Aftermath, a love story Part 3.

By Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh.

Warnings; MAJOR ANGST, Hentai (het), death, angst, lemon.

Notes; AU, TWT, weirdness, OOC, just strange. This takes place I guess just before Bra would have been born, but in my universe, the Buu thing is over, and there are currently no more threats to the safety of the world, just need to clear that up.

Pairings; Krillin/Juuhachigou, Vegeta/Bulma, Vegeta/18.

Disclaimer; Don't own 'em, not making any money.

"Denotes speaking"

*Denotes thoughts*


A little less than two years later.............

"I just wish there was something we could do." Goku slammed his fist down on the table in frustration. "Vegeta won't even train anymore lately. All he does is mope around, his son and daughter need him. Come on you guys, think!" Goku looked anxiously at Yamcha and Gohan who sat across from him.

"Boy they're really worried.." Videl watched the men as she and Chi-Chi did the dishes. Videl turned to coo at her newborn daughter Pan before turning back to help her mother in law clean up.

"Oh yes. Like Goku said.." She sighed. "You know it's serious if Vegeta doesn't even want to train anymore."

"'s been two years, it's not healthy for him to just mope like this." Videl said, her brow furrowed with concern. "What about the kids? How are they doing?"

"They seem to have bounced back from it, although they'll always miss her. But they really need him." Chi-Chi frowned.

"Well, Bra's birthday is coming up, maybe by then we'll come up with something." Videl said.

"I hope so." Chi-Chi sighed. "I never thought I'd be concerned for Vegeta...but I know how much it hurts to lose the one you love..."

Vegeta sat in Mrs. Brief's garden, observing the flowers, and smiling wanly at the occasional hummingbird that would flit around amongst them, some coming within inches of the Saiyan's downcast face. *Two years this Friday. Three more days till Bra's birthday...and the day she...* Tears filled his eyes. "Kami I didn't think anything could hurt so much." He rasped as his tears fell.

"Vegeta?" The prince jumped as Juunanigou sat beside him, and he angrily wiped his tears away.

"What do you want?" He asked quietly, too depressed to snap or glare him.

"I...sis just told me to come out and tell you that she and Mrs. Briefs finalized the arrangements for Bra's birthday party." The cyborg sighed and looked sadly at Vegeta. *I wish you would snap out of this. Stop blaming yourself.* He thought.

"Good. I..I have to get her a present." He said absently as he stood and walked to the rose bushes. "These were always her favorite..." He choked as his tears fell once more.

"Vegeta..stop it." Juunanigou said as he came to stand beside Vegeta. "You need to stop wallowing in self pity. You moped around for a year after she was gone, and now just when we thought you were getting better, you get worse than you were before!" He snapped, starting to get mad at the Saiyan. "Come on Vegeta, do you really think Bulma would want you to be like this? No. She would expect you to pull yourself together and be there for the children. Not fall apart like this!" He gasped as Vegeta's fist swung out and he barely managed to step back in time.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Vegeta hissed, his tears stopped as his face twisted with rage. "Don't you dare presume to tell me what my mate would have wanted, or try to tell me how to feel!"

"Now that's closer to the Vegeta I know. The one that always stands tall and proud through everything, the one person you can depend on to survive any situation with his pride and his anger intact." Juun smirked. "Just one more thing." He said softly as he leaned forward and kissed Vegeta full on the mouth.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" Vegeta roared, shoving him away.

"Now you're back to normal." He laughed as he took off running back to the house.

Vegeta chased him about halfway there, then gave up. "Who cares?" He asked bitterly.

"Not you obviously!" A familiar voice snapped his head around. He gaped as he saw a familiar figure standing in the garden, caressing the roses.

"B...Bulma..? But..But how?" He asked as he tried to keep from bursting into tears at the sight of his dead mate.

"No time. I've only got a few minutes, so shut up and listen!" She snapped.

Vegeta chuckled and hung his head, tears leaking from his eyes again.

"Yeah listen to us Vegeta." Krillin came over and sat on a patio chair beside him.

"You have to stop this Vegeta." Bulma said sternly, glaring at him with anger in her large blue eyes. "Trunks and Bra need you."

"She's right Vegeta. And so was Juunanigou. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Move on with your life. Bulma is fine, you'll meet again someday." Krillin reached up and took Vegeta's hand, and the Saiyan gasped at how cold it was.

Bulma walked over and wrapped Vegeta in an icy embrace that made him shiver. "Listen Vegeta, I'm gone okay? But you're still here and I happen to know that Saiyans live about twice as long as humans. That's a lot of years to sit out here crying over me, not that I'm not worth it..." She smirked, making him laugh. "Go on Vegeta, enjoy you're life." She kissed his cheek. "Please? I figure you've got too many years left to sit around here by yourself being sad. I love you, and I know you love me. But I'm dead, and you're still alive. Move on Vegeta. Be happy." She stepped back and waved. "I've got to go now. We'll meet again love." She said with a smile as she slowly faded away.

"Hey Vegeta." The prince jumped as he remembered the warrior was there. "Would you mind telling Juu and Marron I said hi?"

"" Vegeta whispered, his face pale as he ran to the house.

"What's the matter with him?" Juuhachigou asked as she watched her brother fix a cup of coffee for the pale, shivering prince as he sat on the couch, silent and staring into space.

" wouldn't believe me." Juun said with a shudder.

"Try me." She smirked, already having an idea of what he was going to say.

"Well, he claims that Bulma and Krillin came to visit him out in the garden, and ordered him to move on and stop being so sad. And that Krillin told him to say hi and he loves you and Marron."

"Sounds about right." She said quietly, making her brother gape at her. "About two months after Krillin died, he started talking to me. He kept telling me to move on and be happy, because I had a lot of living to do, and a little girl to look after. Sounds like Bulma felt the need to do the same." She smiled and kissed her brother on the cheek, making him grimace. "It's about time someone was able to talk some sense into him. And what the hell were you thinking kissing him like that? One of these days he's really going to hurt you."

"Oh I hope so..." Juun purred, winking at her and making her laugh as she headed to the stairs to go up and tuck in the kids.

A few hours later, after much introspective debate with the androids, and much laughter at Juun's repeated attempts to steer Vegeta into a conversation about sex, Vegeta finally dragged himself upstairs to bed. As he stripped off his shirt he happened to glance out the balcony doors. The stars were clear and bright, and Vegeta found himself moving to the doors almost without conscious thought. He swung them open and stepped out, staring up at the sky. He stood silently, unaware of the passage of time for over an hour. Finally Vegeta felt a strange sensation. It was as if a heavy weight had been lifted from his shoulders, and he took a deep breath. "Farewell my love..." He sighed. "As you said, we will meet again." He turned and walked back inside, not bothering to remove his pants or pull back the covers. He was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow, a slight smile curling his lips.

The next day.....

Vegeta was lead down the stairs by the smell of bacon eggs, home fries and toast.

"'re up early.." Juun purred as he stood at the stove in one of Mrs. Brief's pink aprons, his shiny black hair pulled back in a ponytail.

"That smells wonderful." Vegeta said softly. Did you cook all that?" He asked, surprised that the jinzoningen would know how to cook.

"Yup. Although Mrs. Briefs had to show me where everything was. She really didn't relish the thought of cooking for a whole herd of hungry people." He smirked.

"Whole herd? Why who's here?" Vegeta asked warily.

"Well, it's just you and Trunks, Bra and Mrs. Briefs right now. But Goku and his family are coming over, Gohan and his family, and Goku said he might round up some of the gang. We're going to go together to do the last minute shopping for Bra's birthday." Juun said as he filled another pan with bacon.

"Oh wonderful." Vegeta sneered. "Just what I always wanted. A shopping trip with a bunch of buffoons." He growled as Juunanigou threw back his head and laughed. Both men jumped as crashes and loud squeals and giggles reverberated through the house. "Shit. They're here." He said, grabbing a plate and heaping it up with food. "Better get mine before Kakarott has at it."

"Mmm...something smells delicious!" Goku sauntered into the kitchen with Yamcha, both Z senshi drooling slightly as they watched the massive platters of food heading to the table.

"Hi Goku, sit down and breakfast will be ready in a minute. Yamcha.." Juun purred, looking over his shoulder at the man coyly. "Would you give me a hand here?"

Vegeta smirked as he saw the flash of lust in the jinzoningen's eyes, and watched Yamcha swallow nervously before going over to the stove. *This might be an interesting trip after all.* He grinned before he dug into his food, growling as Goku tried to sneak a piece of toast off his plate.

After Yamcha, Juun, Mrs. Briefs, Chi-Chi Videl and Juuhachigou finally managed to dish out enough food for everyone, all the warriors and their wives sat in the kitchen while all children except for Pan were sent to the living room.

They ate and talked, the women shared gossip and the men tried to set up training schedules. Then Juun volunteered the men to clean up while the women got the children ready to go. After much grumbling, all the dishes were in the dishwasher and the pots and pans had been scrubbed and put away. As Yamcha wiped the counter, Vegeta cleaned the table. Juun cleaned the stove, and Goku and Gohan had been told to sweep and mop the floor.

"Alright!" Goku cried as he was finally free of cleaning duty. "Let's get going!" He ran out to his car as his family piled in, and everyone else followed suit.

As they arrived at the mall, the families branched off separately. Goku and Chi-Chi taking Goten and going one way, while Gohan Videl and Pan went another. Vegeta, Juun, Juu-chan and Yamcha stuck together. Mrs. Briefs had insisted on taking Marron Trunks and Bra herself.

Vegeta spent the afternoon alternating between shopping with Juuhachigou, which he found he actually kind of enjoyed, and sitting with her laughing at her brother's repeated attempts to publicly seduce a very embarrassed Yamcha.

They had agreed to meet in the food court after two hours, and Vegeta and Juuhachigou managed to be almost an hour late because Juu-chan couldn't drag herself from the jewelry store in time. Juun and Yamcha were also quite late because of the fact that Yamcha had decided to run away from his repeated advances, leading the amorous jinzoningen on an exciting chase through the mall.

"Geez! We were starting to wonder if you guys would ever show up!" Gohan grinned as Vegeta was led to the table by Juuhachigou. The Saiyan Prince's arms were laden with packages from practically every store in the mall, piled up high over his head.

"Hey give me some of those and I'll help you take them out to the car after we eat." Goku offered with a friendly grin.

The Prince heaved a sigh of relief. "Yes, that would be fine. I am getting sick of lugging these damn things around." He muttered.

"Oh be quiet." Juuhachigou snapped. "You didn't have to stay and carry them, it was your choice."

"That's because the only other choice I had was to take Yamcha's place and be chased all over hell's half acre by your oversexed hentai of a brother who is forever trying to get into my pants!" Vegeta snapped back, making everyone at the table burst out laughing.

As if on cue, a panicked Yamcha came racing around the corner and screeched to a halt beside the table. "Made it!" He wheezed as he collapsed into a chair. "Man I thought he had me a few times. He's trying to corner me and do Kami knows what!" He cried, his face paling as Juunani strolled over, a wide smile gracing his handsome face.

"Yamcha.." He purred, coming to a stop behind the human's chair and gently massaging the man's shoulders. "Don't you want to play anymore?" He pouted.

"No I don't want to play." Yamcha said impatiently, shrugging off the delicate hands touching him.

Juunanigou stood for a second, looking at Yamcha and then Vegeta, before he flounced off muttering under his breath.

"Aww..poor Juun." Goku watched him leave.

"Yeah poor guy." Juuhachigou smirked. "First Vegeta turns him down flat, and then Yamcha tells him to buzz off."

"Wha? I.." Yamcha turned and watched the jinzoningen stalking away. "I'll be right back. I didn't mean to be so rough on him." Yamcha got up and went after the sulky cyborg.

'I bet my brother has him in bed before Friday." Juuhachigou said with a sneer.

"Oh yeah? Well I bet he doesn't get more than a kiss or two between now and Bra's birthday." Vegeta sneered back.

"You're on!" They said in unison as they shook hands, smirking at each other.

"Juun! Juun wait up!" Yamcha cried, running after the slender man. "Hey!" He grabbed his arm and whirled him around. "I.." Yamcha was shocked by the forlorn look in the man's wide blue eyes. "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.." He trailed off, feeling a little ashamed of himself.

Juunanigou shook his head. "It's not you have any idea what it's like to be gay? And have no one that is like least no one with a decent power level that you wouldn't cause serious harm to just giving them a hug.." He scowled. "No, you don't. Of course you don't." He said quietly. "I just get...lonely sometimes." He whispered.

Yamcha stared at him, large dark eyes softening as he reached out his hand and ran his thumb over Juun's bottom lip. The human leaned forward and wrapped his arm over the cyborg's slender shoulders. "I get lonely too sometimes." He whispered back. He chuckled softly as small arms wound around his waist and held him tightly. "'s okay." He soothed the smaller man, rubbing his back in slow circles.

"Then..why did you run from me, and turn me away back there?" Juun's voice was muffled against his chest.

"I didn't mean it Juun. I do want to play.." He purred as he held the other man. "I just don't like the idea of :playing: out in public." He smirked.

Juunanigou pulled away from Yamcha's chest, looking up into the man's face with a shy smile. "You mean it? You.." He blushed. "You like me?"

"Yeah. I do." Yamcha smiled down at him. "I just like to do things like this a little more privately. I don't like to move too quickly either."

"I guess I get a little too aggressive when I want something." Juun said sheepishly.

Yamcha laughed. "I'm flattered that you want me that badly."

Both men jumped as Juuhachigou slapped a hand onto each of their shoulders. "So glad to see you two lovebirds have made up." She chuckled as they both blushed.

"Can we go now?!" Vegeta cried impatiently as he Goku and Gohan lugged armfuls of packages and bags.

After a great deal of bickering and complaining, mostly on Juu-chan and Vegeta's parts, all the packages were distributed between the various cars and the caravan was finally on it's way back to Capsule Corp.

"It's about bloody time we got home." Vegeta grumbled as he jumped out of the car and started hauling packages out of the trunk.

"Relax Vegeta." Juuhachigou smiled as she helped unloading. "Now the shopping's all done with two days to spare."

"Ooh!" Squealed Mrs. Briefs. "Now we can finish the decorating and baking!"

Vegeta and Juuhachi looked at each other and rolled their eyes, chuckling.

As Vegeta and Mrs. Briefs' packages were carted into the house, Chi-Chi watched Vegeta and Juuhachigou with a knowing smile.

"Are you thinking what I think you're thinking?" Videl sidled up to her mother in law.

"Maaaybe.." Chi-Chi smirked.

"Hmm..interesting concept. I never would have put those two together in a million years." Videl giggled.

"Exactly. Can you think of anyone else that would have them?" She snickered.

"And speaking of together, I had no idea Yamcha was that way inclined." Videl gestured to Yamcha and Juunanigou who were sitting on the trunk of the Briefs car holding hands.

"So Vegeta, looks like I'm going to win that bet after all." Juuhachigou sneered as she leaned against his back.

Awareness flashed briefly in the Saiyan's eyes before he pulled away quickly. "Yes....I mean no!" He stammered, shaking his head. "They haven't kissed yet, and the human is about as fast as Roshi's turtle in matters of the heart." He smirked at her.

"We'll see Vegeta." She said as she watched them talking quietly. "We'll see." She spun suddenly and leaned in close to the wary Saiyan. "Oh yeah! We haven't discussed the terms of our bet yet." She grinned ferally at Vegeta, who was leaning back away from her. "You win, I'll do whatever you say for a day." Vegeta gasped, eyes widening as his mind embedded itself firmly in the gutter. She leaned closer until their faces were almost touching. "But if I win..." She breathed softly, leaning even closer. "You do whatever I say for a day."

" don't..." Vegeta backed into the wall and pressed himself so hard against it that cracks were appearing behind his shoulders. "I don't want that.." He croaked as the ends of their noses touched.

"What's the matter Vegeta, chicken?" She taunted.

"No..I'm not!" He snapped, regaining his wits and leaning forward, touching their foreheads together and pushing her back. "Fine." He growled. "I win, it's whatever I say!"

"You really think you'll win Vegeta?" The cyborg asked with a sly smile. "I don't think the human can resist my brother's charms more than a few hours."

"Oh yes he can!" Vegeta grinned triumphantly. *Crazy baka was with Bulma for years! And yet she was untouched when we were together. I know how long he can hold out on both women and men!* He thought as he remembered the way Tien had become frustrated and left him because Yamcha had moved too slowly. "This is as good as done." He smirked.

Juuhachigou was wary of Vegeta's suddenly renewed confidence, and decided to do a little poking around later to find out what he knew that she didn't. *I don't like this.* She thought to herself. *He's too happy. Something's up.* "Well, never mind. We'll know by tomorrow morning who won, because my brother tells me everything." She grinned. "We might as well put the kids to bed and start wrapping presents.

"Agreed." Vegeta said as they turned to the house.

"Race ya." She said and sprinted off.

"What? Why you!" He chuckled and ran after her.

Two hours later.......

"Hey Juun we should go inside, we ought to help wrapping presents." Yamcha said, trying to pry the amorous cyborg off.

"They'll live." Juunanigou smirked as his lips trailed down Yamcha's neck.

"No..not yet. I'm not ready." Yamcha said softly, squirming away.

"Yamcha.." The impatient jinzoningen sighed. "I'm not asking for sex..I just want...." He pushed up the human's shirt and kissed and licked his way down the muscular chest, "to please you." He started to unbutton Yamcha's jeans, tearing a surprised gasp from him.

"Where are those two?" Juuhachigou asked impatiently. "I want to go home." She fisted her hands on her hips and leaned back against the doorframe.

Vegeta chuckled. "You're brother has probably cornered him somewhere and is attempting to get lucky. Not that he'll succeed!" He snapped as the cyborg shot him a sly smile.

"Hnn." She walked toward the back door. "They've got to be around there somewhere Vegeta. Let's go look."

Vegeta shrugged and followed her out. "Wait...I bet I know where they are." He said with a smirk as he led her to the gravity room. "You take a look and see if they're in there."

"Me? Why do I have to do it?" Juuhachigou pouted.

"Because if they are doing anything other than sparring, I don't want to see it." He shuddered. He gasped and jerked as the cyborg wound her arms around his shoulders.

"Aww...what's wrong Vegeta...." She purred, lips brushing his ear. "The sight of two guys going at it just doesn't turn you on?" She laughed as Vegeta pulled away from her roughly and blushed.

"No! It doesn't turn me on! Now get up there and have a look!" He bellowed.

"Alright alright. Geez, what a grouch!" She complained as she floated up to peer in one of the round windows. "Oh my!" She cried, an ear to ear grin splitting her face.

"What? What's going on!?" Vegeta demanded. He growled softly as Juuhachi smiled down at him and motioned for him to join her. "Just tell me already!" He cried, getting worried that he had lost the bet after all.

"Okay." The jinzoningen said smugly. "My brother is giving Yamcha a blow job."

"Say what?!" Vegeta facevaulted, then glared up at her when she threw back her head and laughed. "You're lying! He wouldn't! He's too...he wouldn't go that far so soon." He levitated up to the window and peered in.

Yamcha arched and bucked his hips. His head was thrown back, lips parted, face flushed with passion. Juunanigou was stretched out between his legs, head moving up and down swiftly.

Vegeta turned away quickly, his face red as a beet. "Damn." He muttered. "I thought that baka would have more self control." He grunted as Juuhachigou tackled him and sent them both plummeting to the ground. "What the hell are you doing you crazy onna?!" He demanded as Juuhachi straddled his waist. Vegeta blushed again, trying to keep his body from reacting to the cyborg's interesting choice of places to sit.

"I win." She purred, leaning down and very nearly laying on top of him.

*OH KAMI WHAT IS SHE DOING? SHE WOULDN'T!!* Vegeta thought, clenching his eyes shut and looking away from her. He gasped softly and pushed himself down until he felt the ground giving way underneath him as the blonde jinzoningen settled her weight on him. "What...what do you want?" He rasped.

"I want..." She leaned down until her nose grazed his cheek. "I to take me shopping tomorrow." She grinned, sitting up and getting off him. She chuckled as she held out her hand to help him up.

Vegeta gaped up at her for a moment before taking her hand and getting to his feet. "That's it? Take you to the mall?" He asked, smirking. "No problem."

"Oh you have to do a lot more than just drop me off there, so wipe that smile off your face princey boy. You are going to drive me there, carry all my parcels, point out any sale signs I might have missed, and watch me try on clothes and tell me how great I look." She crossed her arms and looked at him haughtily.

Vegeta blushed yet again as an image of Juuhachigou changing in front of him popped into his head. He shook it vigorously and pushed the image away, but the hentai smile that had spread across his face remained.

Juuhachigou stared at him suspiciously, wondering why he suddenly looked so happy. "What's your problem?" She demanded.

"Huh?!" Vegeta started and glared at her. "Nothing." He chuckled. "I'd say you might as well go home, your brother could be awhile." He sneered at her.

"Hmph." Juuhachigou tilted her head up and stalked off angrily as Vegeta trailed slowly after her, snickering. "Well, I think I'll take Mrs. Briefs up on her offer to use one of the guest rooms actually." She said. "Marron is asleep and I really don't want to wake her up, plus I can be here to yell at my brother in the morning." She chuckled. "Plus.." She reached back and grabbed Vegeta's shoulder and leaned into his face. "You and I can get an early start."

"Oh yes, a definite bonus there..." Vegeta said sarcastically as he allowed Juuhachigou to drape an arm across his shoulders and lead him inside.

"See? I told you they would get together!" Bulma crowed from her perch on the top of the gravity chamber.

"I don't know Bulma. I don't think Vegeta's gonna go along with this quietly." Krillin looked up at her dubiously.

"Oh don't worry about it!" She snapped. "They'll realize it soon. They are the only ones left to take care of each other." She looked longingly at the house.

"Yeah.." Krillin sighed. "Come on, we'd better get back." He said as they both faded out.

To Be Continued.................

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