), lemon.

Notes; AU, TWT, weirdness, OOC, just strange. This takes place I guess just before Bra would have been born, but in my universe, the Buu thing is over, and there are currently no more threats to the safety of the world, just need to clear that up.

Pairings; Krillin/Juuhachigou, Vegeta/Bulma, Vegeta/18.

Disclaimer; Don't own 'em, not making any money.

"Denotes speaking"

*Denotes thoughts*

thanks to Zab and Lara for inspiration, help, sporking and beta ing. *LOL*


Vegeta growled as he woke to the sounds of Marron, Bra, and Trunks running up and down the hall. "Crazy brats!" He grumbled, burying his head under the pillows. He jumped and pulled the covers up to his neck when someone began pounding on the door. "What do you want!" He shouted.

"Time to get up Vegeta. Juun and Yamcha should be in for breakfast soon and YOU OWE ME A SHOPPING TRIP SO GET YOUR LAZY ASS OUT OF BED ALREADY!" Juuhachigou shouted back before storming down the hall muttering under her breath.

"Kuso. Crazy baka onna." Vegeta cursed softly, getting out of bed. He continued to curse as he pulled out a black tank top and black jeans before padding into the bathroom for a shower.

"Mm..." Juun purred, nuzzling Yamcha's neck. "Wake up koi.."

"Hey... we fell asleep." Yamcha yawned loudly, stretching. "Hey cut that out!" He snapped, sitting up and blushing. "You pushed me far enough last night. No more!" He stood abruptly.

"I'm sorry. I just wanted to touch you." The cyborg said quietly, standing as well and wrapping his arms around Yamcha's waist.

"Yeah.." He sighed. "Sorry for yelling. Just stop pushing me okay?" He turned and regarded his lover soberly.

"I promise." Juun whispered, leaning up and giving Yamcha a feather light kiss on the cheek. "You hungry? I could go cook some breakfast for you."

"Hey yeah...there's an idea." Yamcha looked down at his lover with a smile. "I'm starved!"

"Then let's go." The cyborg led his human lover out of the gravity room and into the house.

Twenty minutes later Vegeta and Juuhachigou ran into each other at the head of the stairs. Vegeta wore a black turtle neck sweater, and tight black jeans. He would complete the outfit with his black boots before heading out the door. Juuhachigou on the other hand, was wearing a pink sleeveless dress that slid gently over her curves. It stopped a couple of inches above the knee, showing off her long muscular legs to perfection. She carried a white sweater over her arm that was embroidered with tiny pink flowers.

" look good in black Vegeta." She commented. *Man why'd he have to wear skin tight black? * She thought with a frown, trying to keep her eyes level with his and failing. She blushed and let her eyes go where they would, taking in the way his jeans clung to his legs, and his sweater accentuated the rippling muscles beneath. *Gorgeous.* She thought, trying to suppress a hentai smile.

Vegeta merely grunted in response, his eyes sweeping up and down, from her pink pumps to her shiny blonde hair which was parted at the side in her usual style.

"At least you're presentable." He muttered. "I wouldn't even go if you had come out here wearing your usual short pants and mary janes." He smirked.

"Shut up." Juuhachi snapped. "Get down those stairs before I decide to throw you down them."

"I'd like to see you try!" Vegeta growled, powering up and getting in her face.

"Actually no, I just bought this dress. We can spar after shopping though if you still have any energy left." She gave him a nasty smile and slunk down the stairs.

Vegeta watched her until she disappeared into the kitchen, then slowly followed. "Who does she think she is? I am a Super Saiyan. Second level Super Saiyan at that. She may have gotten lucky once, but that was a long time ago. She won't get the upper hand this time." He muttered, stalking toward the kitchen door.

Juunanigou stood at the stove once more, whipping up a huge platter of french toast, a few pounds of bacon and a large bowl of homefries.

"Oohh you are just such a whiz in the kitchen!" Mrs. Briefs squealed, resting her hands on his shoulders. "And so handsome too!"

"Why thank you." Juun said softly, suppressing a chuckle. Yamcha sat at the table watching them, shaking his head and smirking as the woman flirted with his lover.

"Where's the food?" Vegeta snapped, sitting at the table beside the human. "Hurry up so I can eat and we can get this over with!" He scowled at the jinzoningen sitting across from him.

"Where you goin?" Yamcha frowned at him.

"Vegeta's going to take me on a little shopping trip." Juuhachi said smugly. Yamcha and Juun rolled their eyes and groaned.

"We'll see you tomorrow." Yamcha snickered.

"Try to pace yourself and find as many benches to sit on as you can." Juun advised somberly.

"Shut up!" Juuhachi yelled. "I just like to shop a little! What's wrong with that?" All three men wisely declined commenting further.

Half an hour later everyone including the children had been fed, the kitchen was clean and Vegeta and Juuhachi were ready to go.

"Now you be good for Mrs. Briefs okay?" Juuhachi asked Maron, Vegeta kissed Bra and nodded to his son.

"Hey koi.." Juun purred into Yamcha's ear. "Let's go to the mall too. I want to see how Vegeta fares against my sister." He snickered.

"Naw, his pride wouldn't survive intact if he knew we were there watching him be humiliated." Yamcha chuckled, turning and kissing the cyborg softly.

"Mm...true." Juun purred as he nuzzled Yamcha's neck.

"I'm driving onna." Vegeta growled, nudging Juuhachi away from the driver's side door.

"No I'm driving!" The cyborg said, nudging back.

"I'm driving or the deal's off." Vegeta snapped, opening the door and sliding into the driver's seat.

Juuhachigou stared at him for a moment, her right side tingling where Vegeta had forcefully brushed past her. A myriad of thoughts ran through her mind, from trying to coax the grouchy prince into taking her to a movie at the mall so she could cop a feel, to 'accidentally' flashing him at the mall between changing clothes. *What am I thinking?* She shook her head. *Do I really want him?  How could I? He's nothing like Krillin was....*

*No. He's not.* A voice said inside her head. *He's a lot like you in many ways.*

"Oh no." The jinzoningen growled softy, walking around to the passenger side. "We're nothing alike."

Vegeta waited for her to get in, and was rewarded for his patience with a good view of the cyborg's long legs as her dress got caught in the wind. The Saiyan prince chuckled, letting his eyes wander up and down the long lean limbs before with a muffled curse the blonde woman managed to get into the car.

"Shut up!" She snapped for the third time that morning. "Just drive Vegeta."

The Saiyan prince threw back his head and laughed as he put the car in gear and pulled out of the driveway.

He caught the slender hand that sailed toward his face with a smirk. "My my." He chuckled. "Looks like someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning." He grinned evilly as a thought crossed his mind. *I think maybe I should spend today seeing how she likes being teased and taunted.* Vegeta thought as he remembered all the things the cyborg had done to him the previous evening, the touches, the double entendres, the hugging, sitting on him.... *Yes, I think a little payback is definitely in order.* He hid his smile as he caressed the palm of Juuhachigou's hand with his fingertips, before deliberately placing her hand on his thigh.

*Wha...?* Juuhachi stared as the soft caresses made her shiver. *What's he doing?* She wondered, blushing as Vegeta slowly set her hand on his thigh, covering it with his own before sliding it down his denim clad leg to his knee. *Kami....he..I don't like this.* Her whole face was crimson by this time as she stared out the window.

Vegeta bit back his laughter as he watched Juuhachigou from the corner of his eye. *If I'm getting this kind of reaction from a little touch, what would happen...* He again stifled a laugh as he pulled off the road into small park, stopping the car beside the grass.

"Hey...what are you doing?" The cyborg asked.

"I think we should talk about last night now that we're finally alone." Vegeta purred, scooting over and sliding his arm onto the back of her seat. "I want to know why you're being so cool this morning. After the way you touched me last night...." He said, reaching up and stroking her cheek. "I would think you'd be a little more....friendly."

The startled jinzoningen pulled back from Vegeta's touch as if she'd been burned. "What...friendly? Last night?" She asked, trying to comprehend his words, but rational thought was difficult as Vegeta's hot breath fanned across her cheek. "Vegeta.." She whispered, then shook her head quickly. "Stop it." She said, splaying her hand against his rock solid chest and pushing with all her might.

Vegeta chuckled as she only managed to move him a couple of inches, the car door creaking behind her. "What's the matter Juu-chan?" He smirked. "You didn't seem to have a problem with draping yourself all over me last night. Don't try to play distant and cold on me now...." He whispered, leaning forward until their noses touched. He fought the urge to grin as he reached behind her and pulled the lever to open the door.

"Ah! Wha..Oof!" Juuhachigou grunted as she tumbled out of the car and landed flat on her back on the grass. "Shit! No.." She pouted. "You better not have gotten grass stains on this dress Vegeta!" She snarled, ice blue eyes snapping with anger. "I just bought it last week."

"Let me check." Vegeta chuckled, getting out her side and gently picking her up.

Juuhachigou yelped as Vegeta set her face down on the hood of the car and ran his fingers over her back. "What do you think you're doing?" She demanded.

"Well...oh dear." He said mockingly. "I see a little stain here..." He touched her shoulder, then ran his fingers teasingly down the curve of her back. "And right here too." He purred, his fingertips grazing her ass.

"Vegeta!" She shrieked, almost leaping off the car. "Keep your damn hands to yourself!" Her hand shot up to slap him, but the Saiyan prince caught it easily. The flustered jinzoningen blushed and pulled away as Vegeta kissed the back of her hand. "Just stop it hentai!" She snapped, climbing into the backseat of the car.

Vegeta howled with laughter. "Crazy onna..." He rasped before he got back into the driver's seat, wiping tears of mirth from his eyes.

"Just drive dammit!" Juuhachigou snapped, crossing her arms and glaring at him. "Straight to the mall, no more pit stops, and not one more word out of you until we get there."

"You're no fun at all." Vegeta smirked, sitting forward as she took a swat at the back of his head. He slammed on the brakes and turned in his seat. "Hmm...." He grinned evilly at her. "I've heard some interesting stories about the things you can do in the back seats of cars, but I have yet to actually try it for myself..." The Saiyan purred, starting to climb over the seat.

Juuhachi shrieked and scuttled away from him. "I said drive damn you now get back in your own seat!!" She threw her head back and shouted.

Vegeta slumped back into his seat, scowling at her. "You act this way after all the things you did last night." He growled. "Fucking tease." He snickered softly at the stream of curses that rang out from behind him.

An hour later, they entered the mall. Vegeta was in a foul mood after spending half an hour circling around looking for a parking spot, as well as almost blasting half a dozen rude humans into the next dimension.

Juuhachigou wasn't faring much better. She was still trying unsuccessfully to forget the feeling of Vegeta's hands running down her back, touching her rear, and caressing her hands. Or the suggestive comments and looks he had thrown her way. *What the hell is going on here?* She wondered, frowning severely. *I couldn't actually want him that way...could I?* The confused jinzoningen shook her head quickly. *No. It's not possible. He is sooooo not my type.* She smirked, then growled softly as a voice rang out in her head. *Why? Because he's too much like you sometimes?* The voice nagged. *Shut up.* She sighed and looked around, wondering where to start. "That looks good." The cyborg pointed at the first store to their left.

Vegeta followed along behind, eyes drifting down to watch the way her hips swayed enticingly under her dress. He blushed and quickly looked away as she stopped and started to turn toward him. *What is wrong with me?* He chided himself. *This is a simple shopping trip, surely you can handle it without making a complete idiot out of yourself!* He met her eyes and shrugged. "What?" The Saiyan snapped, moving ahead of her into the store. "Come on let's get this over with."

"Uh...Vegeta I was going to say you could go to the food court while I shop here...Vegeta no! Ohh...." Juuhachigou covered her face with her hands as Vegeta strode into the lingerie store.

The Saiyan prince strutted into the store and immediately knocked over six mannequins. He scowled as the girls behind the counter giggled, and came over to right them again. As the plastic models were stood in their proper places, Vegeta noticed what they had on, rather, how little they had on. On the first mannequin was a sheer lace teddy, cut high on the hips with a plunging neckline. White fishnet stockings and a lacy garter belt completed the outfit. The second wore a silky red nightgown, if you could call such a revealing thing a nightgown. It was cut to what would have been the woman's navel and had slits up both sides that came right up to the hips.

Vegeta scowled as he looked at the rest, all outfitted in various skimpy gowns, teddies and bra and panty sets. His face flushed a deep red as one of the change room doors, not properly secured, swung open to reveal a short, plump woman wearing a copy of the white teddy set the first mannequin was modeling. *I liked it better on the mannequin.* Vegeta thought, blushing even harder as he moved to a back corner of the store. (Author's note at bottom)

"You can wait outside Vegeta." Juuhachigou said quietly. "I won't be too long, I'm just going to look at the new arrivals." She said, pointing to a spinner rack hung full with lingerie in shades of red, blue, lavender, pink, and black and white.

"Hmph. Ridiculous." Vegeta muttered, remembering the time Bulma had tried to seduce him wearing such a garment. He had laughed at her, then when she had tried to storm off, her pride injured, he had grabbed her and dragged her into bed, telling her he much preferred her wearing nothing at all....

Vegeta sighed and smiled softly as he realized it no longer hurt so bad to think about her. It felt good to remember, bringing him peace instead of pain.

"Why do you need such things?" He asked the cyborg bluntly. "I don't see the big attraction, they're so small and see through you might as well be wearing nothing at all. Why waste money on them?"

"Because I like them Vegeta." Juuhachi said, marveling at his willpower. *Krillin ran out of here and hid in the washroom for half an hour the time he accidentally followed me in here. He was so embarrassed.* She remembered fondly.

"Hmph." Vegeta said again, crossing his arms and sitting on a chair. "Well, hurry up and we can move on to something more interesting." He scowled and tapped his foot impatiently.

"Okay okay you big grumpy pants." She smirked as Vegeta growled at her. "Let me have a look and see if there's anything interesting in the new stuff and then we can move on to the real shopping."

Juuhachigou's 'quick look' turned out to be half an hour as she oohed and ahhed over all the new lingerie, trying on almost a dozen before settling on one particularly nice lace trimmed pink satin gown with a matching robe. Pink fuzzy high heeled slippers completed the ensemble.

Vegeta grunted when Juuhachi showed him her purchase, giving a noncommital shrug when she asked how he liked it. "It's fine I suppose." He admitted reluctantly. "At least there's something to it so it's not a total waste of money." The Saiyan would rather die than admit it, but he thought the smooth satiny fabric would drape over her curves nicely. *Not to mention she does look hot in pink.* Vegeta's eyes widened slightly as the thought crossed his mind. He shook his head and snarled at the direction his mind was taking him. "I'm hungry." The Saiyan said. "I say we have some food before we go any further."

The jinzoningen rolled her eyes and chuckled. "Fine. I know you Saiyans and your appetites. If I don't feed you now I know I'll have to listen to your bitching, not to mention your stomach rumbling until I change my mind."

Vegeta glared, but followed her to the food court.

Juuhachigou got herself an iced tea while Vegeta cleaned out four food counters of pizza, Chinese food, lasagne, and fried chicken. She laughed as he lugged all the trays over to their table, two at a time until he had filled three adjoining tables with food. "Man you Saiyans sure know how to eat don't you?" Juuhachi shook her head, amazed at how much money she had been forced to fork over for his food.

"You said I carted the packages and did the driving, and you would buy lunch." Vegeta grumbled around mouthfuls of food.

"Yes yes, but I didn't think we'd be spending an hour here waiting for you to eat." She grumbled back.

"I don't take that long!" Vegeta snapped indignantly. "I'll be done in twenty minutes or so."

True to his word, twenty minutes later Vegeta dumped his trash into the bin and put his trays on the pile on top of the garbage can.

"Finally!" Juuhachigou stood and waited impatiently for him to follow her.

"Hold on a minute. I want to know something first." Vegeta looked at a store that was almost hidden at the end of the corridor, behind a partial wall and the huge plants that sat by the fountain. "What is that store down there?"

"What store?" The jinzoningen turned and looked in the direction he was pointing. "Oh that one? It doesn't look like it's even open." She said disinterestedly as she noticed the blacked out windows.

"Oh it's open alright." Vegeta smirked. "I've counted forty six people going in there in the last twenty minutes, and all of them were very furtive, nervous about going in. And they looked around a lot after they came out, hiding parcels and bags. I want to know what the hell's going on in there." Vegeta said, stalking off toward it.

"Hmm...." Juuhachigou cocked her head to the side, and decided she was curious as well. She crossed her arms and followed at a more leisurely pace.

Vegeta burst into the store, obsidian eyes flashing as he glared at the startled patrons near the door. He walked toward the counter, taking in the racks of t-shirts, the shelves of mugs, most with strange sayings printed on them that he didn't understand, and a huge shelf of what appeared to be games. "What is this place?" He asked the girl behind the counter, who couldn't have been more than twenty.

"You don't know?" She asked, wondering why he couldn't figure it out from the sayings on the shirts and cups, and the games like "Seduction" and "Karma Sutra trivial pursuit" on the shelves. She walked out from behind and followed the strange man, intrigued by his seeming naivete.

Vegeta continued on down the store, looking back as Juuhachigou entered. "And I thought the other store had strange clothing!" He growled as he took in the leather and rubber lingerie displayed on the wall. "Ewww..." He shuddered as he touched a rubber teddy. "How could anyone be comfortable in that?" He asked no one in particular.

"Well..." A high voice purred from behind him as slender arms wound round his shoulders. "The idea isn't exactly for you to be comfortable."

Vegeta spun and pulled away from the girl, who was looking up at him through hooded eyes. "What do you mean?" He demanded, oblivious to her attempt at flirting in his confusion.

"Never mind." She giggled. "I'm not sure S&M would be your thing anyway."

Juuhachigou gaped at her comment. *Is she flirting with him?* She thought, growing inexplicably angry. *She'd better not be...* The cyborg walked over and stood beside Vegeta, glaring at the girl.

The salesgirl had the grace to look ashamed as she stepped away from Vegeta. "Oh you are together?" She asked, batting her eyes at the Saiyan.

"No." Vegeta said.

"Yes." Juuhachigou said.

The girl blinked. "Um...which is it? Yes or no?"



"Onna! Stop this nonsense." Vegeta growled. He turned to the salesgirl. "Just show me what this store is all about."

She giggled. "I see." She purred, latching on to Vegeta's arm. "Well, why don't we take a look at some of the more advanced toys then?" She led him further down the wall to the display of whips, straps, handcuffs, and various other bondage and S&M equipment.

The Saiyan prince's eyes grew impossibly wide as he tuned out the girl's chatter, her hand on his chest not even registering as his mind whirled. "You sell torture equipment?" Vegeta rasped, unable to believe what he was seeing.

"Torture?" The girl looked up at him in disbelief. "No no! The straps and cuffs are bondage equipment, and the paddles crops and whips are S&M gear."

"What the hell is the difference?" Vegeta blurted, then kicked himself mentally for showing his ignorance like that.

"Vegeta bondage and S&M are sexual fetishes. Some people like to be tied up and hit with crops and whips and these paddles. It turns them on." Juuhachi smirked as she explained it to him.

The Saiyan's face went white and he spun, staring at her like she'd grown a second head. "You mean the people on this crazy mudball actually enjoy being tied up and beaten?" Vegeta whispered, then threw back his head and laughed. "This is too much!"

Even Juuhachigou was laughing, her hand resting lightly on the Saiyan's shoulder to discourage the girl from trying to touch him again. She really didn't know where this sudden jealousy came from, but she shrugged and decided to sort it out later, after they were out of the store. *Maybe even out of the mall.* She thought. "Come on." The cyborg pulled him along. "We're here I suppose we might as well check it out."

She glanced at the Saiyan quizzically as he stopped in front of a mannequin. "What's wrong?" She asked, getting annoyed at his constant staring at the store's wares.

"Nothing..." Vegeta breathed, eyes wide as he stared at the mannequin.

It had a blonde wig that was colored and styled almost exactly the same as Juuhachigou's hair, and roughly the same body shape. The mannequin wore a black leather teddy, cut high on the hips, with a high neckline. A heart shaped cut out on the chest was outlined with silver studs, and large circular cut outs ran down the sides, silver rings holding the shape of the cut outs. A black leather garter belt held up black sheer stockings that glittered with silver in the dim light. Platform stilettos with clear heels and platforms and elbow length black leather fingerless gloves completed the outfit.

" that..I like." Vegeta stammered softly, swallowing hard as he took in the mannequin's posture. It had been stood with it's legs spread about twice shoulder width, back arched and head back in a very sexy pose. In it's hands had been placed a riding crop, which appeared as if it had just been slapped in the mannequin's other palm. Vegeta's eyes drifted down to the whip tucked into the garter belt. "Wow." He chuckled. "For some reason...that..just..."

"Does something for you?" Juuhachi purred in his ear softly. She smirked as the Saiyan shivered.

"Never mind." Vegeta snapped, stalking away. "Let's see what else is in here." He walked past the displays of magazines and videos, snickering and saying he would have to ask Master Roshi how often he came in. He went right to the very back, and stopped, staring at a large plastic doll. "To quote my son, that is the most butt ugly thing I've ever seen in my life!" He sneered, poking the doll. He turned and scowled as Juuhachigou snickered.

"V...Vegeta..." She giggled, her hand clamping onto his shoulder. "You don't know what that's for do you?"

"Why should I care?" He shrugged, feigning indifference. His eyes swept the room and noticed three more dolls. Two were male, and one was female. Vegeta got a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. "They're not..." He turned to her, eyes wide once more.

"Yup." Juuhachigou grinned maniacally, enjoying Vegeta's torment. "They're fuck dolls. See the hole where the mouth is?" She pointed. "And see down there..."

"EEEWWW!! OH!" Vegeta shuddered and shrugged her off. "KAMI THAT'S DISGUSTING!!" He cried, blushing as several people turned to stare at him.

"Shut up Vegeta." The cyborg snapped, grabbing his arm roughly. "I don't want to get kicked out of here." She gave him her most annoying smile. "I have some shopping to do in here. Why don't you look around for a little while?" She shoved him further into the back.

Vegeta snarled at her and turned to survey the shelves. "This I know." He smirked as he took in the wide variety of dildos and vibrators. He chuckled as he remembered Bulma's rather extensive collection of them. *Well, now I know where she got all that.* He laughed as he recalled the stories of Chi-Chi's massive collection of playthings. *Of course with a mate like Kakarott she needs them. I'm still amazed the buffoon knew enough about sex to conceive two children.*

"Hmm..." The cyborg's voice startled him out of his thoughts. "Like what you see here do you?"

Vegeta shrugged. "You about finished?" He growled.

"Just about." She held a large bag in her hands. He reached for it, but she pulled it away. "That's alright, I'll carry this one." She smirked.

Vegeta shook his head and walked to the front of the store. "I'll be out in a minute Vegeta." Juuhachigou said, pausing. "Meet me in the food court again."

Ten minutes later a very happy Juuhachigou slid into the chair across from him. "What's in the bags?" He asked, reaching for them.

"None of your business." She laughed, pulling them out of reach. "I want to take this stuff out to the car before we continue shopping." She grinned.

"What, you don't trust me?" Vegeta said, raising his head and glaring at her.

"Not even as far as I could throw you." She smirked. "The second I went into a store you'd be in these bags trying to find out what's in them."

"Well why don't you just tell me and save us both the trouble." He smirked back.

"If you must know, magazines, and a little something else for Master Roshi.." She pulled out a box with a picture of a blow up doll on it.

"You didn't!" Vegeta snickered. "You can be a real bitch sometimes you know that?" He grinned.

"I did, and yes I know." She chuckled. "This is something for me." She held up the largest bag. "And something for you too."

"I don't want anything from that wretched place." Vegeta scowled.

"I think you'll like it." Juuhachigou said, her voice shaking slightly as she tried to keep the nerve necessary to execute her plan for later in the evening. *I hope I can pull this off.* She thought.

After Vegeta grumbled and complained all the way to the car and back to the mall, they finally resumed shopping. The afternoon passed quickly enough, without further incident. Except one.

Vegeta sat outside the clothing boutique, waiting as Juuhachigou tried on her ninth consecutive dress. "She's already chosen three, why does she need any more?" The prince grumbled, shifting in his seat and eyeing the eight bags and six boxes he had been lugging around. He looked up and searched for her, spotting her as she went into the change room. *You have to admit she has pretty good taste in clothes.* A voice piped up in his head. He shook his head and growled softly. "I don't care."

Juuhachigou cursed the dress she'd put on. "Stupid zipper!" She snarled as it got jammed a quarter of the way up. "Come on!" She twisted and turned, trying to get it to go up, and yelped as she slipped on the mat on the floor. "Oh shit!" She cried as she tumbled into the change room door, breaking the flimsy lock and falling to the floor. "Dammit!" She hissed, standing up quickly.

Vegeta snickered as he saw the cyborg's fall, and stood, deciding he should at least go in and see if she needed any help. He chuckled as he lugged Juuhachigou's previous purchases into the store.

The jinzoningen growled as she stood, not realizing that the heel of her shoe was on the hem of her dress. She stood up, but the dress stayed on the floor. "Oh Kami!" Juuhachigou nearly screamed in embarrassment.

Vegeta stopped and stared as the blonde cyborg stood up, sans dress. He blushed wildly, unable to help himself as his eyes roamed up and down her body, now clad only in a pink bra and matching panties, the light blue dress she had been trying on now pooled at her feet. Her cheeks were pink, and her ice blue eyes were impossibly wide as they met his. It was one of the most erotic things he had ever seen. The Saiyan dropped the packages and bags, spinning around and dragging his fingers through his hair. "Get a hold of yourself Vegeta." He whispered, setting his face in an impassive mask and turning around once more. The prince kept his eyes on the floor, scooping up the bags and looking around the shop, glad there was no one else besides himself and the salesgirls in the shop to witness the incident.

A small sound escaped Juuhachigou as she threw the blue dress at the sales girl and dashed back into the change room. Fifteen seconds later she was dressed again and storming out the door.

"What about the dresses you picked out?" Vegeta asked mildly.

She stopped mid stride, looking back longingly. "No. I can't." She shook her head and moved on.

"Wait." Vegeta shoved the parcels at her, holding onto the bags and walking back into the store. "I'll take the first three dresses she tried on." He remembered her setting them off to the side after trying them on. "And I'll take that last one she tried on as well." He smirked.

The saleslady quickly rang up his purchases with a bright smile, glad she had made a sale after all.

"What did you do?" Juuhachigou asked, eyeing the two new bags Vegeta was carrying.

"I bought those dresses you were too embarrassed to go back and buy yourself." He snickered. "You can pay me back for them later. Where to now?" He heaved a put upon sigh.

"Nowhere." The cyborg said, the incident having thoroughly spoiled her mood. "I want to go home."

"Home? Now? But you've only been here...." He grabbed her wrist and looked at her watch. "Three hours!" He grabbed his chest melodramatically. "Kami-Sama!" He gasped. "You actually don't want to shop anymore? The world as we know it has come to an end!" He threw his head back and laughed.

Juuhachigou tried to fight it, but ended up laughing too. "Shut up!" She giggled, swatting playfully at his shoulder.

Both of them were still chuckling as they loaded up the trunk and backseat with bags and parcels, then climbed into the front seat.

"Thanks Vegeta." Juuhachigou said, smiling almost shyly at him. "I had a lot of fun today....well, most of the time." She chuckled.

" wasn't that bad." Vegeta smirked at her.

The drive home was peppered with playful teasing, and snide comments about Yamcha and Juun, as well as Master Roshi's reactions to his presents.

"Hey guys! We're home!" Juuhachigou called, lugging half a dozen bags into the house.

"What?" Yamcha and Juunanigou leapt off the couch and stared at the clock. "Man that was fast! Too fast." Juun said, wandering out to see what had gone wrong.

"Yeah, I know! I figured they wouldn't be back for another three or four hours." Yamcha looked outside, trying to see Vegeta's face and gauge his mood. He was floored to see a slight smile on the Saiyan's face. "Well I guess he's happy to have gotten off so easy." Yamcha chuckled. He and the cyborg went out to help unloading the bags and boxes.

Twenty minutes later, Juuhachigou's purchases were placed in the guest bedroom, the kids had greeted their parents, and Mrs. Briefs had started on dinner.

Juun volunteered his services in the kitchen again, naturally, and Juuhachigou repeatedly chased a curious Vegeta away from her room.

"Never mind what's in the bags Vegeta. You'll find out soon enough." She laughed.

"But I don't want to know later! I want to know NOW dammit!" He shouted in frustration.

The cyborg just chuckled and escorted him back downstairs for supper.

Dinner was a quiet, relaxing affair, the kids somewhat subdued, mostly from being taken outside to play most of the day by Yamcha and Juun, the two warriors had tired Trunks Marron and Bra out pretty well. They were ready to go to bed without a fight for a change.

Speaking of which, the two soon to be lovers had called a truce, Juun keeping his word and not pushing Yamcha for physical affection until the human decided he was ready.

Mrs. Briefs confessed after the kids went up to get ready for bed that she was considering seeing someone, which shocked Vegeta.

"Well, he's very nice, and very handsome." The woman giggled, blushing. "I like him." She seemed to be looking at Vegeta as if she was expecting something.

The Saiyan yelped as Juuhachigou stomped on his foot. "What was that for?" He demanded, his scowl easing when the cyborg gestured to Mrs. Briefs. "Well....Uh...whatever." Vegeta shrugged, certain the woman was for some strange reason seeking approval from him before deciding to see the man romantically. "Do what .." He trailed off.

"What makes you happy?" Juuhachigou prompted.

"Yes." Vegeta growled. "What makes you happy." He parroted grumpily, folding his arms. Mrs. Briefs jumped off the couch and ran upstairs, giggling like a schoolgirl.

"Well, now that the family crisis is solved, what do you say we get the kids in bed?" Juuhachi stood and waited for him to join her.

"Yes. Then maybe I can finally find out what's in those blasted bags." Vegeta scowled, trudging up the stairs behind her.

"Oh you'll find out." She said softly.

"What do you mean not now?" Vegeta hissed angrily as Juuhachigou snickered.

"Vegeta, the kids just went to bed, Mrs. Briefs is still wandering around the house, and my brother and Yamcha are still downstairs. Although I told him he can take Yamcha to my place as long as he sticks to the guest bedroom." She wrinkled her nose, making Vegeta chuckle.

"Very well. I'll get rid of them and then after she's in bed you'd better tell me what's in there!" He growled.

"Fine." Juuhachi grinned, sauntering to her room as Vegeta stomped downstairs. She laughed as she slipped into his room, hiding a bag under the Saiyan's bed. She collapsed into helpless giggles as Vegeta shouted at Juun and Yamcha, telling them to go home. Her eyes widened as she felt his ki rising, and she snickered when Juunanigou and Yamcha quickly left the house.

"There. Problem solved." Vegeta scowled. "Now let me see that bag. I don't like mysteries."

"But what about Mrs. Briefs?" She asked, keeping an annoying grin plastered on her face.

"She's in the downstairs bedroom, talking to her new boyfriend." Vegeta made a face at the last word.

"And the kids?" She asked.

"For Kami's sake! They're down at the other end of the house! What's the big deal? You're just showing me the contents of a damn shopping bag!" He cried.

"Oh alright." Juuhachigou sighed, stepping aside.

Vegeta smirked, then tore down the hall and into her room, rifling through the first bag from the sex shop. "Hentai magazines, that hideous doll, no..." He frowned. "Where is that blasted bag?" He growled, throwing bags and boxes everywhere in his search. "Dammit!" He stood and snarled. "She must have taken it and hidden it somewhere else!" He tore out of the room and began and intensive search for the devious jinzoningen.

He searched the upstairs, looking in every room, even peeking in on the kids. Then he moved to the main level, poking around in every nook and cranny, still without success. "Shit. Where could she be hiding?" He grumbled, climbing the stairs and entering the one place he had never thought to look. His own bedroom.

"Hello Vegeta." A throaty voice greeted him as the door shut behind him.

"What..." Vegeta trailed off as he saw who stood behind him. "Oh no..." He groaned, staring at her with hooded eyes. *Damn...* He thought, body tingling. *The outfit, the pose, the make up, perfect.*

Juuhachigou stood in the doorway in the outfit Vegeta had found so enticing in the sex shop. Black leather teddy, garter belt, gloves, stockings, platform heels, complete with riding crop and whip. She gave him a smoldering look that made his mouth and throat go dry, then advanced on him slowly, a decidedly predatory gleam in her eyes. "So the dominatrix look turns you on does it?" She asked, snapping the riding crop in her palm.

"Oh shit..." Vegeta rasped, swallowing audibly.


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