No Regrets.

Act three.

By Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh.

Rating; NC-17.

Warnings; Lemon, language.

Notes; PWP, OOC, some sap and as always, this is an AU fic. So don't get all pissy if things don't follow the anime exactly.

This is for Larania, who bugged me to no end to finally write a Piccolo/Goku lemon.

Pairings; Duh! Piccolo/Goku obviously!

Three days later............

Everyone sadly left the funeral service for Goku, some whispering, some weeping quietly, but all seemed to be crowded around Gohan and Chi-Chi.

*Baka ningens.* Vegeta thought angrily. *Their ritual of sitting around for hours making speeches and saying things everyone else already knew, bah! It's about time they left. Why can't they just pay their respects quietly, with dignity. All this ridiculous pomp and ceremony.* He waited until everyone else was back at their cars before quickly making his way back to the graveyard. The Saiyan prince stopped short as he saw someone sitting at Goku's grave.

Piccolo sat beside Goku's headstone as the rain poured down, thoroughly soaking her. She didn't notice anything or anyone as her tears fell, mingling with the rain streaming down her cheeks.

"Goku...I understand your decision...but I still were here....I...we need you." She began to sob softly.

She jumped as a harsh laugh sounded behind her.

"I didn't think you'd hang around Namek." Vegeta sneered. "What are you waiting for, him to come back?" He laughed. "He said he's staying where he is, and with that shrew wife of his expecting another brat, I don't blame him."

Piccolo's head snapped up, and she stared at Vegeta in shock. "Pregnant? Chi-Chi's pregnant?" *He got her pregnant before he left....He must have knew....and wanted to leave something for her....Oh Kami....what have I done? I thought..I thought he l...* Piccolo slumped, "But Chi-Chi has her family and friends to help her, I...I don't have...." Piccolo jumped to her feet and ran off, a choked sob escaping her. She gasped and screeched to a halt as Vegeta appeared in front of her, one hand splayed against her chest as his other hand grasped a fistful of her gi.

"What the hell's wrong with you?!" He demanded.

"None of your damn business!" Piccolo retorted hotly. "Just get lost Vegeta." She growled.

"Not until you tell me why you're crying." Vegeta said softly, looking around quickly to make sure no one else was in earshot.

Piccolo's eyes widened. "N..never mind..It's nothing." She said quietly.

"Bullshit!" Vegeta cried. "I'm not stupid Piccolo! You were crying, and I can't even begin to imagine what could make a big tough Namek like you so upset. You've lost friends before, and it didn't affect you this bad, now tell me the truth!" Vegeta let go of Piccolo's gi and took a step back. "Tell me." He coaxed. "You know your secret will be safe with me. I have to know what could possibly have made you of all people burst into tears."

"I...I can't!" Piccolo said angrily, turning away and taking to the air with Vegeta following her, determined to learn her secret. She stopped after a couple of miles and turned to scowl at him. "You're not going to leave me alone are you?" She snapped, to which Vegeta crossed his arms and glared at her. "Fine. But know this Vegeta, if you tell another living soul what you see, I will go and get the dragonballs and wish myself immortal and stronger than you so I can hunt you down and kill you." She snarled, making the shocked prince back up slightly.

*My my...* Vegeta thought with a smirk. *This must be important if the Namek is making death threats over it. Now I really have to see this!* The Saiyan grinned as he followed Piccolo to the lookout.

Piccolo landed on the edge of the lookout, with Vegeta landing right beside her and staring up at her impatiently.

"Piccolo hello!" The young guardian of earth beamed as he came to greet his friend before turning to Vegeta. "Hello Vegeta. This is a surprise, is there anything I can do for you?" He looked back and forth between them.

"I'm just here to see Piccolo's little secret, you know, the one that had him sitting beside Kakarott's headstone bawling like a baby?" Vegeta sneered up at the large Namek, who growled at him in return.

Dende reared back in shock at Vegeta's words. "You told him?" He asked, surprised. Piccolo refused to meet his eyes. "Very well Vegeta. If this is what she wishes, then you can see it."

"HOLD IT!!" Vegeta shouted, making the two Nameks wince. "What do you mean SHE?!" He cried.

"Ooops!" Dende clapped his hands over his mouth, eyes widening in fear as he stared up at Piccolo, who glared down at him. "Sorry!" He said as he quickly scuttled away.

"You're a GIRL?!?!?!" Vegeta yelled, stepping back from her. "How the hell did that happen?! Why didn't you tell ME?!"

"What the fuck business is it of YOURS!!!" Piccolo retorted, baring her teeth at him.

"A girl! A fucking female! Unbelievable!!" He muttered as he backed up. He shouted as he fell off the edge of the lookout. It took him all of three seconds to remember he could fly, another five to float back to the lookout.

He drew up beside an extremely amused Piccolo. "SHADDUP!!!" He shrieked, blushing. "Now where's this damn secret you were wailing about?"

"It's this way." Dende said as he gestured to a huge set of black ornately carved doors. "This is the chamber we had set aside for Piccolo to keep it, and raise it." He blanched as Piccolo glared at him again, realizing he had yet again volunteered too much information.

"Oh no! You don't have what I think you have in you?" Vegeta gaped.

"Go in and find out." Piccolo smirked down at the visibly shaken Saiyan. "Go on Vegeta, you wanted to know what the big secret was. You're about to find out." He sneered.

Vegeta glared up at him before squaring his shoulders and marching to the doors. Dende pressed a button, and the huge doors swung open with a loud rumble. Vegeta gasped softly at the sheer opulence of the chamber. It reminded him of the royal chambers back on Vegeta-sei. Every wall was covered in ornate fabric hangings and couches piled high with soft blankets and cushions abounded. The rug under his feet was incredibly thick, and looked soft enough to sleep on itself. In the center of the room stood a huge four poster king size bed, with a canopy made gold silk. The fabric draped down around the entire bed, seemingly sealing it off from the rest of the room. Vegeta stared at the mounds of pillows that covered three quarters of the enormous bed as well as the soft, quilted bedspread. It took him several seconds of staring to realize that the pillows were sitting in a very distinct formation.

"What..." He trailed off as he slowly approached the bed, Piccolo staying right beside him and watching warily. Vegeta reached out and gingerly pulled back the feather light material and gazed down at the mound of pillows which were placed in a large square, with one large pillow on top. "What is all this Namek?" Vegeta demanded, reaching out to pull away the top pillow.

He grunted as a large green hand gripped his wrist tightly.

"Easy Vegeta, be careful with it." Piccolo said softly.

"I will!" Vegeta cried, exasperated and impatient to confirm his suspicions. He slowly lifted the top pillow. "I'll be damned..." The Saiyan whispered. "It's true. I was right. You spat out one of those eggs." He looked up at Piccolo with barely disguised awe. "How the hell did you do that?" Vegeta was about to ask another question but stopped, his eyes widening as he remembered how he had wound up here staring at the Namek's egg in the first place. *Crying beside his grave, the reaction to the news of the onna with child....Oh no!*

"Wait a second!" He said as things came together at last. "You're actually a female, and you have an offspring about to hatch..."

"Actually it won't hatch for about five and a half more weeks." Dende said, trying to be helpful. He shut up again when both warriors turned to glare balefully.

"The offspring in that egg was fathered by Kakarott! UUUUGHH!!" Vegeta cried, "You slept with Kakarott!" He shook his head wildly, trying to clear away the image of the two copulating as he twitched and shuddered, backing away from Piccolo and her egg in disgust. "Yet another one of that third class baka's brats running around! Wonderful! Just what I needed to hear!" Vegeta bellowed as he stormed from the chamber, dragging his hand down his face as he scowled in disgust.

"Vegeta!" Piccolo shouted, running after him and grabbing him roughly by the arm before he could take off from the lookout. "You won't tell anyone, will you?"

"Why not? Don't you want any help with this? Everyone else is crowding around that baka onna, who's going to help you?" Vegeta asked quietly, already having an idea what the answer would be.

"I.....have Dende and Popo to help." She whispered, refusing to meet his eyes. "I don't need anyone else."

"Really!" Vegeta scoffed, "You are going to depend on a guardian who has to be on watch at all times, and a short pudgy genie? HAH! What good are they going to do?" he stalked to the edge of the lookout and stared down. "I will help you. The brat will learn how to be a Saiyan. At least we can have one out of four that understand what they are." He crossed his arms and looked to Piccolo for her answer.

"What?" Piccolo stared at him in confusion. "Why would you care if the child knows anything about it's Saiyan heritage?"

"Because dammit! That loudmouth wench I knocked up is constantly coddling my brat, he'll be completely useless if this keeps up! I want to see a child that has Saiyan blood act like a Kamidamn Saiyan, is that really so much to ask?" He hollered, whirling to glare at her. "You can teach it everything about being a Namek, but let me teach it how to be a Saiyan." He stared at her intently, hoping she would understand.

Piccolo withheld her answer until Vegeta grew restless and began pacing back and forth beside Mr. Popo's garden. "Alright." She whispered finally. "You can teach it about it's Saiyan heritage, but don't interfere with my teachings!" She demanded. "You can help me train it too."

Vegeta smirked in triumph. "The first Saiyan to be able to do split form! This should be interesting!" He chuckled. "I've got to go for now, that crazy onna wants me to spend some time with that spoiled brat. I will come back here whenever I can. Alright?" He turned toward her, and smiled slightly.

"Sure. But like Dende said, the egg won't hatch for another five and a half weeks." She said softly.

"Well.....I'll be around anyway." He thought for a second. "If I'm here with you, I'm not around that rude obnoxious woman!" He said petulantly.

Piccolo laughed. "Fine then. You can come whenever you find time. I'll probably be spending most of my time up here from now on."

"Yeah...I guess so. It wouldn't do for the others to find out about this. Don't worry, your secret is safe with me." Vegeta assured her before streaking off into the sky.

"That was very strange." Mr. Popo observed.

"Yes it was." Dende agreed. "Who would have thought that Vegeta of all people would offer to be there for Piccolo." But I'm just glad someone is..." He trailed off sadly.

Two weeks later at Capsule Corp.

"Vegeta where are you going now?" Bulma shrieked, as Vegeta prepared to fly off for the day, again. "This is the eighth time in two weeks you've flown off, no explanation, no apologies, nothing. I'm tired of it!" She shouted.

"Dammit! I don't have to explain myself to you!!" He yelled back, enraged at her almost constant interference. "I am not that simpleton Kakarott, and you are not my shrew wife, well you're a shrew but at least I wasn't stupid enough to get tricked into marrying you!" He growled and came to stand in front of her. "I will not account for every second of my time to you, or anyone else. If you can't handle that then I will leave. Permanently!" He hissed.

Bulma sighed. "No Vegeta, that's not what I want. I...I'm not Chi-Chi, and you're not Goku. You're right. We're also not married. But we do have a child together, relationship or not. I just think it would be nice if you would spend a little time with your son." She said softly. "No more prying, and no more demands." She promised. "Just swear that you will try to spend some time with him." She reached out and patted his shoulder gently.

Vegeta scowled. "Very well, I will TRY." He said before taking off into the air.

Bulma raced inside, turning on her computer. "What! Dende's again? Every time he's gone there. He must be training in those special rooms. Drat! All that trouble to make a long range tracker to spy on him, and he's just jumping around shadowboxing. How boring. I thought he was hiding something interesting from me!" She pouted, turning off the computer. "Well, guess I won't need you anymore." She sighed, hiding the spare trackers she had made in the desk with her notes.

Three weeks later.......

"Hello Vegeta. My you've been here every day for the last week. You must be as anxious as Piccolo to see this child hatch." Mr. Popo said with a smile.

"Damn right." Vegeta growled. "I've waited long enough. I wanna meet this brat."

"Piccolo's waiting for you Vegeta." Dende said, pushing the button to open the large black doors.

Vegeta strode into the room to find Piccolo sitting cross-legged on the bed holding the egg close to her chest.

"It's hatching." Piccolo grinned. "Soon...I'll see it.." She looked down lovingly at the egg.

Vegeta forgot himself and rushed over to the bed, sitting down beside the Namek and watching intently. Sure enough he felt the incredible amount of power radiating from it. "That's going to be one strong kid!" He exclaimed. He looked up as Mr. Popo and Dende rushed in to witness the hatching as well.

"Look!" Dende exclaimed as a large crack ran down the side. "Here it comes!"

Vegeta moved closer, half nervous, half excited to see it. "Come on kid." He muttered quietly to it.

As if on cue, a hand suddenly popped out. Then more cracks appeared and the hand was joined by a foot. Finally Piccolo could stand it no longer and gently assisted the baby out of the shell.

Mr. Popo handed Vegeta some soft clothes and set a bowl of warm water on the bedside table, and the Saiyan prince gently wiped the baby clean as Piccolo held her.

"A girl!" Mr. Popo said, smiling.

"She's beautiful!" Dende exclaimed happily.

"She sure is.." Piccolo beamed. "Her name is Viola."

Vegeta looked up at Piccolo and smiled softly. "Nice." He said simply.

Viola was large for a newborn, 11 pounds to be exact. Her skin was green, and she had the same pink patches, lined with red and multiple skin textures just like her mother. She had antennae, sharp teeth and nails too. But she had a few major differences. She had long, thick hunter green hair that fell past her shoulders, and a hunter green tail that waved behind her as she began to wail. She also had thick, bushy eyebrows and lovely long eyelashes as well.

Everyone chuckled as Viola's dark eyes scanned the room, glinting with keen intelligence, despite her being a newborn. Vegeta shifted uncomfortably as Viola's obsidian eyes began to flick back and forth between him and Piccolo.

"Want to hold her Vegeta?" Piccolo asked softly.

"No.....perhaps not.." Vegeta said uncertainly. His eyes widened as Viola suddenly held her arms out toward him, her meaning unmistakable as she began to make small, distressed sounds. " stay over there." He stammered, getting up and walking to the wall. He leaned against it, crossing his arms and scowling at her.

Viola suddenly let out a loud wail, the sound cutting into Vegeta's brain like a razor blade. The Saiyan tried valiantly to resist, but in the end broke down and decided to do whatever it took to get her to stop crying.

Piccolo smirked as she handed over the baby, who stopped crying immediately as soon as Vegeta touched her. "She likes you." Piccolo murmured as she stroked the baby's cheek gently. "Must have been the way you cleaned her off."

"Actually.." Dende began, "Nameks can bond two ways immediately after hatching, through sound and sight."

"But that means...." Popo began.

"That's right." Piccolo said, smirking again. "Vegeta's voice was the first one she heard coming out of the egg and he and I were the first ones she saw. Nice going Vegeta, you bonded her to you."

"What! I did not!" Vegeta sputtered, making the baby in his arms coo happily.

"Look at her Vegeta." Piccolo said.

He did, and as he looked into her eyes, he wondered just who was being bonded to who. *But they'll never get me to admit it!* He thought determinedly. Viola just cooed and smiled at him, drawing a smile from him in return.

To Be Continued...............

Well, I did it to you again, didn't I?