No Regrets.

Act Five.

By Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh.

Rating; NC-17.

Warnings; Lemon, language.

Notes; OOC, some sap, and as always, I have written this to take place in AU, so don't yell at me if things don't follow the anime, I like to change the storyline to suit me *LOL*.

This is for Larania, who bugged me to no end to finally write a Piccolo/Goku lemon, and who patiently answered all my questions.

Pairings; Duh! Piccolo/Goku obviously!

Viola has her first play date, and do we have a love triangle developing here?

"Denotes speaking"

*Denotes thoughts*

Capsule Corp....

Bulma hummed to herself as she packed up a bag for Trunks, then moving to the mirror to put the finishing touches on her outfit. " I look great or what!" She grinned at herself, putting on some lipstick and sliding on a bracelet. "Vegeta won't be able to resist me for long!" The blue haired woman giggled as she walked over to the playpen and picked up her son. "Come on Trunks, you're going to meet your half sister today!" She cooed, carrying him downstairs.

Vegeta stood at the front door, growling and muttering under his breath. "Baka onna...she doesn't think I know what she's up to?" He shook his head. "Even that simpleton Kakarott could see through this ruse. She's getting all dressed up, and bringing Trunks up to us so she can sit there and garner all the attention for herself and drive a wedge between me and Piccolo..." He snorted, then titled his head to the side. "Hmm......" An evil grin settled on his face as a nasty plan began to take shape. "But how to get the Namek to play along, that's the only problem.."

Dende's lookout...

"I don't like the look of this, Dende." Mr. Popo said quietly as he looked over the side of the lookout. "Bulma is not giving up on winning Vegeta's heart, and Vegeta has decided to play with her emotions."

The young guardian sighed. "I know, Mr. Popo. What I don't understand is, why?"

"With Humans, and Saiyans, who knows what's going through their heads at any given moment?" The dark skinned man shrugged and walked away to tend to his plants, muttering softly under his breath.

Dende sighed as he turned away and went to check on Piccolo and Viola. "How's she doing today?" He asked, peering into Piccolo's chamber. His eyes widened as he watched the older Namek feeding her daughter cereal. *I don't think I'll ever get used to seeing a Namek eating solid food.* Dende thought to himself.

"She's fine." Piccolo smiled at him. "What's happening down there? I heard Popo muttering a few choice expletives under his breath as he passed the door."

"Oh. Um..." Dende fidgeted for a moment. "Bulma has become more determined to win Vegeta's heart, and Vegeta seems to enjoy playing with her emotions." The guardian sighed. "I believe Bulma honestly feels for Vegeta. Why must he do this to her?" He wondered out loud.

Piccolo chuckled softly as she set Viola against her shoulder and patted her back gently. "Because he's proud, and stubborn, and despite the way he treats her, he does feel something for her, and his half-human son. But he'd rather die than admit those feelings to a weak, puny ningen." She sighed. "He's also trying to teach her a lesson about who's boss in their relationship, which..." Piccolo chuckled softly as Viola let out a long, loud belch. "I more or less agree with. Bulma is far to used to men like Yamcha, and thinks she can treat Vegeta the same way, and it's just not going to work, the sooner she gets that through her head, the better."

Dende sighed. "I don't approve of the way he's trying to get her to see the error of her ways." The younger Namek frowned.

Piccolo chuckled softly. "It will all work out, Dende, you'll see. Now, we'd better get ready to receive our guests." She held Viola out and smiled, before standing and stalking out of the room, ears twitching slightly as she heard Bulma's ship approaching, and the tall Namek felt Vegeta's ki drawing near.

"Piccolo..." Dende began hesitantly, hunching his shoulders as she looked down at him. " don't mind that Vegeta seems to have claimed the child as his?"

Piccolo stared at him silently for several seconds. "I...Goku's dead, and he's staying dead this time. There will already be two children out there that will be missing their father. I...I suppose I don't see any harm in letting Viola have a father that's actually here for her." She said softly, turning as the Saiyan in question landed gracefully on the edge of the lookout.

Vegeta walked over to Piccolo, a rare, genuine smile settling on his lips as Viola squirmed in her mother's arms and cooed happily at him, pudgy arms waving as she reached for him. "Yes, yes, I see you." He said gruffly, his expression belying the tone of his voice. He held his arms out for her, chuckling as a furry tail coiled around his wrist. "Come here, you." He said softly, cuddling her to his chest. The prince growled and glared as Bulma once again made a noisy landing, Viola starting to cry from the wind and roaring noise of the engine. "Damn noisy onna..." He grumbled, holding Viola higher and nuzzling her cheek without even realizing he was doing so.

"Hey guys!" Bulma called, stepping out of the air car, and setting Trunks down, smiling as he toddled off to look around. She turned and grabbed the bag of supplies she'd packed, and brought it over to set on the small bench that sat in front of Popo's garden. "Aw...that's so cute..." She chuckled, as Trunks looked over and caught sight of Vegeta cradling Viola, and immediately toddled over to investigate. "Better be careful Vegeta, Trunks might get jealous of Viola, instead of being happy to have a half sister."

Vegeta frowned and looked down at his son, tilting his head before slowly kneeling down in front of him, setting Viola on his knee, before reaching out and tousling Trunk's lavender hair. "I don't think they'll have any problems." He said. "They'd better not!"

Piccolo chuckled and watched the two children stare intently at each other for several seconds, until Viola squealed happily, tail uncurling from Vegeta's wrist to wave behind her. "Set her down, Vegeta, I think they'll be alright, we just gotta keep an eye on em, make sure they don't fall of the edge of the lookout or something." He smirked, as Viola squirmed out of Vegeta's grasp and collapsed onto her hands and knees, crawling toward Trunks.

The blue-eyed demi-Saiyan watched her intently, then flicked his gaze to Piccolo, seeing the similarities and deciding he liked what he saw, if the broad smile that stretched his lips was any indication. Trunks slowly toddled across the smooth floor, babbling away to the crawling child beside him, as they made their way across the lookout together.

"They're sweet." Dende said quietly, standing beside Mr. Popo.

"Yes...but I think we're going to see some sour scenes between the adults." The other man said, eyeing Bulma, Vegeta and Piccolo warily.

"Hn...I fear you are right, Mr. Popo." The guardian sighed, watching Bulma as she glared balefully at the other two while their backs were turned. "I know for a fact Bulma will not accept the idea of Vegeta being with someone else, and I fear this game Vegeta is attempting to play could cause a lot of hassle for all involved." He shook his head. "I'll never understand some things Mr. Popo, relationships being one of them."

Mr. Popo laughed softly. "I've been up here for a few thousand years, with several guardians, watching over this world alongside them, and I still don't understand love and relationships, Dende." He chuckled.

Piccolo watched the two children with a slight smile, even as she felt the eyes boring into her back. She knew the human woman was intensely jealous, and found herself angry with Vegeta for dragging her and her daughter into his silly game. *As much as I appreciate that now I don't have to worry about people questioning who her father was, I don't like being used like this, to make others jealous, or teach them some petty lesson.* She sighed softly, folding her arms and frowning. She looked up suddenly as Vegeta spoke to her.

"What's wrong?" The Saiyan prince asked softly, sitting beside her, and imitating her position.

"Nothing really, just, I don't like the way you're using Viola and I against Bulma." Piccolo whispered, knowing the other man's ears would pick up his barely spoken words.

Vegeta sighed impatiently. "Look, Piccolo. You need someone around that can explain where that spiky hair, and furry tail came from, so I'm here, and I need someone to put that woman in her place and show her that she doesn't own me, and I will not just fall all over myself to get a glimmer of affection from her. We each are providing some small service for each other." He snapped his mouth shut, eyes narrowing slightly as he regarded Viola and Trunks.

"So, what are you two going to be doing today?" Bulma stood and brushed off her dress with a smile, one that didn't quite reach her slightly narrowed blue eyes. "We're not just going to sit around here all day are we?"

Piccolo saw Vegeta bare his teeth, and set a hand on his arm quickly. "Don't." She whispered, voice barely audible. "We usually spend some time playing with Viola, trying to coax her to move and speak better, then we spend some time sparring."

Vegeta turned and scowled slightly, folding his arms. "I don't know why you bothered to come and stay up here as well, unless you just wanted to watch both children, because there's really nothing else for you to do, it's not like you can spar with us." The Saiyan snorted.

Bulma opened her mouth to speak, only to shut it again as she looked around. There really was nothing for her to do. Trunks and Viola sat facing each other, playing some kind of game, babbling and squealing happily to each other, Dende stood at the edge of the lookout, keeping watch, and Mr. Popo was tending his gardens. She turned and watched as Piccolo and Vegeta nodded silently to each other, getting up and walking to the other end of the lookout, and immediately setting into a brutal sparring session. A sigh escaped the human woman, a pang of jealously slicing through her. *I feel like I should just give up...but...I just can't!* She thought, settling back in her seat and resigning herself to staying until Vegeta was ready to leave. *I'm not a quitter. I always get what I want...and what I want right now, is for the father of my child to be a part of my life too.* She nodded to herself, jaw set, eyes flashing with determination to keep persevering until she managed to convince Vegeta his place was with her and Trunks.

To Be Continued.....

Aha! I knew that blue haired onna wouldn't give up *chuckles* So, Vegeta's claimed Viola as his, not that it really matters, as no one's ever gonna find out about Viola anyway...or will they? *evil grin*

Sorry this was so late in coming, special thanks goes to Angelita for the constant sporking, finally getting me motivated to update this! *glomps*