No Regrets.

Act One.

By Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh.

Rating; NC-17.

Warnings; Yaoi, lemon, language.

Notes; PWP, OOC, some sap.

This is for Larania, who bugged me to no end to finally write a Piccolo/Goku lemon.

Pairings; Duh! Piccolo/Goku obviously!

Piccolo flew at Goku, snarling as the Super Saiyan managed to transport out of the way. "Use something besides that technique Goku." He growled, spinning and snapping the surprised man's head back with a vicious blow to the chin. "You're getting predictable. It's always stand still until the last minute and then use instantaneous movement to appear right behind them." He said, lashing out with kicks and punches directed at Goku's face and chest. "Get it together Goku! We've only got a year and a half until the androids arrive! You've got to get better all around, you can't rely on that one technique! If that's all you're going to bother doing, we might as well stick to training Gohan because you're not going to get any better!" He shouted impatiently.

"I....I'm sorry Piccolo." Goku said, looking at the ground. "I guess I was grandstanding a little, huh?" Goku looked up and locked eyes with the large Namek.

Piccolo's heart thudded in his chest as he gazed into Goku's wide green eyes and saw how his anger had stung the handsome Saiyan. "I'm sorry Goku." Piccolo said softly, gliding forward and cupping Goku's face in his hands.

Goku's eyes widened further and his lips parted, his golden brows furrowing in confusion at the tender, affectionate gesture. "Piccolo...what.." He trailed off.

"Goku...I..I want.....I n...need..." Piccolo stammered. *Just tell him already! You have to...What if Trunks was wrong? How do we know he's really from our future? What if it's not the future, just some alternate dimension or something, and things are going to be totally different here?* Piccolo squeezed his eyes shut, his chest aching as the possibilities flashed through his mind. *What if that medicine doesn't work? Or what if in Trunks' own future, someone did try to warn them, and it did no good? Dammit, there's too many what ifs!* Piccolo shook his head violently, trying to clear his mind of images of his friends and fellow Z fighters dead or dying. *I don't want anything to happen to either one of us before I have a chance to tell him how I feel.*

"Piccolo!" Goku cried, his hands clamping onto the large Namek's shoulders as he watched the Namek's head shaking side to side. "Piccolo what's wrong...Mph!!" Goku's body jerked as Piccolo gently pulled him forward and kissed him, large strong arms sliding around his waist as Piccolo slowly lowered both of them to the ground. Goku's eyes were wide, staring at Piccolo's face, which was just a blur of green it was so close. His eyelids fluttered shut as Piccolo's hands slid lower to cup his rear, pulling him close. He broke the kiss to pull back and stare into Piccolo's dark eyes.

*Here it comes....* Piccolo thought sadly as he lowered them to the ground and released Goku, taking several steps back. *This is the part where he tells me he doesn't like me that way.* He grunted softly as the back of his legs hit a large rock and he sat down rather painfully.

"Why didn't you ever tell me?" Goku asked, his voice soft, and full of something Piccolo couldn't quite define. He slowly approached the Namek and reached down to trace the sharp contours of Piccolo's face , making the tall warrior shiver. Piccolo stood up and snapped his arms tightly around Goku, his head coming down to nuzzle the Saiyan's wild spiky hair. "I didn't know how." He said quietly. "You know how I am with this emotional stuff."

"Yeah." Goku chuckled, burying his face in the crook of Piccolo's neck. "That's okay, at least I know now." He said softly as he pressed gentle kisses to the soft green skin.

Piccolo gasped softly as Goku's lips moved down his throat, the Saiyan's hands kneading his sides. He smiled at Goku's soft growl of frustration as the blue sash at his waist stubbornly refused to be removed. "Here." He chuckled. "Let me get that." He pulled off the sash and quickly discarded his gi shirt before reaching down to help Goku remove his own shirts. The large Namek stifled a moan as the Saiyan's torso was revealed. *Oh Kami he's so gorgeous....* Piccolo groaned as his head darted forward, his tongue flicking out to tease Goku's hardened nipples.

Goku's head fell back, air hissing between his teeth as Piccolo reached down and began rubbing the Saiyan's hardening member through his orange pants. He cupped the back of Piccolo's head, moaning as he swayed on his feet. "Piccolo...." he whispered as his legs began to tremble.

Piccolo grinned as he gently lowered Goku to the ground and resumed his exploration of the Saiyan's naked chest and stomach. He raked his long nails across the soft, warm skin, noting each time he managed to tear a gasp or a moan from the handsome man beneath him.

"P...Piccolo....unn....touch...touch me..." Goku whispered as his fingers danced across Piccolo's broad shoulders, making the Namek's skin tingle. He rocked his hips, eager for stimulation, and growled low in his throat as Piccolo's hand slipped inside his gi pants to brush his arousal. "Piccolo!" He cried. "Now....please...I.." He shook his head from side to side, moaning quietly as Piccolo worked his pants down to his knees.

Piccolo grinned wolfishly as he wrapped his hand around Goku's length. "How's this?" He purred.

Goku's back arched and shouted as he felt Piccolo's mouth engulf him. "Oh Kami....yess....Piccolo..." He groaned as the Namek's lips slid rapidly up and down his length, turning the Saiyan into a mindless heap of hormones and need.

Piccolo reveled in every sound, every movement. *I've always wanted to touch see you like this,* Piccolo thought. *I always wondered what it would be like to hear you crying out my name in the heat of passion.* Piccolo sat up suddenly, smirking at Goku's soft sounds of disappointment. "Just a minute koi, I've got something else in store for you." He said as he continued to stroke Goku's erection with one hand, while working his way out of his gi pants with the other. "Keep your eyes closed." Piccolo said softly as Goku's head turned towards him.

Goku complied, clenching his eyes shut as Piccolo's large hand continued to stroke him. "Piccolo....." he rasped. "Hurry...I.I want.." He groaned against the Namek's firm lips as Piccolo quickly straddled him and claimed his lips in a fiery kiss.

Piccolo moaned softly as he shifted his hips until Goku's shaft was poised at his entrance. He leaned down until his lips were brushing Goku's ear. "I'm sorry I never told you the truth." He whispered.

Goku's eyes cracked open, and he reached up to caress the Namek's face. "It's okay Piccolo." He said gently. "I know how you feel now, and I feel the same about you." He began to chuckle softly.

"What's so funny?" Piccolo murmured, nibbing gently on the Saiyan's earlobe.

"I've never thought about making love to a man before." He said shyly.

"You don't have to think about it now either." Piccolo gave him a sly grin.

"Hmm?" Goku looked up at him, brows drawn together in confusion.

Piccolo chose that moment to thrust down on Goku's length, grunting at the sharp pain as the barrier inside her was torn away. She froze at the sharp gasp that came from Goku. She looked down, and discovered Goku staring at her in shock.

"Piccolo..." Goku began, his voice low and slightly menacing. "Why the hell didn't you ever tell me you were a girl?"

"It never came up?" Piccolo replied, doing her best to look wide-eyed and innocent.

"Piccolo!" Goku snapped, glaring up at the Namek. He rolled them until Piccolo lay beneath him, a tinge of fear in her dark eyes. Goku's eyes softened as he saw that fear, and he instantly apologized. "I'm sorry Piccolo. I....I don't mean to frighten you, but this....this changes everything."

"It changes nothing!" Piccolo cried. "I am still the warrior I always was, I am Piccolo daughter of Daimao Piccolo, one of the strongest fighters on the earth, and my being a female doesn't change any of that!" She hissed. She rolled them until they lay side by side, and shoved Goku away. "If you don't want to continue that's fine with me. I just wanted to tell you how I feel just in case..." She turned away, tears burning in her eyes as she scrambled away from the stunned Saiyan and gained her feet.

Goku stood tried to run after Piccolo as she grabbed her clothing and tried to get dressed. "Piccolo wait.....stop.." Goku tripped over his pants, which were still around his knees. He swore, and impatiently pulled them and his boots off. Goku reached for Piccolo's wrist, and snarled in pain and surprise when the Namek spun around and slashed at him with her talon-like nails, gouging his forearm deeply. "Pi...." Goku trailed off as he stared at the blood dripping from his arm. He raised his eyes slowly and stared intently at the wary Namek, who had dropped into a defensive crouch. Goku growled as he powered up, and rushed at Piccolo.

Piccolo cursed viciously as Goku slammed into her, sending both of them sprawling in the grass. The two naked warriors tumbled over and over each other, each one fighting to stay on top. Piccolo lashed out again and again with her nails, inflicting several more injuries before Goku managed to roll them onto Piccolo's cape, where he immediately pinned the ferocious Namek's arms over her head.

"Dammit! Piccolo listen to me! Piccolo OWWW!!! Fuck that hurts!" Goku screamed as sharp canines sank into his shoulder and Piccolo began to shake her head back and forth like a dog with a bone. "You bitch!" Goku hissed as rage overtook reason. His power level spiked, and his hair began to stand on end. With a burst of power Goku's hair turned gold, and his eyes burned bright green.

Piccolo stared up at the super Saiyan nervously.

Goku held Piccolo's arms over her head with one hand, as the other slid down to part the Namek's muscular thighs.

Piccolo growled and snapped her legs together tightly, glaring up at Goku.

The super Saiyan's eyes widened slightly in surprise at the defiant gesture, he growled softly and used his knees to pry the long green legs apart.

Piccolo thrashed and bucked wildly, snarling and baring her teeth at the Saiyan as she twisted and arched, trying to force Goku off of her.

Goku merely chuckled as he settled himself between her legs with a sneer. He poised himself at the Namek's moist entrance and pulled his head back just in time to save the end of his nose as Piccolo's teeth snapped the air where his nose had been a split second before. Piccolo's shout of rage became a cry of pleasure as Goku slid into her, an inch at a time, slowly stretching and filling her.

"Hnnn....Piccolo..." Goku whispered as he trailed kisses down the side of Piccolo's throat.

"Uhh....nn...Goku.." Piccolo moaned as she arched to meet him. "I....thank you.."

Goku groaned as he moved in and out of the hot, slick passage. " good." He murmured, deepening his thrusts.

Piccolo gasped, her eyes rolling back in her head as Goku moved inside her. "Goku..." She pleaded, jerking her arms free so she could bury her hands in his wild black hair. "Faster!" She cried, rocking her hips. "Dammit Goku do it!" She shouted. "I can take it!"

Goku's arms snaked around her as he began to thrust with all his super Saiyan strength, growling and panting as sweat began to bead on his back. Piccolo cried out with each thrust as her legs snapped around Goku's waist and her hands clutched at his shoulders, spurring him on frantically. Power radiated from the two warriors as each of them put all their strength into the act, arching and bucking against each other as they cried out in pleasure.

Piccolo screamed as she came, her muscles gripping Goku tightly and sending him over the edge seconds later with a shout. Piccolo moaned softly as she felt Goku's seed filling her, and she wrapped her arms possessively around him as he collapsed on her, sweating and panting heavily.

They lay in each other's arms dozing for several minutes, until Goku reluctantly rolled off Piccolo. He lay beside her, one arm draped across her waist, and studied her carefully.

"Well?" Goku said quietly.

"Well what?" Piccolo replied.

"What just happened here?" Goku stared at him intently.

"We realized how we feel about each other and expressed it physically." Piccolo said, making Goku roll his eyes impatiently.

"I know that, but what now?" He asked.

"I don't know. I just don't know." Piccolo said quietly. "You're married, and well....I... don't know. But I do know we should keep what happened here to ourselves, and just resume training as usual tomorrow."

"Yeah." Goku sighed. "Still, that was amazing Piccolo." Goku smiled at the Namek affectionately, leaning over to kiss her. "Thank you." He said quietly.

To Be Continued.............

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